The three major signals of women’s bodies show that the ovulation period is coming, don’t miss the baby because of your carelessness

In the past, the motivation to get married was not love, but "having children". No matter how they fell in love between the husband and wife, if the woman could not add a half daughter to the man, the marriage would have a problem sooner or later, and the infertile women would be suffered."Disgusting" in all aspects, even if it is modern, it is still a very shameful thing to have a child.

Li Juan has been married for 3 years and has no children. Not only is the in -laws anxious, but her parents are also very anxious. After all, watching it is 30 years old.In this regard, Li Juan said that she also had suffering and work. She often needed a business trip. Even if she couldn’t go out, she had to work overtime on weekdays. It was basically more than 10 o’clock at home at night.For the birth of a child, I went to the hospital to do a lot of examinations. After taking a lot of medicines, it has no effect. It is not that I do n’t want to give birth, but I do n’t have a good way.

A marriage like Li Juan is abound in life. Both husbands and wives have no problem, but they cannot conceive. What are the causes of this?

From a scientific perspective, pregnancy is a special time period for women to discharge eggs. It happens to encounter sperm at this stage.Development, from embryonic and fetal, growing step by step.

Therefore, if women want to get pregnant, the premise is ovulation, and then ensure that sperm and eggs can meet, and male sperm can live for about 72 hours in women’s bodies, that is, three days, depending on personal physical fitness and living habits.It’s not the same.

If there is no way to encounter eggs before the sperm activity fails, this conception can basically declare failure.

1. Rise body temperature

Women during ovulation, because of the efficient operation of the body’s reproductive organs, and secreting a large amount of progesterone, the body temperature will increase slightly compared with usual, usually 0.3-0.5 degrees.Starting in two days, until its end.Some experts regard the increase in body temperature as an external manifestation of egg health. If the body temperature of women during ovulation is not obvious, it means that the egg quality is not good and it is not easy to conceive.

2. There will be a strange feeling

There is a word called "ovulation pain".After ovulation, some women will have obvious strain sensations. According to the degree of pain, each person’s feeling is different. It is usually very mild. If the pain is too heavy, it is best to go to the hospital for professional examination to prevent uterine lesions.

3. Donation changes

During the ovulation period, due to the impact of hormones in the body, the leucorrhea became obviously faded, and the fingers could not be brushed with their fingers, showing a transparent shape and no odor.This is all prepared for sperm to facilitate the movement of the eggs. In addition, the special ingredients in the secretion can also play a role in extending sperm activity.

Of course, in addition to the above three means, the simplest is to calculate the days according to the menstrual period.Generally speaking, if a women’s menstrual period, then 14-15 days before the next menstrual period is the ovulation period. Of course, this algorithm has too many external factors to interfere, so it can only be used for reference.

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