The reason may be …

With the development of society, many women have begun to have symptoms of infertility, which are affected by various aspects such as physiological, psychological, diet, and environment.

Seeing such a news today, a 39 -year -old woman in Yiwu went to the hospital for pregnancy and found that the head of the fetus was against a circular contraceptive ring.It turned out that in March this year, there was a second child when there was a contraceptive ring in the palace. I felt uncomfortable recently, so I went to the hospital for examination.

And Ms. Li was not so lucky. She married her husband early. At that time, she did not open her second child. After asking for the first child, she was worried that she was pregnant unexpectedly again, so she brought a contraceptive ring.As the second child was open normally, she discussed with her husband to have another child, and then went to the hospital to remove the contraceptive ring.

In the next four months, she paid special attention to maintaining herself and wanted to ask for another child, but she found that she had never been pregnant. By the sixth month, she was not calm. Others can get pregnant unexpectedly.Why is it so tragedy?

After arriving at the hospital, the doctor gave these suggestions: the doctor gave these suggestions:

1: Because the reversibility of the loop is very strong, if there is no serious infection and abnormal damage, it will not affect the re -fertility.

2: Generally, the birth ring is made of metal. Everyone’s physique is different. Some women have good physical fitness, good health, and strong recovery ability.It reaches a year or even longer for recovery.

3: The birth ring itself does not cause infertility. It may be that there are some serious infections and abnormal damage, leading to infertility, which requires further examination.

4: If you cannot get pregnant after taking the ring, you need to consider whether it is caused by abnormal hormone secretion and abnormal ovulation. It is recommended to conduct fertility testing, six inspection of sex hormone, and various examinations before pregnancy. See if it is another reason for other reasons for other reasons.Infertility caused.

And, here are reminded mothers that after taking out the birth ring, do not immediately ask for babies, because the birth ring has certain damage and influence on the endometrium and other tissues.Causes defects.So don’t be anxious. Before you want your child, do the same inspections to ensure that you meet the conditions of pregnancy, so that you can be lost.

At the same time, I hope Ms. Li can also find the cause of infertility and succeed in pregnancy!

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