The symptoms of "pregnancy vomiting" suddenly appeared in 7 months of pregnancy, which was actually a signal issued by gastric cancer.

Why is my reaction during pregnancy so late

The female patient who was just anesthetized on the operating table was called Xiao Hong, only 34 years old.

Xiaohong’s operation is a challenge to the doctor, because her tumor type is a relatively difficult to deal with low -differentiated adenocarcinoma, and the location is not good, and the tumor is very large, making this surgery risk.

Nevertheless, doctors must do their best to complete this operation.Because Xiao Hong has just become a mother, the child is only a few months old.

Why do young mothers encounter gastric cancer?Where is the crux of the problem?Things start with Xiaohong’s experience of pregnancy a year ago.When she was pregnant, Xiaohong did not have a pregnancy reaction, not vomiting, and not uncomfortable.

But when she was 7 months pregnant, a "pregnancy reaction" suddenly appeared.Not only is the loss of appetite, but the amount of food is not as good as before, and if you eat things, you will feel uncomfortable. It is often spit out when you finish eating.

At that time, Xiao Hong was quite wondering. Why did he not respond in early pregnancy? Seeing that he was about to give birth, but he began to have a pregnancy reaction again?Although it feels strange, Xiaohong is not too serious. It is definitely good to wait for the child to have a child.

Unexpectedly, during the time when Xiao Hong was happy and confinement, her "pregnancy response" became intensified.It stands to reason that breastfeeding mothers can eat very well, but Xiao Hong not only can’t eat it, but also vomit more and more. Even millet porridge will vomit.

Stomach cancer strikes the upper body quietly

It happened to catch up with the 42 -day review after giving birth, and Xiao Hong told the doctor of the obstetrics.The obstetric doctor suggested that she go to other departments to check.

Nevertheless, Xiao Hong’s understanding of his disease still stays at the stage of spleen and stomach discord, and he will not think about cancer.But it is estimated that no one will have this alert.Xiao Hong went to the Department of Spleen and Stomach at the Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, thinking about taking some traditional Chinese medicine to condition.

After listening to Xiaohong’s situation, the doctor opened a series of examinations such as gastroscopy and blood.The test results showed that Xiaohong’s tumor marker CEA (tumor labels of gastric cancer) actually had a normal value of more than 100 times higher than the normal value, which was a bit outrageous, which made the doctor have to doubt the gastric cancer.

The most accurate examination of gastric cancer is the gastroscopy, whether gastroscopy is for gastroscopy.But Xiaohong is a diffuse gastric cancer, commonly known as "leather stomach". The so -called "leather stomach" is a diffuse gastric cancer characterized by stomach wall thickening and gastric cavity deformation.

This kind of gastric cancer is more difficult to take out pathological tissues at one time. After two gastroscopy has not been successfully taken out of the pathological tissue, the doctor suggested that she go to a more experienced specialty tumor hospital for further examination.

Comprehensive treatment

Unexpectedly, in the end, she really confirmed the conclusion that she was most unwilling to believe.What’s even more regrettable is that Xiaohong has advanced mucus adenocarcinoma.

As an ordinary public, you don’t have to understand what gastric mucus glandular cancer is. You only need to know that this is the most difficult type of treatment, which is not sensitive to mortar chemotherapy.Doctors are usually more difficult to treat such pathological types.

By checking the doctor, Xiaohong’s situation was not optimistic at the time, because the tumor was in the crazy period, and the head was too large to occupy her half of the stomach.Make surgery.

What should I do next?Is it possible that Xiaohong is not saved?In order to let Xiaohong live and continue to enjoy the happiness of being a mother, doctors decided to take the method of chemotherapy to see if the tumor could be reduced.If the tumor can be reduced, there may be a time to surgery.

It stands to reason that it is also difficult to reduce such a large tumor through chemotherapy.But I did not expect to do only one and a half months of chemotherapy. Xiaohong’s CT review results were better than expected.The tumor indicators have dropped a lot, the stomach wall is also thinner, and the tumor is smaller than the original.

