The wife’s second child is 7 months pregnant, but the husband is tough for divorce: I don’t like her before getting married

Marriage, what exactly is it for?Is it to complete a ritual on the road of life so that life is more complete; in order to complete the expectations of family members, can they be able to become a family like others; or because they really love each other, want to work with each other to finish the next path?

Regardless of the purpose of getting married, one thing is very clear: Once you step into the marriage hall, you must be responsible for this marriage and be responsible for your lover.

Marriage cannot play, and the person who enters the marriage with a casual attitude will not only hurt the partner, but also affect the happiness of the three families.

Swallows in Tongliao County, Kaifeng City, Henan Province, and her husband Xiao Dong entered the marriage hall through a blind date.

The hard -working swallow, who thought he was filial to his in -laws, and had a good child to have a child to have a child, he could gain a happy marriage, but the result was unsatisfactory.

Now she is pregnant with Liujia, Xiao Dong not only cares about her, but also frequently proposes divorce.Poor and helpless swallows can only help the emotional mediators, and hope that through the mediation, the husband can change his mind.

When the mediator asked Xiao Dong’s reason to divorce, the swallow was also puzzled.

Swallow said that she also asked her husband, but her husband did not tell her why.This time, she was pregnant for the second time, and even her mother -in -law accompanied herself to the hospital.

And this should have been the responsibility of the husband.

In front of the mediators, the swallow cried like a tear. She said that she dared not tell her parents that she could only endure it silently.

With the help of the mother -in -law of Swallow, the mediator saw the swallow’s husband -Xiao Dong.

Speaking of the reason for the divorce, Xiao Dong Li said straightforwardly: "In terms of online language, she and I are superficial couples. I have long said that she would not be willing to divorce."

Listening to her husband’s irresponsible words, Swallow’s tears came out again, but Xiao Dong saw this but indifferent.

At this time, Xiao Dong’s mother couldn’t stand it anymore, and she raised her son in front of the mediation offer: "She is pregnant, you want to divorce her, where do you want her to go! I don’t know cherish!"

Xiao Dong’s grandmother also said: Swallow is very sensible, but Xiao Dong will be divorced without moving.Because of this, Swallow also cried with her a lot.As a grandma, she was very uncomfortable in her heart.

Speaking, Grandma Xiao Dong couldn’t help crying.She said that she would compare her heart, and her girl was married to someone else’s house and was rushed home by her aunt, and her family would not be uncomfortable.

Compared to Xiao Dong’s indifference to the swallow, Xiao Dong’s mother and grandma are very satisfied with the swallow.

Although the two had been married for only 4 years, Swallow had given birth to a child for Xiao Dong. Now that the second child is pregnant for 7 months, it is when it is hard during pregnancy, but Xiao Dong wants to abandon the swallow.

In the opinion of Xiao Dong’s mother, the reason why Xiao Dong is divorced is definitely because he has an external heart and is not faithful to marriage.

And swallows also think so, because Xiao Dong talked to strangers on the Internet when she was with her eldest daughter.

At that time, the swallow with the first child found that her husband was ignored by himself, and he was only obsessed with mobile games and WeChat chat all day.

So one day, she opened the WeChat of Xiao Dong while Xiao Dong didn’t notice it, and found that Xiao Dong and a strange woman called "husband" and "wife".

But this was quickly obtained by Xiao Dong. He said that the two were just a game CP and had never seen each other in reality.

After that, Xiao Dong deleted the female netizen, but soon afterwards, she filed a divorce to the swallow. Finally, she took this mind with the persuasion of her mother and grandma.

Now that Xiao Dong’s old skills are re -applied, they must not stand the temptation of the outside world, so they have repeatedly said that they want to divorce.

But Xiao Dong said that the reason why he had to divorce was by no means a wife and mother who thought he had different minds, but was purely annoyed by his wife.

Xiao Dong worked in Zhoushan, Zhejiang last year. He was busy working during the day. Only at night would he have his own time.

He called himself a quiet person. After a day of exhaustion, he just wanted to lie down alone to play with his mobile phone.

But Yanzi waited for his time to rest every day, had to video calls with him, and after reading the child to talk about his family, he had to wait until he was impatient to say that he was going to sleep, and the swallow hung up the phone reluctantly.

After a long time, Xiao Dong changed from tiredness to disgust, but he did not directly indicate with the swallow, but occasionally mixed with a little dissatisfaction in text information.

But I do n’t know if the swallow’s emotions are not delicate enough, or she is too stupid. She always cannot understand her true emotions, which makes Xiao Dong even more disgusted with her marriage.

Today, Xiao Dong said these wounded words in front of the mediation staff and his wife, which not only made the swallow difficult to accept it, but also made the mediator feel angry.

