The treatment of six different scars, you must use it, it is recommended to collect it

When our skin is damaged, the body will start the damage repair mechanism.If the wound is not deep, it generally does not leave scars after the wound healing, but if the wound is deeper, the physical repair mechanism will create a much thicker tissue than the normal skin. This is the "scar" we often call.

Depending on the scar situation, the following are divided into the following:

Relocreling scars refer to a kind of scar on the superficial layer of the skin, mostly caused by mild skin abrasion or superficial (leather shallow layer) burns and burns.At first, the color was pink to pale red, and there were slightly bulging, accompanied by itching and pain.

Over time, flat scars will gradually heal and become flat and discolored. Most of them can almost restore the same color as the skin color.

Scientific care in the early stages of wounds can control the scar on leveling scars and reduce the probability of hyperplasia scars.

Precautions for scientific nursing of wound: Keep the skin injury to clean, and use soapy water to softly clean the part.Can be applied to Vaseline at the wound.For large pieces of scratches and burns, you can use hydrogel or silicon film.Block the wound with a bandage and replace it every day to keep it clean.Consultation doctors need wound sutures to minimize the emergence of scars.After wound healing, apply sunscreen to help reduce the possibility of becoming red and brown into the wound area, helping the scar faster fading.

The atrophic scar is located under the epidermis. Touch by hand can feel a clear depression, and as the age increases, the depression scar will be more obvious.Atrophic scars generally appear after the removal of acne, chickenpox and other diseases.

Generally, dot laser (1-2 months of treatment, generally 5-7 times), ion beam, radio frequency for repair treatment.

After laser surgery, it is necessary to use silicone gel, restructuring human epidermal growth factor, or platelet rich plasma treatment, which can greatly improve the treatment effect of atrophic scars.Generally, after multiple treatment, it can achieve the effect of almost the same skin that looks consistent with normal skin.However, it should be noted that laser treatment scars cannot be completely returned to the same as normal skin.

Proliferation scars appear on the surface of the leather, different from atrophic scars, and it feels a clear sense of bulging with my hands.Generally speaking, proliferative scars are prone to appear on the chest, upper back, and shoulders.

Over time, not serious hyperplasia scars will gradually flatten, but it often takes several years.Some hyperplasia scars will have itching and pain. If the scar is large, it may also cause restrictions on physical activity.

For some old hyperplasia scars, you can try to use YAG laser scars in the ablation. For the rapid development of hyperplasia into scars, it is generally not advocated that laser treatment is used.

Such scars also appear on the surface of the skin. Unlike proliferative scars, the growth of scarring is much greater than the wound itself.A few months or even a year after the wound may still form scarring.

If it is not treated, scarring cannot be improved.For such scars, it is recommended to use surgical resection+X -ray radiotherapy.

When a scar is formed, the new tissue is often tighter and thicker than the skin.If you grow in key parts, such as shoulders, elbows, knees, etc., you may limit your normal life movement. If you cannot straighten your arms, legs, etc., such scars are called contracture scars.

Invoicing scars are generally caused by burns. For children’s body scar contracture deformed, if not treated in time, it can cause slow bone growth, limited bone development, and bone curvature malformations. It is a relatively serious complication.

Simple laser treatment is almost impossible to repair, and the scar is stable. After entering the mature stage, surgical resection has been used.

Stretch marks are also a kind of scar, which will cause the subcutaneous connective tissue to rupture.Stretch marks are generally when the skin grows or shrinks rapidly, such as pregnancy, rapid weight growth or adolescence.

Early stretch marks are usually red, purple or dark brown.As stretch marks mature, they will fade and tend to be white or silver.Stretch marks may rise slightly or lower than the skin surface.

The treatment of stretch marks can be selected for postpartum repair products+local massage treatment according to the specific situation, or laser treatment, the clinical effect is the best.

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