The trouble of expectant mothers!Is it a "second spring" to be pregnant?

In addition to changes in the body, the skin on the face is also affected. This is also a problem that many pregnant mothers are troubled. Poor acne is a stubborn problem that many pregnant mothers have encountered.

Due to the changes in hormones during pregnancy, the mother who had been adolescent was still acne. It was really painful. I also dreamed that she was pregnant as a beautiful pregnant mother, but because of this noisy acne, it was annoying!

The main cause of the pregnant mother’s acne is the cause of unstable body hormone secretion. After the body sebaceous glands are stimulated, they secrete more oils. Coupled with the dual summoning of work pressure and life pressure, acne is endless.EssenceIn addition to the above main reasons, these factors can also cause pregnant women to have acne.

The skin cleansing is not in place: Excessive sebum accumulates in the hair follicles, causing the catrust ducts to be blocked. With the mixing of fatty acids and hair follicles, acne emerge.

Emotional pressure is too large: During pregnancy, the mood of pregnant women is relatively large. If you often lose your temper and do not express your pressure, it will cause uncoordinated hormone secretion in the body for a long time, resulting in acne.

Sleep is not enough: Mom’s sleep during pregnancy is very important. In addition to affecting the growth of the fetus in the abdomen, it also affects her endocrine regulation.

Improper diet leads to excessive internal fire: spicy foods during pregnancy can easily cause stomach fire, and can also cause gastrointestinal constipation. These also affect the larger pores and have a great impact on skin problems such as acne and acne.

The mother who was troubled by acne was miserable. She couldn’t take medicine casually, but also used skin care products carefully. She couldn’t touch her face casually.How to condition if you really have acne?

Specific mothers can choose to clean the skin in the morning and evening. Be careful that you must choose a product with natural ingredients and mild nature.You need to pay attention to keep your skin clean everyday, and choose to wash your face.Persist in daily skin care.

Pay attention to diet habits, take "three more or two" as the basic principle; eat more zinc -rich foods, pregnant women with proper zinc supplementation can help increase resistance and promote wound healing, such as animal liver, nuts, corn, carrots, etc.; Eat more crude fiber foods to help the stomach peristalsis, avoid constipation, and speed up metabolism at the same time, you can eat soybeans, whole wheat bread, etc.; eat more vitamin -rich foods, vitamins have a good regeneration function for skin, vitamin A, CE all the necessary elements needed for the skin, so eating more foods rich in vitamins is effective for skin protection.

Eat less spicy and greasy foods. In addition to stimulating nerves, these foods are not good for the stomach and stomach, so eat less; eat less high sugar foods, and people with acne try to avoid high sugar foods, so pregnant mothers should not eat too much too muchChocolate, candy, etc.

In the seasons of the year, sunscreen is an indispensable step. Choose some effective sunscreen products, or increase physical sunscreen measures.At the same time, pay attention to replenishing moisture to increase the elasticity of the skin.

In fact, acne during pregnancy is not terrible. The terrible thing is that the mother is relaxing and let yourself be decadent. How can you give up the opportunity to become beautiful because of pregnancy.Pay more attention to daily skin care and maintenance. You can also be a beautiful pregnant mother.

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