The mediationman said to Xiao Dong: "The two of your husband and wife are separated from the two places. She miss you, you should care about her more enthusiasm. She miss her husband, she can only care about you through videos, and want you to care about her; But you only have disgust and disgust, who do you say this problem! "

The criticism of the mediation offer did not make Xiao Dong embarrassed. He was still paralyzed on the sofa in the local area, and he said without sincerity that the main responsibility of divorce lies in himself.

But this responsibility is not moral, but emotional.

Xiao Dong held his arms and looked down, and he reluctantly said: "From the beginning of the marriage, it is not what I want. It was all the family members forced me." After that, he laughed a few times.

Xiao Dong said that he was urged by his family when he was 26 years old, so he chose to marry a swallow.

When he was engaged with the swallow, he also talked about a girlfriend, and then he interrupted the girlfriend when he married the swallow.

Before he had time to tell his parents to talk about his girlfriend, his parents were anxious to let him marry a swallow. Forced to be helpless, he could only marry a swallow that he disliked.

Listening to the unsatisfactory son shirk his responsibility to herself, Xiao Dong’s mother looked at his son with anger.

She said that her son was in love a lot, but none of them could achieve it.The reason why it did not succeed was not because the family opposed it, but because the son’s relationship ended without any illness.

And in the marriage of Xiao Dong, she and Xiao Dong’s father did not break the relationship or force him at all, but just told him to be qualitative.

After listening to Xiao Dong’s mother, the mediator felt that Xiao Dong was the unreasonable person: since he had a girlfriend at that time, he should introduce his girlfriend to his parents at that time, instead of obeying his parents’ arrangements to go on a blind date.

After getting married and having a child, he now dislikes his wife, saying that he does not like her so much.

At this time, Xiao Dong had a new reason.He said that the swallow had no eye.He and the swallow had seen it once two years before marriage. After a few days of chatting with WeChat, he deleted the swallow WeChat, but the swallow didn’t know why he was deleted.

Unexpectedly, two years later, the matchmaker introduced him again, and he could only go.

Xiao Dong’s remarks quickly blown up the mother and grandma on the side.Xiao Dong’s mother said that he didn’t ask for him at the time. He was happy to get on the car by hearing, where was the forced look.

Swallow is even more sad, and said to my husband, "If you think we are not suitable at the beginning, I will not entangle you."

The scumbag Xiao Dong also said. He said that at the beginning, he really had a good opinion of the swallows, but over time, he felt that there was no love between the two of them, but just married for marriage.

He originally thought that he could cultivate feelings with swallows. He did not expect that four years have passed, and his feelings for swallows will not increase but decrease.

After listening to these irresponsible words, the mediators said to Xiao Dong repeatedly, "Do you have always held this idea, are you responsible for the girl and girl? If you first show this attitude, will people marry you?Will people hold her life happiness on you? "

The mediator said that since Xiao Dong did not like swallows at first, he should refuse directly, instead of choosing to marry her, delaying her for so long.

But Xiao Dong even said, "Then you just encountered me that I didn’t feel her. If the other way, she didn’t feel it about me, did she delay my time?"

This indifferent attitude was completely angered.

The mediator loudly rebuked Xiao Dong: "If you don’t love others, don’t just do it! I saw it every two years ago, and I deleted her WeChat, did she understand? What would she understand! If when she first started to meet,You are not so enthusiastic about others, so no matter how stupid people are, it is impossible to marry a man who is not interested in her. "

Today, Yanzi was pregnant in July, and her two -and -a -half -year -old daughter was still young. Although she heard her husband’s true heart, she was unwilling to divorce now.

The mediator asked Xiao Dong how he planned in the future. Xiao Dong came out with a sentence "I didn’t think about it!".

Xiao Dong also said that after the child was born, he took a step and looked at it.The mediator said that the freedom of marriage and divorce is also free. She does not want to abduct Xiao Dong morally with two children, but now she still hopes that Xiao Dong can be kind to the swallow who is pregnant.

Xiao Dong agreed, saying that the divorce was born after the birth of the second child.

And Swallow also saw Xiao Dong’s true face, saying that after having a second child, if Xiao Dong was still like this, she would consider divorce.

The mediationman also said to the swallow: "From today, you will reduce your expectations for him. You should eat, drink, and treat yourself. Marriage is not the whole of a woman.All of your life. "

The mediation officer hopes that the swallow can get angry. For Xiao Dong who does not cherish her, she must have a timely stop loss.

Xiao Dong is the only child in the family. The family members who let him pass on to generations must be there, but he has not forced him to marry who he must marry.

Before marrying Yanzi, Xiao Dong had a girlfriend who had dated, but he never brought his girlfriend home to his parents.

Later, it was not as if they were married to the swallow. This was not benevolent; after the swallow was pregnant, she proposed that she had no relationship with her to divorce, which was irresponsible.

In general, Xiao Dong is an immature man who does not understand the responsibility of marriage and family: he enters the marriage with a good attitude. After four years, he has passed and has no emotion with his wife.The wife divorced.

Marriage is not a child’s drama. Once you decide to enter the marriage, you must treat your partner and treat your marriage well.

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