The vomiting after drinking milk after drinking milk is actually the carelessness of the parents.

The baby girl who was just born for a few hours had missed the milk powder brewed by the desiccant water and caused continuous vomiting. The situation was urgent. Fortunately, under the joint treatment of the obstetrics and pediatrics of the Puren Hospital in Wuhan, it finally helped the child to turn the danger through the gastric lavage.On the morning of March 27, the family members who took their children to the hospital for review came to the obstetrics and pediatrics to express their gratitude.

Baby in the treatment

"It’s really dangerous!" Recalling the previous experience of the child, the family members were still afraid.Ms. Dai is 35 years old. At around March 12, she was 39+4 weeks pregnant. She gave birth to a 6 -pound health baby girl at the Medicine Department of Puren Hospital in Wuhan.When the family members were still immersed in the joy of the birth of new life, the children who had just been born shortly after a few hours of vomiting, lip -lip -haireding and other symptoms, this quickly caused a highly alert to obstetricians.The doctor hurriedly conducted a relevant examination, and at the same time conducted a investigation with his family members. What made people unexpected was that the family members suddenly discovered that during the investigation process, a small bag was left in the new insure cup of hot water to the milk powder for children.The ups and divests that have been opened, which means that the child has eaten several continuous milk powder brewed with desiccant water.consultation.

After the pediatric experts arrived at the scene, after the judgment of the condition, the gastric lavage treatment for the child was urgently. After the gastric lavage, the child returned to normal, and found that the gastrointestinal tract was not suffered much after the examination.

Gao Qin, director of the obstetrics department of Wuren Hospital in Wuhan City, reminds prospective parents that it is best to buy and clean it in advance for newborns.Before, you must check and clean up in advance to prevent similar errors.

Charlin, director of the pediatric department of Wuhan Puren Hospital in Wuhan, said that if the child is found to be taken by mistake, the parents must calm down. The first step is to clarify what kind of desiccant the child is taking and how much they eat.Then check whether there are still residues in the child’s mouth.If there are residues, the child should be spit out through rinse.If your child is young and does not rinse his mouth, parents can use clean cotton gauze, dip the water to wipe the remaining desiccant in their mouth, and observe the child’s state, and then send it to the hospital according to the attributes of the desiccant.

Director Charlin emphasized that silicone desiccants are generally colorless and transparent balls. It is a kind of collagen material that is difficult to dissolve in water and it is difficult to be absorbed by the intestine. If you eat more water for your child, the silicone desiccant willDowry from the intestine without special treatment; if the amount of two -iron dioxide desiccant is not large, drink plenty of water to dilute, and if too much misrepresents will cause iron poisoning, if you take 30 minutes to 6 hours after intake, it will be 6 hours to 6 hours.Abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, vomiting, dark stool, drowsiness and other symptoms should be quickly seek medical treatment; and lime desiccants are the most harmful. After misunderstanding, there will be a burning, corrosion, and ulceration of digestive tract.It is recommended to drink milk and egg white immediately to reduce the damage of the digestive tract. After taking it, it should be sent to the medical treatment immediately.For all kinds of packaging foods, especially the desiccant in snacks, parents must check in time, pick and process them as soon as possible, to avoid the occurrence of children by mistake.

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