The ovulation test has not been strong. When will ovulation?

Patient: Doctor, help me take a look at my ovulation test paper.

Doctor: Hello!The ovulation test strip is to predict the process of women’s ovulation by determining the value of LH (luteal formation) in women’s urine.

Generally, the ovulation test strip is transferred from weak yang to Qiangyang. It indicates that the eggs are about to be discharged, and from Qiangyang to weak yang, it means that the egg has been discharged. On the day of Qiangyang, it is ovulation day.

Patient: What do you mean?Am I ovulation?

Doctor: The closer to the ovulation, the higher the LH peak value. The red in the test group on the test strip, the closer to the color of the control group.Judging from your test strip results, from 6.9, to 6.12, the color of the test strip is getting red, and it means that the eggs are getting closer and out of discharge. Starting from 6.13, the color gradually fades.It means that the eggs have been excreted.That is to say, you have ovulated, and the eggs are in 6.12.

Patient: Can I get pregnant?

Doctor: Hello, pregnancy is a chance incident, but in the same room during ovulation, the chance of pregnancy can be increased.Your eggs are arranged on the 12th, and on the nearby 2 to 3 days, that is, No. 11, No. 12, No. 13, the same room, there is a big chance of pregnancy.

Patients: There is no more part of the picture. After the 15th, it is slowly not red, but it is red again on the 24th. What is going on?

Doctor: Hello, there is no color from the 15th, and there is color to the 24th, which shows that you are entering the next cycle. This is normal.

Affected: Next cycle?What’s the meaning?

Doctor: Women usually have an egg excretion on one month, gradually develop from the eggs, to the end of the eggs, and the value of LH (luteal formation) in the body gradually increases.The eggs of the eggs next month are obvious, and the level of hormones will gradually rise, so it will be repeated.

It is manifested in the test strip, that is, the red is just shallower, and then slowly becomes deeper. After the deepest, it will slowly lighten or even see the red, and finally turn red slowly.This is a continuous dynamic process that shows egg development -discharge -re -development.

Patient: Why didn’t my aunt come yet?

Doctor: Hello, when is your most recent menstruation?How often do you usually have menstruation?Is it regular?

The normal menstrual cycle of women is 28-31 days, and 3 to 7 days in advance or delay are still normal.Pay attention to diet and schedule, and do not stress too much. Under normal circumstances, menstruation will come on time.

Patient: I have forgotten 5.5, 6.5, 7.3, and August.

Doctor: According to the situation in the past three months, your menstruation is still relatively regular. Based on this, your next menstruation will come around September 1st.It is normal to delay 3 to 5 days.

Usually, you should pay attention to eating too much spicy and exciting food. Do n’t stay up late. You need to make a regular life and rest. Learn to adjust your mood. Do n’t put yourself too much pressure and relax herself. Aunt will naturally visit on time.

Patient: Okay, thank you doctor!

Doctor: Don’t thank you, I wish you a good pregnancy as soon as possible!

Ovulation test paper small science


Only a red strip or detection line appears in the control line area shallowly on the control line.A red strip appears, that is, the contrasting line is color, and the detection line does not show color, indicating no ovulation;

Two red strips appear, and the detection line ratio is obviously light -colored, indicating that there is no peak value in the LH in the urine, and it must be tested daily.

Positive result

Two colored strips and detection lines are equal to or deeper than the control line.It shows that the peak of LH has appeared, indicating that ovulation will be ovulated within 24-48 hours.

Invalid result

When there is no color band in the control line area, the test fails or the reagent failure.In this case, you should read the instructions carefully and re -test with the new reagent bar.

If the problem still exists, you should immediately stop using the batch product and contact the local dealer and/or manufacturer.

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