The prospective mothers who have soared more than 30 pounds during pregnancy have these three bad habits, which affects health.

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If a mother’s weight increased by about 10 pounds during pregnancy, it must be very enviable.After the baby is born, this kind of Baoma can easily recover the weight as long as the diet is slightly adjusted, and there is no need to lose weight at all.If you want to escape the nightmare of postpartum weight loss, pregnant mothers should pay attention to avoid these points during pregnancy, which can not only keep the baby healthy, but also make the weight not exceed the standard.During pregnancy, the expectant mothers who have soared more than 30 pounds have these three bad habits, which affects health.

Crazy supplement all kinds of nutritional meals

Many mothers’ views are "one person eats two people to make up."There is no disadvantage to children. This kind of understanding is wrong.Even during a woman’s pregnancy, it cannot be overeating.The nutritional components needed by the human body are limited, and the tonic of pregnant women need to ensure a balanced intake of nutrients while controlling the diet reasonably.If women do not only make a big fish and meat every day after pregnancy, they can make up for various nutritional products, which may cause pregnant women to exceed the standard in a short period of time.Excessive nutrition during pregnancy is the main reason for the rise of expectant mothers. Its harm is not only the body shape of the pregnant mother, but also affects the baby’s health.

Satonous lack of exercise

Due to the unstable hormonal condition in pregnancy, the symptoms of drowsiness will occur in the early stages of pregnancy.In particular, the weight of the pregnant mother’s weight and the anxiety of the mothers of pregnant mothers will increase the drowsiness during pregnancy.Although the drowsiness of pregnant mothers will become more comfortable in the body, long -term sleep may affect the normal metabolism of the body. In addition, sleep will inevitably reduce the amount of exercise.Therefore, the drowsiness of pregnant mothers and a small amount of exercise will give the chances of accumulation of fat.Of course, the drowsiness during pregnancy is around the 15th week of pregnancy, and the situation will gradually improve. If you still have severe drowsiness, go to the hospital as soon as possible.

Don’t pay attention to body management

Some pregnant mothers may not pay attention to the management of the figure, and think that they are fatter.It is very peaceful about gaining weight.However, fat is not just affecting themselves, but also affecting children.It is necessary for pregnant mothers to understand the appropriate scope of weight growth during pregnancy.Generally speaking, the weight growth of early pregnancy will slow down, with a weekly weight increase of about 0.2 to 0.3 kg, and the weight increase of about 0.3 to 0.5 kg per week in the middle of pregnancy in the middle of pregnancy.Moms with normal weight have increased by about 10 to 12.5 kg during pregnancy, which is very standard.Of course, pregnant mothers in the later stages of pregnancy are more lucky, and weight rebound is also a normal process.However, pregnant mothers are better to consciously pay attention to changes in weight.

During pregnancy, weight gain is inevitable.If the pregnant mother lacks awareness of controlling weight and does not pay attention to diet, exercise, and body management, the increase in weight during pregnancy will be two or three times that of ordinary pregnant mothers, and it may be more than 30 pounds.The worst is that it may not be conducive to production, threatening the health of the baby and pregnant mothers.


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