The pregnant mother suddenly had abdominal pain, but the problem was not in the fetus!In the abdomen, the "blood bag" is larger than the fetus

The adrenal glands are the very important endocrine organs of the human body.

But what should I do when I am pregnant when I encounter adrenal tumors?The expectant mother Yuan (pseudonym) encountered this problem

Sudden abdominal pain in pregnant women, where is the problem?

The 29 -year -old Yuanyuan has been married for 3 years and has a sweet life with her husband.This year, the couple intended to have a child.

However, the "pregnancy" qi seemed to be very good. She was already pregnant, but she had a fetal heart stopping.They had to endure the child.

But the good news is that two months ago, Yuanyuan was pregnant again.However, due to the large weight of Yuanyuan, it is already a high -risk pregnant woman. In addition, there has been an experience of stopping the fetus before this time.

However, the good times did not last long. One day at the end of September, Yuanyuan had severe pain in the left upper abdomen without warning."Oops, will it be a child?" Yuanyuan thought.As a result, the anxious family rushed to the gynecological department of Dingqiao Hospital of Hangzhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine at the fastest speed.

After receiving the consultation, the deputy director of the gynecological department found that Yuanyuan’s life signs were relatively stable, and there were no prevalence of abortion such as vaginal bleeding and small abdominal pain.However, considering the situation of Yuanyuan, Ma Jingli immediately perfected the B -ultrasound examination and found that the uterine attachment and the fetus were not different at present.But attentive, she found a huge mixed echo group of about 8.8cm*7.7cm in the adrenal area on the left.

Yuanyuan said that the mass was known to himself. During the prenatal medical examination, he found that the left adrenal gland had an apple -sized mass, but she didn’t take it back.

Ma Jing called out the round of ultrasonic diagnosis at the time, and the lump at the time was about 5cm*5cm size."It’s not good! It didn’t take long for this! Why did this swell grow so much?" Ma Jing couldn’t help but be alert.

Subsequently, after the Circular Care and strictly lying doctor’s advice was issued to Yuanyuan, she immediately contacted the team of Agile Chief Physicians of the Kidney Surgery Program for consultation with Yuanyuan.

According to the previous medical history and circular condition, Cheng Chan may have acute adrenal bleeding.After completing a full set of adrenal function, and further improvement of the enhancement CT with the consent of the family members, the cause of acute adrenal hemorrhage was diagnosed.

At the same time, Cheng’s also discovered a worse news -the patient’s left adrenal block at this time quickly became bigger again!It has increased to the size of 12cm*9cm, and at this time, the patients also showed the symptoms of the left abdomen and the waist ribs of the left abdomen.

Finally clarified the cause, but did not perform surgery?

The situation is extremely critical!The adrenal glands are a small hat above the kidneys on both sides, which can secrete a variety of hormones that are vital to the human body, such as glucocorticoids, salt cortex hormones, and sex hormones.

Such an important organ is actually very small, often only 4-6cm long, 2-3cm wide.It has extremely abundant blood supply. In the usual abundant blood supply to help the adrenal gland transport the hormones produced throughout the body, but during acute bleeding, rich blood supply often means great danger, and it is easy to lead to attracting it.A large amount of coagulation factors are consumed, causing more severe internal hemorrhage, which may cause death.

At this time, the left adrenal glands are performed surgically to prevent the blood vessels that block bleeding and prevent a large number of bleeding from saving the life of patients.But the biggest problem at present is that the fetus in the patient’s belly grows to the eighth week and is still in the stage of trauma that is vulnerable to surgery and surgery. If surgery is performed, this child has a great probability that it will affect normalDevelopment and deformity occur.

Cheng Ci immediately told the husband and wife one by one who told the husband and wife one by one that the husband and wife did not wait for the round opening. The husband held his wife’s hand and said first: "Doctor, do surgery immediately, save my wife!"

In the end, the surgery of Yuanyuan was successfully completed under the exercise of the director of the kidney surgery, Huang Yasheng.A huge block with a length of about 12cm was taken out of the operation, which was full of a large amount of blood clots.

After the surgery, under the careful treatment of the kidney surgery team, about a week, the round life signs were stable.It is very regrettable that she is about to undergo gynecological abortion surgery.

Although the adrenal glands are small, they also need to pay attention to

"There are many rare adrenals, but 90%of adrenal clocks are benign." Director Huang said, "If the circle is discovered, it can intervene in time, and it will not cause this situation today."

At the same time, experts also said that benign tumors do not mean that there is no need to treat. When the patient finds adrenal mass, the examination should be further improved. According to the hormone level in the body, the symptoms of the patient, and the size and nature of the tumor, the doctor’s suggestion is performed under the advice of the doctor.Regular review observation or surgery treatment.

Although most adrenal pupilities are not asymptomatic and appear benign, some adrenal mass still changes!When adrenal campaigns rapidly grow in a few months or a year, patients should seek medical treatment as soon as possible for the next examination and treatment.

What are the adrenal tumors?

1. The medical examination found adrenal tumors, nodies or thickening.

2. Dizziness, headache, refractory hypertension, or hypotonal potassium, inexplicable limbs, weakness.

3. Frequent sexual dizziness, panic, and sweat.

4. Some changes in appearance: heartbroken obesity, full moon face, buffalo back, blood quality skin, hairy, etc.

What should I do if the adrenal tumor is found in the medical examination?

The adrenal tumor is found to evaluate the tumor as benign or malignant, and whether there is endocrine function.Most adrenal tumors are non -functional benign tumors. You don’t have to worry about it, you only need to review regularly.

A small number of adrenal tumors are benign and can be evaluated through some qualitative functional tests.

There are also a few adrenal tumors as malignant tumors. Malignant tumors are often large or have other violations. Through test results and imaging examinations, they can basically be diagnosed clearly.

So, does adrenal tumor need surgery?

Most adrenal tumors are benign and non -functional, and they are not harmful to the human body. They are mainly follow -up.

For adrenal tumors with malignant signs and (or) hormone secretions, surgical treatment is often required.The ultimate treatment method needs to be selected in conjunction with the patient’s own situation.

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