The wife who was 3 months pregnant killed the child, and the husband learned the truth and came to a different place to follow

The back of the hand is all meat, and this comparison has the word "eccentricity" soon.

Some families love the first child, and some love the youngest children, and this kind of pet has led to the growing parent when the child grows up.

Regarding the child who is not very loving, even if he gets married, he will not see all kinds of daughter -in -law, and he will use the benefits of children who never love in various ways and subsidize the children he loves.

Don’t rush to refute, please look down:

The ringing of the phone rang, and Zhou Qiang saw that the phone called by his daughter -in -law hurriedly answered.

"Zhou Qiang, I killed the child, and the divorce procedures were ready. You took the time to go home and handled it. I went back to my mother’s house."

The weak voice was introduced into Zhou Qiang’s ear, so too late to think about it, Zhou Qiang hurriedly asked for leave to rush back to the house.

As soon as he returned home, Zhou Qiang was condemned by his parents. He accused his daughter -in -law of being sensible and spent money. After saying a few words, he left home and said that he would not let Zhou Qiang find it.

Zhou Qiang, who knows what kind of person is his daughter -in -law, did not believe the words of his parents. Suddenly he remembered the camera installed before, and hurried to find the camera record.

Unfortunately, when I found it, the camera was in a shutdown state. I do n’t know who unplugged the power. I was worried that my parents would speak some muddy words. I left the house with the camera and opened a room at the hotel.

The camera was not very complete, but Zhou Qiang made up the truth of his daughter -in -law who killed the child to divorce himself.

The daughter -in -law managed to be pregnant, and he resigned from his physical and child’s health.As long as Zhou Qiang is not at home, the daughter -in -law will be assigned various lives by his parents. The daughter -in -law is not very tired. The daughter -in -law must follow it, but the pregnant woman needs to take a good rest. Watching her daughter -in -law work from morning to night, Zhou Qiang is very very good at her heart.Uncomfortable.

In the next scene, the fire of Zhou Qiang’s head was directly rushed. He saw his parents slap his daughter -in -law. At a glance, he told him about the day before the divorce, and he immediately knew what was going on.

Go home and ask your parents, "Parents, you said that your elder brother is not easy after getting married. I have no opinion with us. I didn’t say anything for you for 2,000 yuan a month. Later, I took my salary card.I didn’t care. My daughter -in -law made a lot of money. We were spent two enough. She married our house. Why do you give her grievance?That is to say, the elder brother has no daughter -in -law to save money to marry him to marry his daughter -in -law.daughter in law!"

"No, how can Zhou Qiang say that I and your dad, your daughter -in -law bought so many express delivery every month, and transferred a lot of money to the mother’s family. She married our house to make money.We can’t say big hands, big feet, what do you mean by Zhou Qiang? "

"Parents, I don’t want to say anything, you find time to move away, I am gone." After that, Zhou Qiang left his house.

After booking the fastest air ticket from his own, Zhou Qiang hurried to find his daughter -in -law.

When he came to his mother -in -law’s house, Zhou Qiang ate closed doors. He felt distressed that his daughter had suffered at Zhou Qiang’s house.

Zhou Qiang insisted on staying at the door for two days. In the end, his daughter -in -law couldn’t stand it and let Zhou Qiang go. He learned that Zhou Qiang was not ready to go home. When he developed in his own side, he let his parents open.

Zhou Qiang expressed his attitude towards his daughter -in -law, and said that he had no money in his hands. The money gave his parents that he would not go home anymore in the future.When buying a house, I hope my daughter -in -law can forgive herself.

This article discusses: Do you think the daughter -in -law came with his daughter -in -law and threw your parents to the elder brother. Do you think there is something wrong?

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