The netizens shared these: How do you know your experience of pregnancy, you dare not act like this

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A few days ago, while chatting with friends, she shared a very interesting thing with us: last week, I couldn’t sleep well last week, and I had a dream for several days. I also dreamed that I was pregnant.It’s right.I had been pregnant with my husband for a long time, but I haven’t succeeded.As a result, this dream couldn’t make me trouble.I was in a bad mood, so I called my mother, saying that I have been dreaming about myself recently.My mother knew that I was in a bad mood, so I said, "Maybe I really want to be pregnant."Although I didn’t believe it very much, I was doubtful that I was doubtful, and the result was really pregnant.Now that the family is happy, they say that the child is actively rewarding the good luck.

In fact, many Baoma did not know when she was pregnant.It may be because some pregnancy reactions, or some other situations, causing them to accidentally learn about pregnancy.I don’t know how you all found that you are pregnant?Today, helping moms share the experience of some netizen Baoma. It is too incredible, and I feel that the TV series dare not act like this!

1. Relatives dream of getting pregnant

When she was young, she couldn’t be pregnant when she was young.It was not until the age of 40 that after many years of treatment, there was movement.At that time, my mother remembered that one morning, my mother had to take Xiaomi to my five aunt’s house, saying that she dreamed of dreaming that the five aunt’s house had a little boy.I felt incredible at the time, thinking that it was the superstition in the countryside again.

When I went to my aunt’s house, my aunt didn’t feel much.Because there have been no children for so many years, my aunt’s mood has not been very good.But when my mother went to my aunt’s house, her aunt’s belly had moved. After the examination, she said that she was pregnant for two months.Although she found that the process of pregnancy was incredible, her aunt could have a healthy son, and the whole family was happy for her.

2. Suddenly I want to eat something.

Most women pay more attention to managing figures, so they generally do not indulge in eating too much.In the previous submission of netizens, helping my mother saw a case that found her pregnancy because she could eat.One day, after eating breakfast, Ms. Chen was madly wanted to drink sour plum soup after a while.

We all know that the sour plum soup is more common in summer. Drinking sour plum soup in winter can only be bottled or canned beverages.However, Ms. Chen felt uncomfortable, so she went to the supermarket to buy a bag of powder for sour plum soup and prepared a thick cup, which eased her addiction.At that time, Ms. Chen’s husband also ridiculed Ms. Chen, "Are you a sour girl, hahaha", the two of them suddenly wanted to take the gestational test paper in the bathroom.Unexpectedly, the test results turned out to be really pregnant.

3. Discovered by my own dog

We all know that animals are sometimes more sensitive than humans.But in pregnancy, animals are a very strange thing than people first discover.There is a dog in the Xixi family. The dogs and husbands are very close, and they are very close, and they like to rush to their owners.But one day, Xixi found that his dog was not very close to himself.I thought it was hurting the dog, but the dog always squatted beside Xixi silently.Sai Xi’s husband joked, "Are you pregnant, even dogs are so spoiled to you."This reminder, the couple began to test, but did not expect that there was good news.

The story comes from life, but there is no wonders in the world. There will always be many people’s experience that surprises me.In fact, how to find pregnancy is just a dose of life.More importantly, I found that I was pregnant in time, and the children were still healthy. What do the mothers think?

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