The process of pregnancy testing seems to be a maze.

There are two lines on the pregnancy test stick. What should I do if I do not do my homework at all?It doesn’t matter at all. Evil supplement depends on this article. From the inspection process and routine production inspection after pregnancy, the nurse takes you a walk.

After the expectant mother arrived at the hospital, facing various examinations, urine testing and queuing up. If there are two floors in the hospital, they may run on the first and second -floor sides. It seems like walking a maze. What should I do if I think of it?

For the first time I arrived in the hospital, there were 4 inspection processes

1. Preliminary consultation of nursing staff: When the pregnant mother first arrived in the hospital, the nursing staff conducted preliminary consultations and archives, for example: ask the last menstrual period.

2. Urban examination: Through the reagent to confirm whether you are pregnant again, presented + font size, that is, to determine that there is a baby in the stomach.

3. Vaginal ultrasound test: After determining that after pregnancy, a vaginal ultrasonic examination should be performed to ensure that it is an intrauterine pregnancy to exclude the possibility of ectopic pregnancy.Some doctors do not necessarily do vaginal ultrasound at the beginning, but judge the number of pregnancy weeks at the last menstrual period. When the number of weeks is large enough, try it to take the gestational sac by the abdomen.The bed position is low, the pregnancy sac is small, and then check it with yin.Usually after about 6 weeks of pregnancy, there is a better chance to see the pregnancy sac. If the urine examination is positive, but the uterine cavity cannot find the pregnancy sac, you can wait a week before checking.

4. Doctor consultation: If the pregnant mother’s menstruation is very regular, the current number of weeks will be calculated according to the last menstruation of the pregnant mother.

The expected date of how to count?

The due date is calculated based on the last menstrual period, but it must be noted that the due date will be adjusted with each ultrasound and estimated fetal growth.

The most important purpose of the checkup is early discovery, pre -disposal

Many people often ask what the purpose of pre -delivery examination is?Through the birth checkup, you can know the condition of the fetus in the stomach. It is hoped that when there is a problem, you can do it early through early discovery to make the pregnancy process safe and the baby is healthy. Therefore, regular check -up is an important thing.

Must do 5 projects for each checkup

Check 1: Over weight

The most important purpose of the routine weight of each production inspection is that it should be noted that the weight gain during pregnancy should not be too much.In the early stages of pregnancy, it can only increase by 2 kilograms, and the middle period is increased to 5-6 kg, while the later period is increased to 8 kg.

Examination 2: Quality blood pressure

Through regular quantity of blood pressure during each checkup, you can evaluate whether there is a possibility of pregnancy hypertension.

Check 3: urine test

The nursing staff sends a urine cup and a urine test during each check -up to check whether the numerical value of urine and urine protein can be found in the early days.Preventing critical conditions.

Examination 4: Measure the fetal heartbeat

It is not necessary to follow the ultrasound every time the check -up, but the obstetrician can use ultrasound to listen to the fetal heartbeat with ultrasound, so that the pregnant mother can reduce the uncertainty in the heart before hearing the heartbeat of the fetus before hearing the fetal heartbeat., Make more peace of mind during pregnancy.

Examination 5: Doctors and nursing staff mission

At each delivery examination, the mission of related knowledge during pregnancy is also part of the routine production inspection.

In addition to routine inspections, there are two things

In addition to the routine inspection of each registration, there are two important examinations and matters to remind the pregnant mother:

1: Detailed medical history consultation

When you go to the hospital for the first time, you will ask about the history of the family’s disease, the history of the past disease, the history of the past, the history of the past, the results of the previous medical examination, and the investigation of the addiction habit.

2: Routine blood test

Routine blood tests during pregnancy include blood types, syphilis, AIDS, hepatitis B and other items. Usually, a few blood tubles will be drawn at a time during the first birth check, and the blood test will be completed at one time; a related examination will be performed again before childbirth.

Nurse chief reminder!

Before the checkup, remember to prepare the question of the doctor of the delivery examination, such as: the situation you usually encounter, the daily notes during pregnancy, etc., and write the abstract notes in advance to grasp the checkup time!

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