The phenomenon of "fetal stopping" is not uncommon. Avoid these factors is the key

The TV series "Thirty" set off a wave of ratings. One of the plots Zhong Xiaoqin suffered a clear thunderbolt -the fetal stopping, which brought her huge physical and mental harm.So, let’s talk about what is "fetal stopping".

The stopping of fetal stopping is actually a commonly used vocabulary for ultrasound doctors. The clinical term is "稽 abortion". It refers to the phenomenon of embryonic development to a certain degree and stop continuing development. It is a stage before natural abortion, mostly within 12 weeks.

Standards for fetal stopping and diagnosis:

(1) Ultrasonic examination of the head and hip length ≥7mm, no fetal heart beating.

(2) The average diameter of the intrauterine pregnancy sac is ≥25mm, and no embryos are seen.

(3) No yolk sacs were seen in the uterine cavity, and no embryo and fetal heart beating were still seen in 2 weeks.

(4) The yolk cylinder in the uterine cavity can be seen in the uterine cavity, and no fetal heart beating is still seen after 11 days.

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Who is easy to stop childbirth?

The etiology of fetal discontinuation is complicated. Most of them are related to embryo factors, infection factors, immune factors, systemic diseases, endocrine factors, anatomical factors, environmental factors, etc. Some causes are unknown.details as follows:

1. embryo factors

Embryo chromosomal abnormalities are the main factor that causes embryo.Including: 21 trilateral, 13 trilateral, 18 triple body.

2. Maternal factors (infection)

Infection accounts for 15%to 30%of embryonic bred, and common pathogens are TORCH infection.Torch refers to a set of pathogenic bacteria that include bowworms, rubella virus, giant cytoplasm virus, herpes zosteriopathy, and other microorganisms. These pathogenic bacteria infection embryos cause embryo to stop.

3. Immune factors

It mainly includes the maternal autoimmune state, blood type (Rh negative), etc.

4. Systemic disease

If you do not control diabetes, chronic hypertension, and chronic nephritis, you can cause abnormal embryonic development.

5. Genital developmental malformations and lesions

Uterine development is abnormal or malformed, and the uterine cavity adhesion can affect embryonic development and cause embryonic stopping.

6. Endocrine abnormality

Common endocrine abnormalities: luteal dysfunction, abnormal methylgia, polycystic ovary syndrome, and hyperculfinemia.

7. Poor living habits

Drinking, smoking, drug use, coffee, passive smoking, etc. can affect the early development of the embryo.

8. Father factors

Men’s sperm quality decreases and sperm apoptosis is increased.

9. Environmental factors

X -ray, air pollution, and heavy metal, organic solvents, chemicals, and room decoration pollution.

10. Other factors

Mother is older, multi -pregnancy, and previous history of obstetrics.

What should I do after fetal stopping?

Is it like Zhong Xiaoqin, like Zhong Xiaoqin, need surgery?the answer is negative.

Method 1: Looking forward to treatment

Early pregnancy retention of abortion. Once the diagnosis is confirmed, the patient can be treated, and the patient can wait for the pregnancy to discharge naturally.The expectation time is 7 to 14 days, and the ultrasonic examination is performed once a week.Observation for more than 14 days of pregnancy is not discharged, you need to choose other treatment methods.Looking forward to the success rate of treatment nearly 80%.

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Method 2: Drug treatment

Drug treatment uses drug simulation of natural abortion, which can avoid surgical trauma.The time required for drug treatment from several hours to a few days, you need to go to the hospital multiple times to re -consult. The scope of application:

(1) Difficulty in surgical treatment: such as uterine malformations

(2) Those who are unwilling to choose surgical abortion.

How to use drugs

Single prostaglandin analogs:

Meso front alcohol (under tongue serving): 600 μg or 400 μg; primary methyl ester (vaginal medication): 1mg.

If no pregnancy is discharged, it can be repeatedly used for 3h (oral) ~ 6H (vaginal medication) once.Methods: The tongue contains 400 μg of 400 μg of macolytol or 1 mg of vaginal medicine for the front metropodethyl polycestin.

Plus Mi Feitone:

Oral meltan 200 mg, began to use prostaglandin analogs after 24 to 48h, and see it.

Method 3: Surgical treatment

Surgical methods include negative pressure attraction (within 10 weeks of pregnancy) and tong scraping (10 to 12 weeks of pregnancy).

Indications for surgical treatment:

(1) There is a taboo test for drugs.

(2) Those who need to end pregnancy as soon as possible.


How to prevent fetal stopping

1. In the best childbirth pregnancy;

2. Cultivate good living habits, insist on exercising, not smoking, not drinking;

3. Do a good job of contraception to avoid various abortion; avoid genital infection;

4. Chronic diseases are actively controlled before pregnancy;

5. Do a good pre -pregnancy examination and maternity consultation, and regular production inspection after pregnancy;

6. Avoid contact with harmful and toxic substances during pregnancy.

The fetal stopping will cause huge harm to the body and mind of women. I hope that all expectant mothers can cherish themselves, live a positive and healthy life, and bred a smart and healthy baby.

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