The sought -after yogurt not only does not health, but also endangers health?Is it good or bad to drink yogurt every day?

There are a lot of milk in the supermarket. Among them, milk and yogurt are more popular. In contrast, yogurt is more popular among people with weight loss, poor intestinal tract, and tolerance for milk.Others say that drinking yogurt can keep healthy, and drink a cup every day.

Aunt Chen consciously was a little fat. It heard that yogurt was helpful to lose weight, so she bought two boxes of yogurt when she was discounted in the supermarket, and drank one cup every morning and evening.After drinking it for three months, Aunt Chen stood on the electronic scale. As a result, the reality gave her a blow, and she was not thin in a pound.

Drink a glass of yogurt every day to lose weight?

There are studies in "Natural Communications" that experiments were performed on mice. When the obese and sick mice were added to the yogurt, the blood sugar of the mice slowly returned to stability, and the liver metabolic function was strengthened.Blood lipid levels also decreased slowly.It can be seen that regular consumption of yogurt is helpful for organ and metabolism.

However, the object of this study is a mouse, and there is no conclusion for whether the human body is effective for the time being.

For a long time, there have been endless statements about yogurt weight loss. There are many weight loss recipes about yogurt on the Internet, but how much effect can be produced in the end, no one can guarantee.

At the same time, you should pay attention. Many people think that yogurt is too sour and want to improve the taste, so I add sweet things inside, or eat the flavor yogurt directly. This is not helpful, but it will increase the heat and it is easy to get fat.Essence

What is the difference between flavor yogurt and original yogurt?

Some people say that there are so many yogurt varieties, anyway, it is called yogurt. The difference should not be large. Anyway, it is sour.If you think about this, you will be wrong. First of all, the ingredients of the original yogurt are more pure and the protein content is high. In addition to probiotics, it is milk. It can be seen from the ingredients of the outer packaging.Inside.

The second is that the price is different. Don’t look at the flavor yogurt added a lot of things, but if the price is based on the price, it is still more expensive for pure yogurt and the original yogurt that does not add sugar. From this point, it can be seen that its value is higher.

The flavor yogurt focuses on the taste experience, so the ingredients are more complicated, and grains and fruits will also increase, because the packaging is colorful. If you don’t pay attention to distinguish, you may buy a yogurt drink, which is 10,000 miles away from the yogurt.

What impact does it affect the body for a long time?

Yogurt’s weight loss is sought after by young people, but excessive pursuit of taste does not look at quality, but it will consume too much sugar and additives, which will harm the body. This yogurt is not healthy.In addition, some people eat yogurt and other staple foods do not eat at all. Under the stimulation of gastric acid, gastric fluid secretion increases, and it is easy to burn heart and stomach pain.

This sweet yogurt is not recommended to drink every day. Occasionally you can drink when you change the taste or improve your appetite. If you want to supplement calcium and increase your muscles, it is better to choose the original flavor.

Can insisting on drinking yogurt can prevent cancer. Is this true or false?

Regarding the benefits of yogurt, people have not stopped the steps of inquiry, and anti -cancer is also talked about.Let’s take a look at the research on Liuye knife and international cancer magazine.

That is, drinking a yogurt every day, the risk of death drops by 14%, and eating yogurt can indeed reduce the correlation of cancer.

In addition, there are still 90,000 follow -up data, which tells us that eating yogurt is beneficial and helps reduce the risk of bowel cancer.Because of the beneficial bacteria in the yogurt, it has a regulatory effect on the flora in the intestine, and it can improve the activity of intestinal tract and reduce the accumulation of centers.

But everyone must understand that no food can ensure that you do not have cancer. Even if you do n’t eat yogurt, you can also reduce the possibility of cancer through a healthy diet and colonoscopy.If you drink a lot of yogurt, it is still too late. In general, a cup of one day is ideal and should not be too much.

Tell you who is suitable for drinking yogurt and who is best not to touch

People who travel frequently

If you are not used to the local diet, you may cause intestinal diseases. Sometimes you eat spicy food and get constipation. At this time, you need to have some yogurt to relieve intestinal pressure and adjust the flora as soon as possible.

People who don’t like to drink milk

Yogurt is a relatively suitable alternative. There is no difference in nutrition. It is convenient to taste mellow. You can try it. Don’t worry about the embarrassing bowel sound.

Calcium lack of middle -aged and elderly people

Do not underestimate the protein and calcium content of yogurt. It is also an excellent milk food. It supplements 300-500 grams per day to help prevent osteoporosis and muscle dish., Make breakfast and dinner to improve the body’s resistance.

It is better to eat formula milk in infants and young children. Do not eat yogurt too early to prevent diarrhea from excessive intestinal peristalsis.And yogurt is easy to adhere to the child’s mouth, which is corrosive on the surface of the teeth, which is not conducive to the health of the deciduous teeth.

People with a lot of stomach acid should control the amount of yogurt. It is best not to touch it. People who are prone to bloating should also pay attention. Instead of gastrointestinal and stomach, they must first check the causes. Not necessarily everyone is suitable for drinking yogurt to help digestion.

No matter how good one thing is, there is also suitable and unsuitable. Before eating, you must distinguish your physique, and you must master the degree. You must not be too much. Other foods must be eaten with it so that the body can benefit.

In short, the correct choice of reasonable drinking is beneficial to the human body. If it is blindly pursuing over -consumption, it will also bring harm to health. No matter what foods are, they can only help the body supplement nutrition and don’t exaggerate its role.

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