The sea in the dream: I understood that He Hongling sent ice knife shoes, so I realized that she cared about Ye Guohua!

"The Sea in Dreams" is a youth inspirational era drama starring Xiao Zhan, Li Qin, Liu Ruilin, Cao Feiran, Zhang Lingxin, etc. The show tells a group of Beijing youth. Under the wave of reform and opening up, he has various dreams and write.Stories of different fate.The cast of the play is in line with the character image, and the sense of substitution is very strong. Whether it is Xiao Chunsheng’s spirit or the gentleness and tenaciousness of Xiaomei, the actors are portrayed by the three -pointer.Intersection

Xiao Chunsheng and Ye Guohua, the old brothers, met again after many years of absence, and met again because of an overseas order.Although Ye Guohua hated Xiao Chunsheng, in Xiao Chunsheng’s heart, Ye Guohua has always been his brother.In order to repair the relationship between the two, Xiao Xiaomei proposed that when her daughter had a birthday, Ye Guohua and He Hongling were invited to participate, and everyone gathered together.However, the original intention was good, but the result, because of a pair of ice knife shoes, became a large Shura field again.

On the day of the birthday banquet, Ye Guohua attended him alone. He said that He Hongling couldn’t come. As a result, as soon as the voice fell, He Hongling appeared. She not only appeared, but also brought birthday gifts to Xiao Beibei, a pair of ice knife shoes.Seeing the ice knife and shoes, everyone was silent for a while. He Hongling and Xiao Chunsheng fell in love at first sight on the ice rink. At that time, they wore ice knife shoes.He Hongling’s move seemed to be telling everyone that there was Xiao Chunsheng in her heart, and she wanted to evoke Xiao Chunsheng’s memories.

But if you want to come carefully, you will find that He Hongling’s move is not to show love Xiao Chunsheng, but to arouse Ye Guohua’s care for himself.He Hongling concealed the truth of pregnancy for his career, and finally led to abortion. This incident became a thorn in Ye Guohua’s heart. He believed that He Hongling still loved Xiao Chunsheng, so he was unwilling to give birth to a child.Since then, Ye Guohua’s attitude towards He Hongling has changed, and he has never cared about it.

Since the ice rink that year, Xiao Chunsheng asked He Hongling to look forward, He Hongling burned the portrait of the year, and decided to have a good intention.She has been boiling Chinese medicine and conditioning her body. From this she can see that she wants to have a child with Ye Guohua.But Ye Guohua, not only does it do not support, but always splash her cold water, saying that it is useless to drink or not, I know why today.

Not only that, Ye Guohua always blame He Hongling. He pulled his face every day, a miserable look, and finally, he simply fell asleep with He Hongling.Looking at Ye Guohua who doesn’t care about his own, He Hongling, who really wants to live with him, will deliberately send Xiao Beibei ice knife shoes. The purpose is to use Xiao Chunsheng to stimulate Ye Guohua to care about herself.The response was not jealous, but that He Hongling was shameful to herself.

Now the children have not used ice knife shoes, but He Hongling gave a pair of outdated ice knife shoes, which made Ye Guohua feel that she was shameful to herself.Looking at Ye Guohua, who reacted, He Hongling clearly realized that she was really not important in Ye Guohua’s heart, so when she returned home, she proposed a divorce when facing Ye Guohua’s noise.In this marriage, she was ashamed of Ye Guohua at first, so she wanted to make up for these years, but now Ye Guohua does not care about her, and she has no need to go on.

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