The pregnant woman dreamed of this, and she really gave birth to a big fat son. Is the baby dream reliable?

Wen | Xing pregnant sister

Since the day of pregnancy, each mother is curious about whether the baby in the belly is a boy or a girl. From time to time, he will also compare his symptoms based on the folk or online methods.Fortunately, there is a friend who is a friend who often dreams of a rooster during pregnancy. Later, a big fat son was born.Many people are also used to guessing that they are men or women based on the dream of fetal dreams, so is there any scientific basis?

Fetal dreams, as the name suggests, are the dreams of pregnancy.Eastern countries and western countries attach great importance to fetal dreams. Many people think that in the intention of fetal dreams, dreaming of python, dragon, cocks, peppers, persimmons, etc. are generally expelled with giving birth;Wait for the general foremoopstine to have a girl; dreaming that Cheng Shuangcheng pairs of general predictive twins.In fact, there is no scientific basis. Anyone who knows a little bit of science knows that children and children are related to the genes of their parents, and they are not related to dreams.

Every night, people dream after falling asleep. Dreams are a manifestation of subconsciousness, which has something to do with psychology and environment.However, fetal dreams can also reflect part of the fetal problems.If the pregnant mothers always have nightmares, or when they dream of waking up in the dream, they feel that they are uncomfortable every time they go to bed, which is likely to be related to the physiological and psychological reasons of the pregnant mother.

The physiological nightmare may be that the blood is not circulated due to improper sleeping posture, or the physical irritation given by the external environment. For example, when the pregnant mother rests at night, it is always easy to wake up or wake up.The psychological nightmare may be related to the recent pressure of pregnant mothers. Pregnant mothers must learn to clear and release.

When pregnant mothers have frequent nightmares, the lucky sister suggested that the family members around the pregnant mother mostly sort out their emotions for the pregnant mother, give emotional soothing, and alleviate the psychological pressure of pregnant mothers; pregnant mothers can also use hot water soaking their feet feet feet.To strengthen blood circulation and indirectly improve sleep.

In short, children and children do not rely on the dream of fetal dreams. Dreams are mysterious and mysterious. What may reflect, but cannot determine anything.Fortunately, no matter what dream, no matter what the image is, pregnant mothers don’t have to be overly trusted. Boy and girls are the same. Both adults and children are the best!

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