The old lady’s abdomen is increasingly bulging, and the old man suspects that he is pregnant with others, and he is dragging to the hospital for examination.

[Fan Lai Lai] Recently, there is a thing circulating in the village, which has caused my endless imagination and speculation.This story is about the old Zhao head and his wife in our village.

Zhao He was in his 70s this year, and his wife Liu was two years younger than him.Liu’s abdomen became significantly larger during this time, as if she was pregnant.But the couple have long been old, and the scene naturally caused the villagers’ laughter and theft.

"Old man, look at the belly of your wife, do you seem to have it?" Some villagers said to Zhao Tou half -jokingly.

Zhao Tou naturally heard the discussion of the villagers. His face showed his doubt and worry, and his endless doubts and concerns were always entangled in him, making it difficult for him to fall asleep.However, Zhao He still chose to believe his wife, and he always comforted himself that it was just a rumor.However, as Liu’s abdomen gradually thickened, Zhao He’s heart began to hesitate.

One day, I saw that Zhao Tou took my wife into the hospital. They walked into the examination room, and my heart tightened for them.After a series of examinations, the doctor’s face became more and more serious.He said softly to them: "Liu, your condition is not pregnant, but because of heart failure caused by heart failure."

Hearing this result, Zhao Tou seemed to be stunned. He looked at the doctor, and his eyes were full of doubts and concerns."Heart failure, she has no big problem, why …"

Heart failure is a common heart disease, which affects the quality of life of thousands of people.Edema is a common symptom of heart failure. It is caused by the decline of heart pumping blood ability to stay in the tissue.When the heart cannot effectively pump blood, the pressure increases, causing the liquid to seep from the vascular exudation to the surrounding tissue, causing edema.If measures are taken in time, you can effectively manage and reduce edema symptoms.

For patients with heart failure, controlling weight is very important.Edema causes weight gain, so monitoring weight changes can help judge the degree of edema.Patients should measure weight regularly and share data with doctors in order to adjust the treatment plan in time.In addition, controlling diet is also the key to reducing edema.Restricting sodium (salt) intake can reduce body fluid retention.It is recommended to follow the guidance of doctors or nutritionists and formulate a low -salt diet plan.

1. Announced asymptomatic period in the early stages of heart failure

Early heart failure is usually asymptomatic. This is a golden period for prevention and intervention.At this stage, heart function may have changed, but patients have no obvious symptoms.However, some risk and abnormal indicators that can be recognized can indicate the risk of heart failure.Hypertension, coronary heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and family history are all considered risk factor in the early stages of heart failure.The changes in cardiac structure and function such as myocardial hypertrophy, left ventricular expansion, or decreased left ventricular contraction function can also be observed.In the asymptomatic period in the early stages of heart failure, regular health assessment and heart examination of high -risk patients are essential.

2. There is a symptom period in the early stages of heart failure

The symptom period in the early stages of heart failure refers to the diagnostic standards that have some mild symptoms, but have not yet reached the diagnostic standards of heart failure.These symptoms may include mild dyspnea, fatigue, palpitations or edema.At this stage, patients may feel uncomfortable and seek medical advice.However, due to the relatively mild or non -specific symptoms, patients and doctors may often easily ignore these early signals.Therefore, for patients with symptoms, early diagnosis and intervention are particularly important.

Third, the structure and function abnormal period of the early heart failure

The structure and function abnormalities of the early heart failure are a further stage of the early heart failure. At this time, the patient’s heart structure and function have changed significantly.Multi -myocardial hypertrophy, heart expansion, and decreased left ventricular contraction function have become more obvious.In addition, the cardiac compensation mechanism may begin to fail, and the patient’s symptoms have become more obvious and sustainable.At this stage, clinicians can evaluate the abnormality of the heart structure and function through check methods such as electro -electrocardiogram and heart ultrasound, thereby determining the progress of the early stages of heart failure.

Fourth, understand heart failure and edema

Its characteristics are that the heart cannot pump blood with sufficient power, causing the body tissue and organs to be unable to get enough blood supply.After the blood function of the heart pump decreases, the liquid in the body began to accumulate between the tissue, especially in the lower limbs, abdomen and lungs.This liquid accumulation causes the emergence of edema symptoms.

Edema refers to the accumulation of excess liquid in the body at all parts of the body, forming obvious swelling and swelling.In patients with heart failure, due to the weakened heart pump blood function, the blood circulation is blocked, and the blood flow is limited, the pressure increases.This can penetrate the liquid into the tissue gap and cause edema.

5. Symptoms and causes of edema

1. Symptoms of edema: The edema caused by heart failure usually appears in the lower limbs, abdomen, hands and eyelids.Patients may feel swelling, heavy, and discomfort.In severe cases, edema may affect the chest and cause dyspnea.

2. Reason interpretation: There are two main causes of edema caused by heart failure.First of all, the blood capacity of the heart pump decreases, the blood circulation is not smooth, and the venous pressure rises, causing the liquid to exudes into the surrounding tissue.Secondly, heart failure will cause damage to the kidney function, affect the normal excretion of urine, and further promote the formation of edema.

6. Treatment of edema caused by heart failure

1. Drug treatment: Doctors may recommend the use of diuretics to help reduce the accumulation of liquid in the body.These drugs can promote the discharge of urine and reduce edema.

2. Control liquid intake: Patients should follow the doctor’s advice to limit the amount of liquid intake to reduce the formation of edema.

3. Raise your foot: When you sleep or rest, you can raise your foot to help reduce the edema of the lower limbs.

4. Diet management: Reduce too much salt intake, because salt will cause liquid in the body to stay and increase the degree of edema.At the same time, increasing protein intake can help maintain normal plasma colloidal permeability.

5. Regular monitoring: Regularly monitor the weight and edema, and adjust the treatment plan in a timely manner.

We can take a series of measures to deal with it.The important thing is to seek medical treatment as soon as possible, follow the doctor’s advice for treatment, pay attention to diet adjustment and moderate exercise, and pay attention to small details in daily life.Through these efforts, we can reduce the symptoms of edema, improve the quality of life, and manage the condition of good heart failure.We can provide patients with better management and treatment to improve their quality of life and reduce the risk of heart failure.

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