The United States put 8 rats into the "Paradise". After 1588 days, scientists found that it was not right

In the continuous evolution of species, compared with many creatures, humans seem to have dominated. Therefore, in order to conduct a series of scientific research, humans often use animals as experiments.

To simulate some of the situations that may or will happen in human society, as well as some solutions to deal with response, it is cruel to a certain extent, but it is helpless.

As early as 1968, American ecologists had done an experiment to put 8 little white rats into the "paradise" with suitable conditions to observe their reproduction.

However, 1588 days have passed. The real situation is not only different from imagined, but also not even optimistic.

what on earth is it?Why do ecologists simulate such an experiment?Today, I will take you to learn about it.

After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, with the improvement of people’s living material level and the improvement of medical care, population mortality has begun to decline significantly.

In this case, the population of my country has begun to grow significantly, especially between 1950 and 1974, which has grown particularly rapidly.

In order to control the rapid development of the population, my country subsequently proposed the slogan of family planning.What are the consequences of the continuous population growth?What is the reason to intervene in my country?

In this regard, as early as 1968, American biologist John Calkhnemeng performed a similar mouse utopian experiment.

At that time, as China in the 1950s and 1960s, the United States was because the United States was the biggest winner after World War II. Therefore, the United States has developed rapidly in economic, political, and military aspects.

But at the same time, it also exposed many problems in the United States. The rapid development not only caused people’s lives to be disconnected, but also caused serious environmental pollution.

In the face of so many situations, John Carl Hornmeng can’t help but start to imagine. If the population grows unclearly, what kind of situation will humans face?

With this curiosity, John Calkhnemeng intends to use mice to perform simulation experiments instead of humans in order to predict the future development of human beings in advance.

As a result, John Calkhorn put the four male and four female rats in a fixed area, and set the area into a white mouse utopian.

According to the habit of rats, John Calkhnemeng has created a giant barn with a length of 2.7 meters and a width of 1.4 meters.

For the eight rats, it is simply a villa, which can be used to reproduce and survive in it. John Calkhnemeng is a necessity for the survival of rats such as food and water.

In other words, in this area, except for illness, the white mouse does not need to worry about any problems facing survival. In this area, the white mouse is the species at the top of the food chain, which can do whatever you want.

Even in order to prevent the emergence and spread of the disease, John Carl Hornmeng will regularly clean the barn, which is a utopian for the rats.

In such a paradise, according to John Carl Hornmeng’s conjecture, the eight rats should breed wildly in a short period of time, and because of this, John Calkhnemeng will set up a galaxy with such a huge area.

According to calculations, the barn can accommodate up to 3840 little white rats, and the food provided by John Carl Hornmeng can make 9,500 little white rats enjoy.

In the first few months, things did be carried out according to John Carlkhn’s conjecture, because there were no natural enemies, the food water was sufficient, and in such a suitable environment.

After a brief adaptation, the eight mice showed extremely amazing growth and reproduction speed. According to statistics from John Calkhnemeng, at first, every 55 days, the number of mice would double up.

After just 315 days, the number of mice has reached 620.

However, after that, the growth rate of mice began to slow down. At every 55 days, the number of mice could double, and now the cycle is extended to 145 days.

This is completely different from John Calkhorn’s expected. After 560 days, the number of mice has slowly increased to 2,200.

But since then, the number of little white mice has not increased anymore. It seems that it has reached the peak of its number. During this period, John Calkhnemeng also observed the state of the mice.

He found that although the number of mice was stagnant, the mouse was still pregnant, but somehow, the success rate of fertility became zero.

Immediately afterwards, the development of the incident was beyond the expectations of John Calkhorn. When the experiment was on 1588 days, the original 2,200 mice in the barn began to gradually die.

In the absence of birth rate, a rats died one after another. In the end, there were only 27 white rats left in the barn, and these were all old -fashioned rats that were short long, and they had completely lost their fertility.

John Calkhne Meng provided such a suitable living environment for the rats. According to his conjecture, in a certain period of time, the rats will inevitably grow without restrictions.

But it turns out that this is not the case. Even at the beginning, the growth rate of white rats is very rapid, but compared with John Carl Hornmeng’s expectations, it is still much slower.

Later, the death of the white rats was not expected by John Calkhnemeng, so what’s going on?

After repeated thinking and data observation, John Calkhorn concluded that this is actually the result of biological reproduction itself.

In the early stage of the mouse entered the barn, when the conditions were so comfortable, the mice would quickly adapt to and quickly enter a large number of reproductive periods.

However, with the increase in the number of white rats, even if there is no natural enemy, there will be certain resource space competition between rats.

Gradually, the stronger white mouse occupied the upper hand. In contrast, the weak -strong male white rats lost the power to mate with the mouse and lost the opportunity to reproduce offspring.

