The shrimp line is the "feces" of shrimp, why don’t many people pick it out?Is it harmful after eating?

White burning prawns, garlic lobster, spicy crayfish … These names are drooling when they look at it!But from the moment it was on the dining table, the controversy caused by it had not stopped.

After all, it is fresh, and the safety of shrimp is most concerned.One question is repeatedly mentioned, what is the black line on the back of the shrimp, and can it be eaten?

There are many types of shrimp. According to the different sources of production, they are generally divided into two types: seawater shrimp and freshwater shrimp.No matter what kind of shrimp, the long black line on the back of the shrimp is what we call the shrimp line.

In fact, the shrimp line is the digestive tract of shrimp, which is used to metabolize the waste in the shrimp’s own body.This shrimp line ranges from the head of the shrimp to the tail, and the head connects the "stomach" of the shrimp, and the tail is connected to the place where the shrimp was excreted.

So in more popular terms, the shrimp line is the food that the shrimp is not digested and the stool that has not been discharged after digestion.The shrimp line itself is not healthy, but when you see this description, everyone will still have some psychological response.

If we did not remove the black line of shrimp before cooking, after the shrimp was cooked, the black line would be more obvious. In fact, the excrement of the shrimp was not completely discharged, so many people saw this shrimp line, and then they saw this shrimp line.Directly refuse to eat shrimp.

Understand what the essence of shrimp lines is, I believe many people will not eat shrimp that have not been picked up, but in fact many areas of coastal areas, those old fishermen who eat the sea, eat shrimp at home, are not at home.Picking the shrimp line, and the taste of their shrimp is very delicious.

In those coastal areas, the seafood that has just been caught, or the fresh shrimp sold in the market, and eat it directly without removing the shrimp line.

The old master must know how to eat shrimp better than most people. Why do they choose this?

In fact, there is no excrement in the body.And this shrimp that has not been removed and the overall structure of shrimp is destroyed. After cooking, it will appear more compact and tastes more delicious.

All in all, if you know the composition of the shrimp line, how to eat and whether you want to eat it depends on your habits.

It is worth mentioning that the other side of the shrimp line is connected to the "stomach" of shrimp, which is also the part of the shrimp head.There are also black things in the shrimp head, but this black thing is the melanin produced by the enzymatic reaction caused by eating, not the excrement of shrimp, so it can be eaten after cookingEssence

Some shrimp belly also has a black thread, which is shrimp tendons, which can also be eaten. The shrimp tendons can prove that the shrimp in front of you is lively and active.

It is worth noting that although these parts on the shrimp are harmless, they should still be cooked.

As long as you are aquatic products, whether it is a farm or salvaged by yourself, there may be bacteria such as parasites in it. Only when it is cooked at high temperature, it can be eliminated. Therefore, it is best to cook for safety and cook it.

Therefore, the shrimp and abdomen shrimp lines are removed or not, depending on personal habits. If you like it, you can remove it if you like it.

When some people eat shrimp, they are afraid that there are heavy metals in the shrimp, but in fact, this worry is unnecessary.

Because there is heavy metal in the shrimp, it is related to the food that is eaten by shrimp.After the internal organs enter the internal organs of food and water, they will be metabolized through the internal organs.

The crustaceans such as shrimp have a biological characteristics, that is, the molten shell. Each molten shell, heavy metals will stay in the previous shell, and the heavy metal content in the new body will be greatly reduced.Before listing, the shell will be changed every 15 to 20 days, so when we buy the shrimp and put it on the table, there is basically no metal amount, so don’t worry about heavy metals.

After eating shrimp, everyone asked questions.Some people say that eating shrimp and fruits will be poisoned together. Is this true?

In fact, it won’t.For ordinary people, the number of lobsters we eat and the number of fruits will not reach the point of poisoning.If you want to eat shrimp and fruits, you have to eat hundreds of pounds of shrimp and fruits at one time to reach the level of poisoning.

However, although we do n’t know poisoning, do n’t consume the shrimp with fruits containing tannic acid, such as grapes, pomegranates, hawthorn, persimmon, etc., because tannic acid and calcium acid will reflect calcium tannic acid after encountering it, and then stimulate the stomach.The human body is prone to vomiting, dizziness, nausea, abdominal pain, diarrhea and other symptoms, and can also reduce the nutritional value of protein in shrimp.

Not only shrimp, other seafood should also avoid eating with these fruits, even if you eat it at least 2 hours.

In the end, everyone’s choice of shrimp. Nowadays, traffic is convenient, and the types of shrimp on the market are rich and dazzling.Shrimp are generally divided into river shrimp and sea shrimp. Which one is better?

In fact, there is no difference in nutritional value of river shrimp and sea shrimp, only the difference in taste.If you like to eat meat, and also tight meat, then choose sea shrimp, but if you prefer to eat loose meat and the meat is more Q bomb, then you can choose river shrimp.

Just if we go to the mall or the vegetable market to buy, try to buy fresh shrimp instead of frozen shrimp.Although the price of frozen shrimp is cheaper, frozen shrimp is frozen after being caught. Nutritional substances, etc., there must be no fresh shrimp height.

And the merchants in the market are mixed, because frozen materials cannot be thawed for the time being, and some bad merchants will even put the shrimp dead in the transportation on the frozen shrimp. These dead shrimp will be with those who are living with those living shrimp.Long, the germs on the dead shrimp will be transmitted into these live shrimp.

Buying frozen shrimp is very tested, it is easy to buy frozen shrimp with quality.Therefore, everyone should compare shrimp according to personal conditions.

In short, the shrimp line is very disgusting for the structure of shrimp, but if you can break through the psychological obstacles and really eat it, there will be no health threats. The shrimp is still delicious shrimp.

As the weather becomes hot every day, when the spicy crayfish becomes a supper option, I believe that after reading this article, everyone has decided the choice and consumption of shrimp.What else do you have to share?

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