The price of actresses love beauty, long -term high heels cause feet to deformation, so terrifying can not dare to look at the picture

Although it has a bad effect on high -heeled shoes for a long time, for women, it seems to be elegant and beautiful.Especially female stars in the entertainment industry have long -term high heels.Foots start

Wang Ziwen, who is relatively short, adds double exposure opportunities after becoming popular, and every time she appears, she must wear shoes similar to "hate the sky".Over time, her feet began to deform due to wear, and it was painful.

In order to repay the debt at home, Xu Ruohuan started making money since his 10s, and various tasks such as singers, actors and hosts need to wear high heels to complete.After so many years, her toes have been severely bent and deformed, and even affecting walking.

The queen Rong Zuer performed this high heels for many years, not only to the toes deformation, but even the side of the side began to protrude with bones, even if wearing flat shoes, it would be uncomfortable.

Yang Yanlin’s injury should be relatively "light", but her feet are red and swollen and somewhat abnormal. However, in the considering performance, she will continue to wear high heels in the performance. It is estimated that the deformation of the foot is not far away.

If you think wearing high heels will only hurt your toes and feet, it is naive.After all, your feet are the most meridians of the human body. Once you are injured, it is easy to cause other parts of the body.

The big S, who was once beautiful, is a fanatic fan of high heels, and once said that "those shoes have my name".But after wearing high -heeled shoes for too many years, she caused her disc herniation, and it was difficult to stand in severe cases.

Not only that, because when wearing high heels, your feet will lean forward and stand upright, causing the calf muscles of the big S to concentrate and gather, and it looks a bit thick.

Taiwanese actress Li Yufen had no way to walk at the Hong Kong airport, because her spine was already inflamed.Later, the doctor also told her not to wear high heels for a long time, because of the long -term wearing relationship, which caused accumulation of illness.

Because TVB’s head of Huadan, Xu Zishan, because of the long -term high heels, has even shifted the pelvis, which caused her to be sore as soon as she was stormy, like an old man with rheumatism.

Chen Huilin still insisted on work during pregnancy, and also wore high heels, all night, etc., and she was originally an elderly mother. In the end, the baby was born early for a month.

Zhang Liangying put her feet accidentally because she wore too high shoes on the stage, and then fell on the stage.Looking at the bending angle, I felt very painful.

Sun Yanzi also fell on the stage directly because the shoes worn at the concert were too high.After that, she also specifically said on the social number that the price of "female stars love beauty".

Yang Mi’s legs were thinner, but the calves looked particularly thick.This is also caused by long -term high heels.

Although Zhao Liying’s feet have not yet begun to deform, fans often see her wearing unreasonable high -heeled shoes, and they are worried that her feet will be too much pressure.All in all, love beauty is important, but health is also important.

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