The patient said that there is no sexual life, and the doctor also requires a pregnancy examination. The hospital: These examinations must be done

(Health Times reporter Hao Qianyu) "I want to complain about the southern hospital of a hospital in Shanghai Jiaotong University Medical College of Medical College to open an inspection that has nothing to do with her condition, and is suspected of over -examination." On November 23, Zhang Min (a pseudonym) publicly posted on the Internet.Zhang Min introduced that because of stomach pain hanging the hospital’s emergency department, when the doctor asked about the history of the past, some of them asked if they were pregnant, and Zhang Min informed the doctor that he had not had it.Later, Zhang Min said that "the doctor did a bunch of inspections that were not related to stomach disease, one of which was HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) for pregnancy tests."

"After that, the doctor and I repeatedly confirmed why I did not have a sex life but gave me this kind of examination. The doctor told me that this was a routine examination and had to be checked." Zhang Min said, why do I need to do this extraordinary life without sexual life?examine?

Regarding the above issues, on the morning of November 24th, a reporter from Health Times called the Emergency Department of the South Hospital of Shanghai Jiaotong University Medical College to understand the situation."Sometimes there are patients who deliberately concealed the medical history, so for every child of childbearing age, you will check HCG, especially women with symptoms of stomach pain.The staff of the subject told the Health Times reporter that this was to protect patients and help hospitals and doctors to avoid unnecessary risks.

"For female patients with acute abdomen, doing HCG examination is both a routine diagnosis and treatment, but also a insurance for patients and patients." For this matter, Ling Chuxian, an anesthesiologist of Xiehe Hospital Affiliated Hospital of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, said that the medical history is diagnosis of disease diagnosis diseaseOne of the extremely important basis is that if the patient intends to conceal the medical history, follow the misdiagnosis of misunderstandings, and may cause accidents such as medical disputes.

"Clinically, especially patients who often conceal them in the emergency room, in order to avoid a small number of people drilling the empty and more comprehensive understanding of the patient’s physical condition, women will definitely check HCG in the abdomen.Stomach content, wait for the coagulation function checklist before epidural anesthesia. Surgical patients must have "ethyli Ai Mei" (HIV, syphilis virus, hepatitis B virus, hepatitis C virus) can promote the operating room.Can’t deceive people. "Ling Chuxian told the Health Times reporter.

According to Ling Chuxian’s memories, several things that impressed him when he had previously treated emergency patients.After the patient deliberately concealed the illness and history, he would bring great unpredictable and unpredictable risks to subsequent medical treatment.For example, some women resolutely deny that they have "sexual life", and gently put gynecological problems without opening HCG. Finally, after the rescue of ectopic pregnancy rupture and bleeding shock, the furious family is accused of "grass".Other children parents vowed to "have never eaten things before surgery", which caused anti -flow in the operation during the operation.There are also some epidural anesthesia patients who have guaranteed "never taken medicine" before surgery.

Because patients do not inform before surgery, doctors and patients often occur.According to the China Magistrate Book Network, patients at a hospital in Shandong in 2015 were diagnosed with "velvet cancer" by the hospital and needed to remove uterine treatment.However, postoperative pathological shows were found that the hospital was wrong. The patient was ill because of "placenta implantation, horny pregnancy".Subsequently, the patient brought the hospital to the court. The hospital stated that this happened because the patient concealed the history of sexual life during the consultation process, so "eliminating the possibility of pregnancy and causing misdiagnosis." In the end, the court judged that the hospital was responsible for all responsibilities.In this case, the reporter noticed that there was no record of the patient’s information provided by the hospital "denying the history of sexual life", and the patient himself did not admit that he had denied it.In addition, the doctor did not pass HCG and other auxiliary examinations to eliminate the possibility of pregnancy, which directly caused errors in the diagnosis and treatment process.Therefore, even though the hospital had not served the judgment after the first trial, the court still maintained the original judgment in the second instance.

In order to prevent patients from concealing or negligence from personal memory, or some ladies who are pregnant, they do not know. For female patients with acute abdomen, doing HCG examination is also a routine examination. Protecting patients is also helping hospitals and doctors to avoid unnecessary risks.

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