The whole process of women’s upper ring, do not enter the timid, men and women should take a good look, cherish the people in front of you!

Xiaofen was a little girl in the countryside. She married early without reading many books.The life after marriage seems to be no different from the past. Until one day, Xiaofen found that he was pregnant.

When she was pregnant, Xiaofen was just 20 years old, and she and a child were nothing worse. She was not ready to be a mother, but her mother -in -law and husband both let her give birth to her age and say that she would recover.That’s right, it was born.

In the spring of the following year, Xiaofen had a baby boy in the birthday. The family was happy, but Xiaofen couldn’t get up. It turned out that she encountered difficulty in giving birth to bleeds and almost gave her life.But her mother -in -law still wanted to let her have one, saying a child, a daughter, and "good things to become double".

She didn’t want to raise Xiaofen desperately begging her husband. She said that she didn’t want to give birth. Her husband did not dare to violate her mother’s wishes, discuss with Xiaofen, and let her last the ring, so that the mother would not know that he would not be difficult to do.

Xiaofen agreed that before surgery, the doctor informed Xiao Fen’s entire on -board process, which scared her. Immediately asked the doctor to stop the operation, and quarreled with her husband after leaving the operating room.Xiaofen’s husband didn’t understand, it’s just the last ring. Is it so terrible?

Many people may not know much about the breeding ring. It is actually a contraceptive device placed in a woman’s uterus, which can effectively avoid women’s pregnancy and not affect the feelings of husband and wife.The earliest health ring used was ring -shaped, so many people like to directly refer to it as the birthplace, and the process of placing the birthplace is called "upper ring".

And women’s upper ring needs to go through the following links. The first session is that patients need to make some preparations before the ring, adjust their bodies to the most suitable state.Generally, doctors will require women to not have a husband and wife life a week before the ring. They will work regularly within a month and have a light diet to achieve the purpose of enhancing physical immunity and reducing the risk of postoperative infection.

The time of Sheung Wan is usually between 3-7 days after menstruation. If it is a female friend who has just been produced, the upper ring needs to be carried out after 42 days after production, and the patient will no longer secrete the lochia. The wound has healed.The uterine state is good.For women with natural miscarriage, the birth ring needs to be placed after menstruation. Patients with drug abortion need to be placed after two menstruation.

These are to avoid the uterus of the uterus too seriously after entering the uterine cavity of the female friend, reducing the chance of postoperative complications.

After preparing all the preparations, doctors will be checked to determine the patient’s uterus and attachment. Although the actions of the Chinese doctor are as gentle as possible, it will inevitably make female friends feel a certain pain.

After that, the doctor will use iodophor to disinfect the patient’s vulva, use a peepper to open the patient’s vagina, expose the cervix, and disinfect the cervical vulva, vaginal wall and other parts.

At this time, the pain of the pain of female friends officially started. After disinfection, the doctor also needed to detect the depth of the uterus of female friends with a probe. In order to facilitate the detection, the appliance was used to pull the cervix in order to determine the accurate placement of the birthplace.After determining the location, the doctor also needs to expand the female cervix mouth to a certain extension according to the size and type of the birthplace of the birthplace, and finally put the entire breeding ring into the female uterine cavity.

In the entire process of the above, female friends were performed without using anesthesia. The pain that women felt in the process were almost comparable to the pain during childbirth.Moreover, this pain may also leave psychological shadows for some female friends, so that female friends are full of rejection of husband and wife’s life, and it is also easy to change some character changes, such as becoming irritable and irritable.

However, although the health ring can effectively contraception does not affect the feelings of husband and wife’s life, many studies have revealed that there are still some risks behind the "beautiful" of the birthplace.

In fact, my country was very popular in the 1980s in the 1980s, because at that time, our economic conditions were not good, the population had a large population, and the implementation of the only child policy made contraceptives very important.

The breeding ring has a good contraceptive effect, the contraception time is very long, and it is very easy to operate. The requirements for the operation of the medical staff are not high. In this way, the birth ring became the mainstream contraceptive method at that time.

However, in the process of promoting the birthplace in large areas, we find that although there are many benefits to the birthplace, it does exist in the damage to female friends, such as the most prone menstrual abnormal problems after the ring.