So the doctor arranged that Xiao Hong did another month of chemotherapy. I did not expect that the tumor was much smaller. It can be said that there was a chance to finally have surgery.

Although the surgical risk is very high and the difficulty is very high. Xiao Hong and her family have made the worst plans to decide to fight with the doctor and work hard to overcome the disease.

Pain thoughts and pain, suddenly cheerful

Although many problems were encountered during the operation, it was a perfect surgery. The doctor used minimally invasive laparoscopy technology to peel such a large tumor cleanly, without residual tumor tissue, and the doctor kept her for her.40%of the stomach is only a few centimeters of incision in the abdomen.On the second day after surgery, Xiao Hong could gradually start drinking rice soup and egg custard.

Xiao Hong said that he never thought he would have cancer one day.After so much, I feel that cancer is really not far away from us. Everyone should love their bodies.No matter how busy you are, you should regularly check the physical examination, especially the gastroscopy once a year.

Many people do n’t have time to think about it. They always say that they are busy, and it ’s too late to regret it when I have a serious illness.She was also very busy with her work. She ran throughout the country. I was irregularly meal a day and made gastroscopy from a regular medical examination. Now she really understands the importance of health.

Through Xiaohong’s experience, we also want to tell everyone that mothers like Xiaohong have just given birth to babies, if there is still no decrease in the "pregnancy response", still feels nauseous and vomiting, we should be vigilant and go to the hospital in time to go to the hospitalCheck out the digestive department.

After all, "the wolf is coming", it is better than that of cancer, but I did not find that the treatment was delayed. Do you say it?

Doctors’ tips

Do n’t simply think that vomiting during pregnancy is normal. The following editors will talk about the causes of vomiting during pregnancy and vomiting of gastric cancer. Moms pay attention to identification!

Vomiting during pregnancy is a common phenomenon of early pregnancy. Generally, it can start from 4 to 6 weeks of pregnancy, and gradually relieve it around 12 weeks of pregnancy.

However, the individuals of pregnancy are very different, and some pregnant mothers may never have pregnancy, and some pregnant mothers will have pregnancy in the middle and late pregnancy.

So what are the reasons for pregnant mothers?

First of all, in the early pregnancy, the secretion of the velvetic gonadotropin (HCG) and estrogen in the pregnant mother’s body increased rapidly, which can lead to the decrease in gastric acid secretion of pregnant mothers and prolonged gastric digestion.A series of gastrointestinal reactions such as greasy, nausea and vomiting.After 12 weeks of pregnancy, the level of HCG gradually decreases, and the pregnancy reaction of pregnant mothers will gradually be reduced.

In addition, the reaction of pregnancy vomiting is also closely related to the mental condition of the pregnant mother. Some of the tension, anxiety, and fear of some pregnant mothers will aggravate the symptoms of pregnancy and vomiting; the pregnancy reaction may also be related to heredity. If the pregnant mother’s mother, sister and other relativesSevere pregnancy vomiting, then the pregnant mother may also have a serious pregnancy reaction.

What are the causes of nausea and vomiting of gastric cancer?

Stomach cancer is one of the most common malignant tumors in my country. The mortality rate is the first to be malignant tumors, so we need to pay great attention.

Most of the early gastric cancer patients have no symptoms, or only symptoms such as upper abdomen pain and uncomfortable symptoms, which are easily ignored. As the disease progresses, patients have begun to develop obvious symptoms, such as upper abdomen pain worse, loss of appetite, weight loss, fatigue, blood vomiting, blood stool, stool in the stoolSymptoms such as vomiting.

So how does vomiting happen?

When the lesion is located at the pylorus of the stomach, that is, when the parts of the stomach and the duodenal intestine are located, the tumor gradually increases as the lesion progresses, which can be partially or completely blocking the pylorus and hindering the food from the stomach to enter the small intestine. Therefore, patients may be possibleSymptoms of nausea and vomiting are mostly nights and gastric juice.

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