The pregnancy test stick is pregnant. How long does it take to go to the hospital for confirmation? I have to do three things?

After the pregnancy test, the urine examination of the pregnancy test shows that the two bars have indicated that they are pregnant. You should go to the hospital for detailed confirmation in recent days.Of course, you can also confirm the hormone value of HCG through some professional blood drawing.

Mother Bao passed the pregnancy test paper and the pregnancy test stick to test pregnancy. It is not necessary to go to the hospital to confirm that it is completely unnecessary. First of all, there are no professional equipment to meet the early pregnancy test standards.The pregnancy test stick used by mom is actually the same. There is no need to spend more money at all. Secondly, Baoma wants to test HCG’s hormone to confirm, and it also hurts herself, especially the anemia.It will also cause symptoms such as weakness and dizziness.

1. Accurately calculate the pregnancy cycle of Baoma; during the pregnancy period of Bao’s mother’s pregnancy, I can’t accurately know how many weeks of their pregnancy cycle, some will be counted one week, some will be one week less, in the later stage, in the later stageThe normal range value of the pregnancy test is found less or more, or more, causing Baoma to be anxious, so it is necessary to go to the hospital to calculate the professional pregnancy cycle through their professional physicians.

The pregnancy cycle algorithm is calculated from the first day of the last menstrual period. It takes seven days for a week and a month around, that is, in October, and getting the solar calendar we use now.The month is 31, and some are 30.

2. Determine the pregnancy examination items according to the actual situation of Bao Ma;

There are many categories of the pregnancy tests during pregnancy. Each Baoma is about the same as the pregnancy test, but some Baoma needs to do the difference between the pregnancy examination and individual differences. This is the Bao.Mother’s physical fitness is related to professional habits and lifestyle.

Do a regular pregnancy test according to your own situation, so as to do it in your heart. Do the inspection at the prescribed time. Do not wait until you miss it. The baby will have institutional malformations or other newborn cases.Essence

Generally, Baoma needs to determine the fetal heart buds from six to eight weeks. If there is a bad physical condition before eight weeks, you need to check the various situations of HCG, progesterone and ectopic pregnancy.It is necessary to carry out Don screening, NT, etc.

3. Perform archives in the hospital, apply for quasi -students, and receive free folic acid tablets;

Baoma needs to build files at the obstetrics and gynecology hospital that she is more trustworthy, so that the computer will uniform data. When childbirth, you can adopt a reasonable and effective method of childbirth and postpartum care according to the data of pregnancy.

Baoma also needs to go to the Family Planning Office to apply for a mandatory student certificate. Only during pregnancy can it be processed. The proved that the quasi -student certificate is valid for one year.At this time, there will be a certificate of birth, the lack of the material for the birth permit and the birth certificate for the birth of the baby.

Receive folic acid tablets for free.Folic acid tablets are drugs that prevent the fetus from brain deformity during development and have no impact on the mother of pregnancy. The drug needs to be taken in the first three months of the late pregnancy.The latter Baoma needed to buy it by herself.

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