The smell of smoke from the neighbor balcony floats to the house … Hangzhou netizens are angry: his wife has just become pregnant, he also attitude

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Recently, a netizen in the 19th floor posted and complained

Neighbors next door often smoke on the balcony

The smell of smoke floats to my own house

The taste is unpleasant

There is also a pregnant wife in the key home

19th floor netizen@15868813950

The neighbors next door often smoke on the balcony, because our building is curved, and the smell of smoke floats to my house, which is very serious.

It happened that the wind was blowing here, and the smoke was all poured into my house.

Our balcony is full of clothes, and the smell of smoke will remain on the clothes.My wife was not pregnant before, we didn’t say anything, just close the door.However, my wife is pregnant for a few months, and the epidemic must not always close the door. It needs to be opened frequently, and it will be very stuffy in the door of the room.

Now the second -hand smoke is very harmful, and the other party is also the father of two children. He knows that cigarettes are harmful and ran to the balcony to smoke.

The property has also been adjusted many times. At the beginning, the neighbor said that he couldn’t smoke, but he kept smoking.Later, I also communicated once in person, but it was useless.For this matter, I also reported the police, and the police also came to coordinate. At that time, I proposed to neighbors that you smoked WeChat 5-10 minutes in advance to tell us that we closed the door.As a result, the police didn’t take long after gone, and he started to draw again, and after drawing, WeChat told me on WeChat.

His attitude is, what do I do on my home balcony?But this affects my ventilation and pollutes the air at home.According to this truth, it is okay to put a big horn on the balcony, but does this not affect the rest of others?I am preparing to take the lawsuit now, and I also ask everyone here. Is there any other solution?The other party has said that you can do it casually, I just want to draw!Can’t communicate at all …

After seeing the post, the 19th floor gang group contacted the landlord for the first time.The landlord once again said that in response to this matter, he had thought about various methods and communicated with neighbors many times, but it was fruitless:

Original poster: The property came to the door ten times, and I also coordinated in person. I said that I could smoke on the balcony, because my wife was just pregnant, he said good, he knew it, and he was very polite, but it was the same in a few days.smoke.

Later, I consulted the lawyer. The lawyer said that although it was on the balcony, this affected our ventilation and violated the neighborhood rights and could prosecute it, but it took more time to deal with it.I think about it.But then we asked the property to ask him to talk about it. He pushed off and couldn’t come out.In the end, there was no way. We took the property to their house. I told him that the right of adjacent rights. He said directly that you went to sue. I couldn’t communicate before I had eaten meals.

Subsequently, the gangs contacted the Magnolia apartment property of the host area where the landlord lived.The property said that there is indeed a dispute described by the landlord.When the property and the police have come home mediation many times, the attitude of the other neighbor’s attitude at that time was also cooperated. As for whether the neighbors cooperated in the actual process, they really could not judge and obtain evidence.The design of this curved balcony is easy to have such disputes. There will be smokers who smoke on the left and right on the left and right of the upstairs, and the property is also helpless.

The 19th floor of the gang mentioned that let the property help ask the other neighbor if they are willing to communicate with the specific situation with the 19th floor. After contacting the property with the other neighbor, the other neighbor expressed the refusal to communicate the matter.

In addition, the gang also consulted Lawyer Li Mingliang of Wan Shang Tianqin Law Firm. Lawyer Li said that the matter could be handled through neighborhood disputes.

Attorney Li Mingliang: Regarding this matter, it is also possible to prosecute to eliminate obstacles.Smoking in the balcony hinders others, it is tantamount to having a big noise at home and hindering others.You can also report the property company together, the lawsuit requires the suspension of infringement and request compensation.

The experience of the landlord also attracted the attention of many netizens.Some netizens believe that the landlord has done a lot, and neighbors smoke on their own balcony.

However, many netizens said that they can understand the anger of the landlord, because the smell of smoke is really unpleasant.

Some netizens said that the balcony was also very strange.

In the comments, netizens have given a lot of ideas to the host, and some ideas are also very clear …

In any case, I still hope that this matter will be friendly.What do you think about this matter?Welcome to leave a message to share ~

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