You know, the birth ring is not the original material in our body. For the body, it is actually a foreign body, which will reject rejection unconsciously for foreign body uterus.At the same time, the nursery ring will also compress the endometrium, and eventually causes edema of the uterus. In severe cases, ulcers will even cause irregular bleeding from time to time, showing the problem of menstrual disorders.

Moreover, some nursery rings have copper ions. This metal ions will affect the manufacturing of the human body, which causes excessive prostaglandin to secrete, resulting in an increase in menstrual flow of female friends, and the menstrual period may be prolonged.

This period of menstrual extension, the increase in menstrual flow seems to have no great impact on the body. In fact, it is likely to cause anemia problems in patients, which affects many organs and tissues in the body, and reduces the body’s body’s immunity.

In addition, although the birth ring is an effective method of contraception, its actual success rate is only about 85%-90%.This contraceptive method will be affected by many aspects such as the nursery model, location, menstrual flow, human posture, and husband and wife life. In any aspect, problems may cause contraception failure and a circular pregnancy.Once a ring of pregnancy occurs, it is very dangerous for patients, and it is likely to induce abortion.

Under normal circumstances, the fetus needs to grow and develop inside the uterus, but the birthplace in the uterus will seriously squeeze the living space of the fetus, cause the fetus to develop problems, and induce natural miscarriage.It will cause greater damage to women’s bodies.

Moreover, in this case, even if you want to take out the birth ring and keep the fetus, it may cause damage to the embryo and cause abortion.It will cause patients to suffer from their children to suffer from their minds.

In general, although the birthplaces can effectively contraception, the adverse consequences and a series of problems after the failure of contraceptives are great damage to the physical and mental health of female friends.In order to reduce harm to female friends, more and more people have begun to choose other more safer and effective contraceptive methods.

1. Condom

In fact, the rubber condom was born early, but in the 1980s, my country’s rubber resources were very scarce, and the yield yield was insufficient. Therefore, everyone could only choose a contraceptive method such as a birthplace.However, with the improvement of my country’s national strength, the number of condoms has also increased significantly. At this time, this contraceptive method of condoms has begun to really popularize.

Compared with the birthplace, the condom is more convenient and simple to use. Under the correct operation, the contraceptive rate can reach more than 99%.And as a pure physical contraceptive method, it also has a good effect on the prevention of some sexually transmitted diseases. If women want to get pregnant, they only need to stop using a condom. For female friends, it is a very friendly contraceptive method.

The only problem is that this contraceptive method will require the cooperation of men, and it will also have a certain impact on the feelings of men in the life of husband and wife. Some men are unwilling to use this method.

2. contraceptives

The main component of contraceptives is to female and progesterone. By regulating women’s hormone levels affect ovarian ovulation, change the uterus environment, and finally achieve the purpose of contraception.

Now the most commonly used is short -acting contraceptives. Such contraceptives in the human body are faster, with less adverse reactions, will not bring pain to women, and have high contraceptives.However, you need to take medicine every day, which will affect the contraceptive effect after leakage.

Special reminder that emergency contraceptives can only be used as an emergency measure after contraceptive failure. If it can, it is best not to use it.The hormone content of such contraceptives is high, which will seriously stimulate women’s bodies, causing female friends to have problems such as menstrual disorders and infertility.

Once an accident occurs, when used, the frequency of use in one month should not be used for more than once. At least one month in the second use, and it cannot exceed 3 times a year. Try to reduce the damage of the drug to the patient’s body.

Due to various reasons, the birth ring was once a very popular method of contraception in my country. Even now, some women are willing to use this method of contraception.However, the entire process of Sheung Wan does not use anesthesia drugs, and it is necessary to check and detect women’s reproductive organs, which have brought great pain to female friends.

Moreover, although the birth ring can be effective in contraception, many female friends responded that after wearing the nursery, menstruation will have certain abnormalities, such as extended menstruation and increased menstruation.Coupled with the failure of the birth ring contraception, it will also cause problems such as abortion, which makes female friends feel tormented.

In this case, if female friends are still willing to use the birthplace contraceptive, it must be based on the impact on many practical factors, such as economic conditions, the feelings of the man in the life of the husband and wife, etc., male friends must cherish the people in front of you.Intersection


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