Once this happens, the growth rate of mice will inevitably slow down. However, with the increase of the number of mice, competition between mice will only become more and more intense.

Over time, those disadvantaged male white mice could only die one after another without resources. However, with the decrease in the number of male mice, the female mouse began to occupy favorable resources.

In this way, the mouse in the upper hand is no longer dandruff to mate with the male rat, and began to enjoy the hard -won resources. At the same time, it is waiting for the coming of death.

At this stage, the number of mice will no longer increase, and even with the continuous death of the rats, the number has begun to decline.

At the end, there was only the last batch of old rats that lost their fertility. Although the number of white rats at this time was stable, it was no longer possible to grow.

And John Calkhne Moe did the white rats of the white mouse utopia experiment, although it has some discrepancy with the problems facing humans, it still makes us deeply aware of the state that human society may face in the future.

If the population growth is not restricted without intervention, even if human beings, as senior animals, there are almost no natural enemies in nature.

However, in the face of social resources, more serious and cruel competition will inevitably appear between people. At that time, society will also show a chaotic situation.

Like the situation where the mice are facing in the 1588 days, in the end, what human beings can do can only wait for death.

And this is the reason why my country controls the population growth rate. In order to reduce social competition and reduce resource disputes, it has also developed for a long time.

Of course, some people also deny the accuracy and fit of the experiment. They believe that the rats are just living in the principle of following things.

However, people can completely break out and make artificial intervention in the development of human beings, such as the outbreak of war, such as massacre and so on.

According to data from human historical research, in the long process, population growth, war slaughter, decreased population, peaceful construction, population growth, and war massacre have gradually formed a cycle to maintain a balanced balance.

But no matter what the facts, John Calkhorn’s experiments have certain value, and undoubtedly sounded the alarm clock, let us realize the terrible part of the population growth.

At the same time, it has also triggered our more thinking. Today, with the rise of many groups in society, the bond of social relations between people seems to be gradually becoming weak.

The latest release of population data shows that the population of our country at the end of 2021 increased only 480,000 compared with the previous year, which has reached the lowest value of the net population increase since the years since 1962.

This can’t help but guess whether the population has reached its peak. As people’s consciousness gradually enlightenment, will it be like the white rat in the experiment and is unwilling to see the passage from the generation.The coming of death?

Regarding the slowdown of population growth in 2021, the director of the State Bureau of Statistics stated that it was the result of the influence of various factors.

Secondly, it is what we mentioned earlier. The changes in people’s fertility concepts, more and more young people are unwilling to give birth, or have repeatedly delayed the age of fertility.

Finally, the impact of the new crown epidemic. In this case, many people have to postpone the fertility arrangements, but these influencing factors are not staged.

Therefore, under the continuous influence of these objective factors, at a certain stage, my country is likely to enter the zero -population growth.

In addition, directly span zero growth into negative growth. Although 480,000 data is only a sampling survey data, it is also a signal of rapid population to turn negative growth.

Once the population enters negative growth, it has a certain impact on society and individuals.Due to the large population base in my country, in the short term of negative growth, it may not have a certain impact.

However, with the disappearance of population growth, economic development has begun to face a certain test, a large reduction in labor force, and changes in the consumer market will undoubtedly affect production and service models.

Not only that, many plans such as the deployment of social resources at the moment are based on the positive growth of the population.

Therefore, once the population enters negative growth, it will inevitably cause waste of public resources and the overall bias of macro plans.

All the previous economic models and economic theories are difficult to have guiding significance, and those with the growth of the population are also changes in the population structure.

According to data released on January 17, 2022, the proportion of population over 65 years of age in my country exceeded 14%for the first time, which means that my country is entering the stage of aging or aging.

In this case, the pressure on the social security system is gradually increasing, and the case of Heilongjiang 2018 is given as an example.

The average dying time of the elderly has exceeded half a year, which requires more and more manpower care, and when the population is gradually decreasing, the cost of manpower will only become more expensive.

In just 2018, Heilongjiang Province was overdrawn by 55.72 billion yuan in pensions.Over time, this has formed a vicious circle. In the future, countless children who need to face this problem.

And what is the difference between human society and the white rats in the experiment?

But it is undeniable that behind people’s unwillingness to have children, there are some practical problems, that is, the increase in raising costs.

People who survive in the current society have bear too much pressure, and sometimes even support themselves and their parents.

What’s more, the cost of getting married and fertility is so much and so heavy, which directly dispels some people, making them helpless, dare not get married or dare to give birth.

Over time, this is undoubtedly a vicious circle. Therefore, the population growth seems to be a simple data, but it involves too many social problems behind it.

In the face of this situation, maybe only by implementing many policies and reducing various problems facing people behind people’s fertility, can it be resolved from the source and can make people’s ideas reverse.

But this is undoubtedly a long, difficult fight!

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