The past and present of Chinese medicine Angelica, understand history, and make good use of traditional Chinese medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine has been accompanied by the development of Chinese civilization, and there are thousands of years of history. Many of them have magical effects, and their names are also strange. So today, let’s talk about Chinese medicine commonly used by Chinese medicine —– Angelica AngelicaEssence

Angelica replenish blood and promoting blood, which is the most commonly used drug in traditional Chinese medicine

Angelica is a commonly used traditional Chinese medicine in Chinese medicine. It is also a good nourishing Chinese medicine. It has the effects of nourishing blood and promoting blood circulation, regulating menstruation and relieving pain, and laxative intestines.

Angelica medicine has a long history. As early as "God’s Materia Medica", it was listed as a supplementary and attacking Chinese medicine.The primary effect of Angelica is to nourish blood.Dizziness, dazzling, panic, fatigue, blood color, and weak pulse are used to use angelica.

Speaking of angelica, there is a wonderful legend here, so how does Angelica come from? Let’s introduce the origin of Angelica.

Angelica expresses his wife’s thoughts on husband, hoping to forget the mood of going home as soon as possible

The meaning of "Sfv", that is, the wife who misses the husband who is far away from his hometown, hopes that he can come back in time.There is a riddle in the folk: "At the end of May, at the beginning of June, the beautiful lady bought a paper -oriented window. The husband went out for three years and sent a letter to the word."Among them, the "husband went out for three years" was said, and the angelica was said. When the husband went out for three years, he should return quickly to express his wife’s thoughts on her husband.

There was a poem in the Tang Dynasty saying: "There are no kinds of flax, and there is no kind of bells, and they do not return when they are backward."In the Ming Dynasty Li Shizhen’s "Compendium of Materia Medica", it also recorded: "Angelica bloodmarking blood, for women for medicine, the meaning of thinking, so it has the name of Angelica." This is an interesting and exact explanation of Angelica Angelica.Because of the ancient customs of our country, marrying a wife was to have children to have children, and they were passed on to generation.However, some women are unable to have menstruation, qi and blood, and cannot have children. After taking Angelica after taking the medical treatment, the blood is blood -re -adjusting and the nutrition is proper.At this time, the husband happened to return to reunion, and he was hopeful.

In Li Shizhen’s "Compendium of Materia Medica": "Angelica bleeding, for women for medicine, the meaning of thinking, so the name of Angelica

In fact, the origin of Angelica names also has a beautiful legend.According to legend, a long time ago, the Weishui source at the foot of Laoshan.Live in a loving couple. The male is called Jingfu and the woman calls Qin Niang.The couple live a livelihood.Soon, Qin Niang was pregnant and had children. She had postpartum blood disease. Jingfu asked for medical treatment everywhere.A old Taoist came at the door of the day, claiming that he lived under Mount Emei, and he planted planting hundreds of grass and hundreds of medicines.Treatment of human diseases, such as Jingfu’s wish to seek medicine, Qin Niang’s illness can be cured.Mrs. Jing heard that she could cure Qin Niang’s disease, even if she had to go.He comforted Qin Niang and went to the old way.After thousands of miles, I finally arrived at Mount Emei.The old Taoist brought Jingfu to a Maoist, pointing to a plant with a purple -pole green leaf driving onion and white umbrella -shaped inflorescence, "This is the medicine you are looking for.In three years, seeds are harvested this year, and seedlings will be planted next year. It can only be planted in the next year. It must also be fertilized and weed, and carefully care for it.

Jingfu’s hard work according to the guidance of the old way.Three years have passed, and the medicine planted has gained it. He was very happy and was ready to return to his hometown to treat Qin Niang.At the time of leaving, say goodbye to the old way.The old Taoist tied the medicines to the planting to Jingfu and said: At present, Qin Niang is seriously ill and is looking forward to your return, Angelica, Angelica!The name of Angelica comes from here.The old Taoist said that he had a prescription and gave it to Jingfu.Jingfu worshiped Master Master, hurried on the night, and returned home half a month later. Sure enough, Qin Niang was seriously ill and was in danger.He should be prepared as the medicine he is about to bring, and he was used to take Qin Niang, and his condition improved.It soon healed.The husband and wife were grateful, so they planted the old Taoist’s medicine seeds in accordance with the law. After three years, they were planted into angelica.

China Angelica A world, Angelica A, Angelica A.TCM medicine pays attention to the medicinal medicinal materials, so the prescription often writes "岷 归";

Angelica edible tips

1. Bloody blood circulation, Angelica is mainly added to porridge in the form of auxiliary therapy. In the soup, frequent food can be used for blood and blood circulation.

2. Blood activating, angelica is generally used. If you want to strengthen blood circulation, you can use alphabetics to be used as an angelica. Use wine to stir -fry at that time.

3. Blood deficiency, commonly appear to be yellow -loving, lip -tos, and look pale, dizzy, palpitations, and limb numbness. They can be compatible with cooked ground, white peony, and Chuanxiong to form four -qi soup, which can nourish blood, qi, and promoting blood circulation.

4. Irregular menstruation, which is a stagnation of liver stagnation. The menstrual period is uncertain. It can be used as Bai Zhi, Cooked Dihuang, Astragalus, Codonopsis, Poria, Chuanxiong, and Manzhuli.Irregular menstruation and abdominal pain, the effect is obvious.

5, blood deficiency, constipation, for those who are weak, postpartum, and long -term led blood deficiency and intestinal dryness, can be compatible with hemp kernels, coriander shells, raw land and other.

It is made from Angelica, Chuanxiong, Baiji, and Clear Dihuang Four Materials as the main raw materials. It is a classic prescription for traditional Chinese medicine and nourishing blood.

After the tea, the medicine is old, reliable!

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