The pregnancy test stick test is negative four times, but the doctor said that he is pregnant. What is going on?

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Xiao Su and her husband were busy working after marriage, and they had no intention to have children.However, Xiao Su’s aunt’s aunt this month has not been postponed for 2 weeks. Her husband and people around him said that they were not pregnant and let her test it.She tested four times with a pregnancy test stick, but all showed no pregnancy.Xiaosu was afraid of what he was sick, so he went to the hospital for examination. As a result, the doctor found that she was pregnant.Xiaosu didn’t believe in the doctor’s words, and said that she had tested at home for four times that they were negative. How could she get pregnant?In fact, not only Xiao Su alone, many women have experienced the experience of being "deceived" by the pregnancy test stick. What is going on?

Why can pregnancy test sticks can test pregnancy?

The pregnancy test rod is mainly to detect whether the progesterone existing in women’s urine and human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) to detect whether it is pregnant.After the fertilized eggs are in bed, the woman’s body will produce HCG.And 7-14 days of pregnancy, HCG can be detected in urine.The pregnancy test stick shows the concentration of HCG in the urine to show whether the pregnancy is used.

When can the pregnancy test stick test the pregnancy?

Generally, it is relatively accurate for one month of pregnancy, or the detection of menstruation for 7-10 days. Most of the pregnancy test sticks can test pregnancy on the first day of menstruation.There are also some sensitive pregnancy test sticks that can be tested when your HCG level is relatively low, but if it is too early, the result may not be accurate.If a woman suspects she is pregnant, it shows negative after the first test, it is best to repeat the test again in 3 days.

What is the accuracy of the pregnancy test?

Generally speaking, the accuracy of the pregnancy test stick of regular brands is between 85%-95%.Therefore, the accuracy of the pregnancy test stick is not 100 %. The depth of the pregnancy test stick does not mean pregnancy. Sometimes the two bars may not be pregnant, and one bars may be pregnant.

What are the reasons why the pregnancy test stick is not allowed?

① Some women’s pregnancy test sticks may be bought a long time ago, and it has expired, which will directly cause the results to be inaccurate.Therefore, before using the pregnancy test stick, we must see if it expires clearly.

② If women have taken HCG categories recently, they may interfere with the readings, resulting in inaccurate results.

③ Drink too much water before testing HCG, reducing the concentration of HCG, so that the result is inaccurate.

How to use the pregnancy inspection stick correctly?

Some women do not use the pregnancy test stick correctly, resulting in inaccurate results. Pay attention to the following points when using the pregnancy test stick.

① Women should not deliberately drink a lot of water in order to increase urine. This will dilute the content of motiononophygal hormones in the body, which affects the results of the detection. It may not be measured when you are pregnant.

② The urine sample taken by women is best the first urine after the morning. If it is not very convenient, or if you miss it, you can take the urine that can be stored in the bladder for 4 hours to detect it. This accuracy rateIt will be higher.

③ If women take certain drugs, it may affect the accuracy of the detection. Before use, it is best to read the instructions carefully.

④ Generally, the pregnancy test stick can be read in 3-5 minutes.However, these 3-5 minutes may be that you feel that you can wait until the most often, and you may wish to do other things to disperse your attention, otherwise you will suffer.

⑤ We have already mentioned that when using the pregnancy test stick test, it is best to test it after 7 days of menstruation. At this time, the HCG level in the body gets a certain level, and the results will be more accurate.

Tao Ma said: The pregnancy test stick is a tool for most women to test pregnancy. Its application is still very wide, but women must also know how to use it before use.Some oolong incidents.Of course, if you test your pregnancy test, we still recommend going to the hospital for examination at 7-8 weeks, so rest assured.

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