The nurse who was pregnant for 6 months was pierced by the needle when blood drawing blood, and the patient was a HIV infection. What should I do if the medical staff infected?

Author: Yan Guojin, Disease Prevention and Control Center, Dongtai City, Jiangsu Province

Medical institutions are a highly mixed environment for patients with infectious and non -infectious diseases. Medical staff not paying attention to it is risk of being infected, which has become an attractive professional issue in the medical field.

Recently, I heard that when a nurses who were pregnant for more than 6 months in a certain place in a certain place were more than 6 months of pregnancy, they accidentally pierced their arms when they pulled blood to the patient.With conscience, the patient quietly told the nurse that he was an HIV infection.Although remedial measures were taken in time, no one could guarantee that there was no problem, and the nurse could not be infected. Besides, the psychological trauma caused by the incident did not know when it would be smooth.

In addition, the work of Chinese medicine care staff directly or indirectly contacted the blood, body fluids, secretions, excrement, etc. of various pathogenic microorganisms, and often exposed to high concentration of virus gas solids in a relatively closed environment. This is also a career infection.The main risk factor.

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Although relevant laws and regulations stipulate the strengthening of the protection and rewards of medical staff, these provisions have failed to form an effective connection with the social insurance law, work injury insurance regulations, and occupational disease prevention and control law.Therefore, the revision of the "Classification and Catalog" of Occupational Diseases should be started as soon as possible to incorporate medical staff into occupational diseases.

However, it is not enough to listed infection as a medical staff for occupational diseases, and it must be strengthened.Governments and health and health departments at all levels should increase investment in public health, attach great importance to the professional diseases of medical personnel, reduce the professional risks of medical staff with multi -tube, and strengthen their career protection.Medical and health institutions at all levels, including village clinics, must be equipped with related facilities and equipment with free delivery of occupational exposure, such as protective clothing, N95 masks, surgical masks, protective glasses, protective surface screens, disposable gloves and other protective supplies.Medical personnel provide strong occupational security guarantee to create a safe working environment for medical staff.At the same time, on the basis of annual health checkups, the corresponding vaccination for medical personnel, such as hepatitis B vaccine, influenza vaccine, emergency vaccination and corresponding high -efficiency immunoglobulin.

At the same time, every year, it is regularly conducted through various forms to conduct medical staff infection and professional exposure protection knowledge training and education, improve self -protection awareness, and enhance the self -discipline of professional exposure protection for medical staff.

Of course, in addition to listed infection as a professional disease of medical staff, the standards of work injury definition should also be refined during the diagnosis and treatment of medical staff.Especially the 120 emergency doctors and rural doctors’ work injury during the diagnosis.These doctors often do not care about the wind and rain, and the moon is dark. For the emergency needs of residents, accidents are rushing on the countryside and community roads.This has become the heart disease of the majority of emergency doctors and rural doctors, because once injury, disability, or even death, medical expenses, subsidies, etc. have not settled, and there is no door.

To this end, it is necessary to clarify that medical personnel such as emergency doctors and rural doctors are injured, disabled, and killed during the emergency consultation process of residents. What compensation should be obtained, and under what circumstances, it can be determined as a work injury. At the same timeEat a "Xinxin Wan" to avoid their worries.

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