The wedding girl was pregnant, and she lost her fetus without permission. My mother -in -law responded like this


Xiaosu and Yun Gang worked together in a factory.

They are familiar with each other, and the two are only five miles away.

Xiaosu’s family was a little farther, Yun Gang went to get off work with her, and often walked along the way.

The good deeds with Yun Gang in the same village, watching the two of them strangely, thinking about leaving the red line.

That day, the two got off work, walked to the factory gate, came out and walked together.

The sister -in -law caught up from the back and said with a smile:

Xiaosu, Yun Gang, the two of you are always walking along the way. I added it to prevent your eyes from getting in?

Xiaosu smiled: Xunzi, see where you said, the two of them went to this road, you also walked, all the way.It will be obstructive, and it is really angry.

Yun Gang also laughed:

Sister -in -law, let’s go all the way, everyone is lively together, and there is a response to the wind and rain.

The three rode side by side, saying and laughing.

Suddenly, Xunzi turned around and said to Yun Gang:

Yun Gang, what is Xiaosu?

Yun Gang’s second monk was inaccurate, he couldn’t touch his head, and he said:

Xiaosu is very good, a good person.

She asked Xiaosu again:

Su Su, what do you think of Yun Gang people?

Xiao Su said with a smile:

Yun Gang is certainly a good person.

Grandma haha smiled: You two, really match!The sister -in -law wants to eat the old hen, and take a red line for the two of you.

She said coldly that the two were riding a bike and both stopped.

The two looked at each other and felt a little embarrassed.

The sister -in -law played the field and said:

Yun Gang, Xiaosu, in fact, I think the two of you seem to have been good long ago, but this layer of window paper, I broke it.

You two have to invite me to eat meals.As the saying goes, the media cannot be achieved, all three or two bottles.

Each of you two buy me a bottle of green tea, even if you invite me.

Since that day, Yun Gang came out early to work early, always waiting for Xiao Su at the intersection of the village.

The two go to work together and get off work together.

Xiaosu is in the packaging workshop and Yun Gang is repairing the workshop.Whoever after get off work is waiting for each other at the factory gate.

The two people started the objects, and no longer, as before, it was very lively and a little formal.

One day, early after get off work, the two met to go to the landscape bridge in the city to walk around.

There are always many people on the landscape bridge.After the two of them were there, the car was parked and the bridge was on the bridge.

When he was on the steps, Yun Gang reached out his hand and pulled Xiaosu, and the two walked their hands on the bridge.

Climbing on the railings of the bridge, looking at the scenery below, flowing water quietly, everything looks so quiet and beautiful.

Looking at the beautiful sunset, Yun Gang suddenly said:

Xiaosu, I am willing to accompany you to the old, always nice to you.Let’s get engaged.

Xiaosu smiled on his side and nodded.The setting of the setting sun is really beautiful!

Unexpectedly, the engagement ceremony of the two was opposed by both parents!

You said, what age is the old one.

As soon as Xiao Su’s mother heard her engagement, she scolded her.

Who is looking for her in -laws?IntersectionAre you shameless?Intersection

I disagree!Your dad doesn’t agree!

She directly made excuses and disagreed.

Xiaosu said that the two were not talking about themselves, and there were matchmakers.

Mom said: Why don’t there be a matchmaker who said, do you say?Intersection

What do you mean?IntersectionCan’t my girl marry anymore?Intersection

In fact, Xiaosu didn’t know that her mother secretly gave her a object, and they were in the city.

There are cars and houses, and the conditions are very good.Xiaosu’s long -haired people, with white skin, long hair, eyes are double eyelids. Although not very large, they are right, very cute!

She showed the girl’s photos to the boy, and they were stunned at once.

The media is a aunt in his family, and he is in the city.She had already entrusted others to the city to the city.

She believes that her daughter -in -law is neat, and she has to marry a city in the city. She has a light on her face. The girl has the ability in the future, and she can also enjoy the blessing!

She had promised others that when Xiaosu was resting, she went to the house and let her parents see it.

Unexpectedly, the dead girl found one herself.

Nothing, resolutely don’t agree!

Yun Gang went home and told his mother that she wanted to engage in, but did not expect that she was opposed by mom.

She also fancy a girl. She graduated from college and was from a neighboring village. She knew Yun Gang.

Yun Gang is very handsome, and is the prince of the white horse in the hearts of many girls.

Besides, Yun Gang’s father is an iron rice bowl, and his mother is a classroom.This condition is a first -class family in the village.

Mom directly showed off Yun Gang, saying that she had given her one, and they returned these days.

This girl will be a teacher in the future. If she married such a daughter -in -law, educate children will not have to worry in the future.

Yun Gang directly rejected his mother. In a word: In this life, no one except Xiaosu, no one will marry, but it’s a good deal!

