The wife is pregnant, but the husband who wants the child to divorce, husband: This woman is terrible!

Afen and Akai have known people for many years.When I first met, it was in a restaurant.At that time, Akai was the chef of the restaurant, and Afen was a restaurant waiter.Affin’s computing is not very beautiful, but it looks clean and pure, and diligent.Akai has been paying attention to Affen silently. After half a year, Akai confess to Affin.

Both of them come from the countryside, and there are many common topics.Akai chased Affin for a year, and Affen felt that the boy was more real and agreed to have a relationship with him.Soon, the two lived together, which can also save rent.

After two years of love, the two put their marriage on the agenda.Afen proposed to resign from the restaurant and want to open a nail shop with friends.She said that this is a little more earned than working, and she also likes to do the job of nail art.Akai agreed that he took 20,000 yuan for Affen to do business, and he still worked in a restaurant.

After the nail shop opened, the two got married.Akai wants a child, and the elderly at home are also urging.Afen didn’t want to ask for children so early. She said that when her nail shop is stable, it is a bit stable.Akai respected Affen and promised to take two years.Every time he returns to his hometown, Akai will be scolded by his parents.

However, more than a year after marriage, Affen suddenly became pregnant.This time, Akai was happy.When holding the pregnancy test stick, Aafen’s doubts were still mumbled, "How can it be pregnant? It should be impossible!" Akai held Afen and said, "This is God gave usChildren, we must. "Affen said nothing and acquiesced in Akai’s request.

The next day, Akai and Afen went to the hospital for examination.Afen communicated with the doctor in the clinic, and Akai paid the relevant fee.Affen said to the doctor, "Doctors, is my situation abnormal? You said, I have been on the birth ring, why I still get pregnant, I really can’t figure it out!"

The doctor explained: "There are also situations of pregnancy after the birth ring, but this is relatively low. You are the absolutely unexpected one."

Afen: "Doctor, can you help me conceal my husband on the health ring? He doesn’t know, I’m afraid he can’t figure it out."

Before the doctor answered, Akai had heard it at the door. Akai’s face darkened. He glanced at Afen, turned his head and left.After returning home, Akai was soaring and noisy to divorce: "You woman is really terrible. I really didn’t expect you to hide it from me to the birth ring! I don’t know how many things you have to hide from me!"

No matter how Affen explained, Akai couldn’t listen to it. In Akai’s heart, there should be no concealment between husband and wife.

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