The two bars on the pregnancy test stick are pregnant?When encountering these situations, it may be really happy to be happy

Pregnancy is the happiest thing for a woman, but many pregnant mothers cannot notice it by themselves after pregnancy. They often find them through the symptoms of morning vomiting after a few weeks of pregnancy. So how should pregnant mothers be pregnant after the same room?The most direct method is to use the pregnancy test stick. The pregnancy test stick is a test product with high accuracy, rapid testing time, and very convenient use, especially when detecting early pregnancy, very sensitive.However, many ladies do not look at the pregnancy test stick. As a result, they can not know if they are pregnant after using the pregnancy test stick. Let ’s introduce the usage of the pregnancy test stick.The first urine in the morning is drenched in the urine -absorbing hole of the pregnancy test stick, and the pregnancy test will show the results. If dark lines appear below C and T, congratulations will be.If you have dark lines at the C, there is a negative result, indicating that there is no pregnancy. If C is a dark line and T is the light line, it is possible to get pregnant, and other results indicate that it is not used correctly.

However, when pregnant mothers are preparing for pregnancy, they should also pay attention to the following aspects. Although two bars are positive, they do not necessarily mean that they are pregnant.

1. Expired test strip

When the pregnant mothers were just pregnant, they could not test whether they were pregnant through the ultrasound B -ultrasound of the hospital. At this time, the pregnancy test stick could be quickly tested. Everyone knows that the pregnancy test stick is mainly tested by urine, although although althoughThe accuracy of the pregnancy test stick is only about 80%, but it still has high credibility. The principle of the pregnancy test stick is actually simple. After pregnancy, the urine of women will bring chorionic membrane to promote gonadotropin, and pregnancy testing.The test strip in the stick will respond to this hormone, but some ladies start asking questions. If you accidentally buy an expired pregnancy test stick, will you still react with the hormone?In fact, the expired pregnancy test stick will not be completely invalid. Most of the expired pregnancy test will still react with the urine, but because the response is not complete, the result will be very different from the real situation. For exampleBar, but the color is shallow, so if the results detected by the pregnancy test stick you use are positive, but you still need to be happy.The pregnancy test stick that is also valid for the product is re -tested.

2. Prepare pregnant mother’s own disease

The pregnancy test stick mainly detects human chorionic gonadotropin. When women are not pregnant, a small amount of hormones will also be contained in the body. When women are pregnantSuch hormones are also caused by diseases. When the test results are two red bars, if they are not pregnant, they are likely to be ovarian tumors. Women have ovarian cysts, and women’s bodies will experience hormones in their bodies.At this time, as the body fluid hormone secretes too much, the human chorionic gonad hormone will rise, so there will be two red bars on the pregnancy test stick.If two red bars are found in a dark color and a light color, there will be two reasons. The first is because the pregnancy time is short, the hormone secretion is not enough, and the response is not enough.This is very dangerous for women. Ectopic pregnancy is because fertilized eggs meet sperm when they reach the uterine cavity. They stay in women’s fallopian tubes and develop in bed.Promoting gonads, but due to too little secretion, there will be two shallow two bars.In addition, when women taking drugs that affect their own estrogen can also cause their own hormone disorders, which causes excessive secretion of hormones. Therefore, if two red bars are found in the pregnancy test sticksick.

3. Test time is too long

The pregnancy test stick was detected by urine after 7 to 10 days after menstruation delayed, so there will be a pregnant mother who accidentally sprinkle the urine too much or put the pregnancy test stick in the urine., The effective time of the pregnancy test sticks of different brands is different, so pregnant mothers should follow the explanation of the instructions to judge. Generally speaking, the test results of the pregnancy test stick are effective within 5 minutes.After using the pregnancy test stick, there was no result. Instead, a positive result appeared after a few hours. Isn’t this a pregnancy?The test results of the experimental pregnancy stick are only effective within a few minutes just tested. The results of the long test time are very inaccurate. The pregnant mother cannot use the test strip where the time is too long as the basis for judgment.At this time, don’t use other pregnancy test sticks to detect. Pregnant mothers are best to go to the hospital to detect HCG quantitatives by drawing blood, so that they can more accurately detect whether they are pregnant.

So what about you?How do you determine that you are pregnant?Come and share your pregnancy test experience.

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