In a word, the mother’s heart was blocked.Mom scolded directly


Rabbit, grow up, wings are hard!Before you’re in the sound, give Lao Tzu’s mouth!

I don’t say it if I don’t say it!Marrying a daughter -in -law is not just in the same way, painting on the wall, it looks good!Can’t see it!

Yun Gang didn’t listen to her, walked into the house, and closed the door directly.

The two went to work the next day, and no one spoke along the way, and silently went along.

Until the factory, the two nodded each other and smiled.

As a result, Xiaosu was waiting for Yun Gang at the door of the factory.

When I met, Xiaosu said: Yun Gang, we went to the river to sit for a while, I have something to tell you.

Yun Gang said: I also have something to tell you.

In the small supermarket on the road, Yun just bought an apple and drink.

The two were sitting on the river by the river, eating apples and drinking drinks.

Smiling each other, like an old friend, opened the box.

Parents disagree, hum!They are not home!

It is not in the 1970s and 80s.Besides, there are Ming media!

Find a sister -in -law to say.

Speaking of sister -in -law, the two got up and went to the sister -in -law’s house. She was the captain of the women in the village.

When the sister -in -law was there, the two made their words clearly.

Yun Gang’s parents had no problem and wrapped it on her.Children are willing, can they still turn the sky?Intersection

The women’s director in Xiaosu Village, and the sister -in -law also met, called her, and let her merge.

If it doesn’t work, just give birth to an idea, so that her parents have to agree without agreed!

That night, the sister -in -law asked the two of them to leave first, and stayed at the sister -in -law for a while. She went to Yungang’s parents.

Here, the three -inch tongue of Xunzi, even educating, scaring, Yun Gang’s parents were loose.

You know, Yun Gang’s mother is also iron -mouth duck, not so easy to deal with.

Who is a sister -in -law?

Adults deal with women in the village, have more experience!

At first, Yun Gang’s mother resolutely did not agree.

The sister -in -law gave her an analogy.What is it?

The son of the second cannon family in the village, obviously did not agree to marry the girl, and his parents had to marry him.

He had no way to get away the first day of marriage.

Where are you going?

no one knows.

Three years later, he returned with his child’s wife.What is my mother and mother?

Shame to death!

The girl to marry, people did not return the gift, the two cannons lost tens of thousands, and they lost their personal wealth!

Tell me, who is this grievance?Intersection

As soon as Yun Gang’s mother heard it, she sighed, and her son came to that step. Why did he suffer?Intersection

But she is unwilling and unwilling!Due to the face of sister -in -law, he helplessly agreed to Yun Gang and Xiaosu.

When the sister -in -law comes back, great achievements!

Several people are happy.Next, I have to do the job of Xiaosu’s father and mother.

This must go to the women’s director’s house first and let her come to protect the media.

It’s night, go to do it tomorrow.

The next day, at noon, Yun Gang and his sister -in -law asked for leave and bought a gift to the women’s director’s house in Xiaosu Village.

Women who are cadres are refreshing people!

Haha laughed, and when he patted it, Xiaosu’s work was on the work of her.

Unexpectedly, Xiaosu Mom is not easy to speak than Yun Gangma.

In order to make the daughter marry a rich man in the city, for the happiness of the girl for a lifetime, she can help the girlfriend’s light for her own time.

She is not for your face, I have agreed in the city, I have already agreed!

But Su Su has never been free, I didn’t take time to talk to her.Who knows, she looked for one without a word.

No, resolutely!Which parent is not for the child?

Now, she is young and ignorant. In the future, she must understand the heart of being a mother.

When the woman director heard it, she smiled.

Xunzi, everything is not absolute.Now, freedom of love, Ban Su Su, who has a matchmaker, is not free in love.

Everyone in the factory knows.Su Su wants to be mature, and I will tell you again.She didn’t expect you to give her one.

This matter was split.Besides, do you come first and then?

Susu and others have been better for many days. Do you know this?

If you suddenly give her a sudden brake, in the event of something, the responsibility is great.

Besides, if there is anything, regret it too late!

When Su Su’s mother heard it, she turned her mouth: What can the dead girl be?IntersectionShe is bold!Come back, see if I don’t interrupt her legs!

Women’s director said with a smile:

Sister -in -law, Na Ling girl in the east in our village, you don’t know, you don’t know.

What is her mother?

Crying and death, her daughter couldn’t cry!If her mother was forced to be too ruthless, could Ling commit suicide?Intersection

Su Su’s mother accepted suddenly, her body trembled, her eyes closed, and her head was stunned.

She did not know that Ling talked about an object that year. Her mother did not agree. She ran to the pond in the west of the village, planted it, and never returned.

Although she was unwilling at twelve points, she nodded and agreed.

(To be continued)

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