The people’s perspective • The quasi -newcomer who must receive a certificate on the front line pay attention. The doctor calls you, don’t forget the marriage check!

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"Please pay attention to the city’s women and children’s public account. Click multi -function to enter the wedding inspection appointment." On February 14, the prospective newcomer of the marriage registration office of the Harbor District was endless.Chen Yue was busy to guide the registration process for the registered people.

In September 2022, the free check -in project in Harbor District was transferred to the Municipal Maternal and Child Health Hospital. Chen Yue "stationed" at the Marriage Registration Office of the Harbor District, and guided and guided the newcomers to receive the certificate.For more than 5 months, 223 people have registered on the marriage checkup system and 156 people have conducted a marriage inspection.

In the clinic of the marriage examination, the doctor patiently explained the marriage inspection items for the young people who came to the marriage inspection.Reporter Zhao Linan Photo

It is understood that the average number of certificates in Harbor District has been six or seven thousand in the past two years. Compared with this number, it is obvious that the marriage inspection rate is not high.Gu Weidong, director of the Maternal and Child Health Family Planning and Family Planning and Family Planning and Family Planning and Family Planning Service Center of the Harbor District, said that as early as the implementation of the "mandatory marriage inspection", the marriage inspection rate in the Harbor District was more than 80%, and the current decrease of 10%to 20%, or even lower.

The reporter learned in a subsequent visit that many young people did not have to have a marriage check.Is it necessary for a marriage check?

In the marriage registration department of the Harbor area, Chen Yue, a small housekeeper of the marriage inspection, answered the marriage inspection question for a pair of quasi -newcomers.(The picture is provided by the Municipal Maternal and Child Health Hospital)

Bai Liwei, Minister of the Department of Preparation of Maternal and Child Health Hospital of the Municipal Maternal and Child Health Hospital, told reporters such an example. After the municipal maternal and child health hospital just took over the marriage checkup task, under the "persuasion" of Chen Yue, the quasi -newcomer Xiao Wu came to the pre -marital health clinic.The results of the inspection made Xiao Wu very frustrated, and she suffered from "severe uterine hypertrophy."

"This disease is not treated, which will affect pregnancy." Bai Liwei said.Xiao Wu undergone the treatment of hysteroscopy under the advice of the doctor, and recovered well after surgery.Not long ago, Xiao Wu was pregnant. She told the doctor who had the good news about the doctor of the marriage inspection and health clinic, and expressed her gratitude.

Bai Liwei said that before marriage, the purpose of screening was to screen the abnormal diseases, genetic diseases, and severe infectious diseases of the reproductive system of both husband and wife.If one of them concealed the facts of such diseases or did not have a marriage inspection, they found that after marriage, they may find that the birth defects of newborns, the health rights of the spouse, and the dilemma of the right to know.

Bai Liwei and Guo Weidong also reminded that on every day of "love", it is also a day when the quasi -new people get a certificate of getting a certificate. The quasi -new people don’t forget to have a marriage check. This is a free benefit for the country to give young people.Responsibilities should be assumed.

Reporter: Zhao Linan

Correspondent: Chen Manli

Coordinating: Tian Zheyi Jianghong

Review: Lu Jiming Liu Ye

Edit: Li Zhicai

Responsible editor: Liu Fuqing

Supervision: Wang Yan

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