The National Day of the National Prevention and Treatment of Iodine Deficiency 丨 Severe iodine deficiency during pregnancy will occur, premature birth and congenital malformations

Iodine is a trace nutrients necessary for human metabolism and growth and development. Adults deficiency in adults can cause insufficient secretion of thyroid hormone, severe iodine deficiency during pregnancy, abortion and premature birth, which will also have a great impact on children’s intelligence.May 15 this year is the 30th "iodine deficiency day" in the country. Let’s understand the importance of iodine and how to consume iodine scientifically.

How big is iodine deficiency?

"Common local goiter and clonia disease. Local thyroid mose is commonly known as large neck disease." He Yuan, a nutritionist at Beijing Century Hospital, said that when adult iodine deficiency, thyroxine synthesis, insufficient secretion, pituitary gland promotes thyroid glandHormone’s compensation secretion increases, stimulate the hyperplasia of the thyroid gland, hypertrophy, thyroid enlargement, and the symptoms of throat swelling, thickening neck, strange throat, fatigue, menstrual disorders and other symptoms.

Special people, such as maternal mothers and infants and children, are more harmful.He Yuan pointed out that severe iodine deficiency during pregnancy will occur, and there will be abortion, premature birth, death, and congenital malformations."The fetal period and infantile period (0-3 years old) are the critical period of children’s brain development. Severe iodine deficiency during pregnancy or breastfeeding will affect children’s growth and development, damage children’s brain nerve development.Low learning ability, adult physical strength and labor ability decline. "Qiao Yu, an endocrinologist at the Oriental Hospital of Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, pointed out that severe iodine deficiency can also lead to local Katin disease, and patients are dumb and short, deaf and mute, and paralysis.

How to avoid iodine deficiency?

The World Health Organization recommends that the daily intake of different people’s daily iodine is: 0-5 years old children take 90 micrograms of iodine per day; children 6-12 years old take 120 micrograms per day; people over 12 years old consume 150 micrograms per day;Test 250 micrograms per day during pregnancy and lactation.

Qiao Yu introduced that the main sources of iodine iodine in my country are iodized salt, food and drinking water.The amount of iodine intake from food every day from food is about 25 micrograms to 50 micrograms. According to the standard of my country’s "Edible Salt and Iodine content", the level of salt strengthening iodine is 25 mg/kg. According to the 20%calculation recommended by the World Health Organization and other institutions, 100 micrograms of iodine can be consumed from iodine salt every day, and the iodine intake in drinking water and food can achieve the recommended intake of iodine in the general population.

Seaweed foods, dairy products, eggs, shrimp, cod and other foods are rich in iodine.He Yuan, a nutritionist at Beijing Century Hospital, said that seaweed foods (kelp, dressing vegetables and laver) are natural iodine sources; milk, yogurt, cheese and other dairy products are also an important channel for people to obtain iodine in their daily lives; eggs, especiallyIt is egg yolk and the iodine content is high. Generally speaking, an egg contains 24 micrograms of iodine, which is 16%of the daily recommended intake.Pregnant women, lactating women’s iodine nutrition demand is greater than ordinary adults. Special groups such as pregnant women and breastfeeding women can choose the appropriate iodine -containing nutrient supplement under the guidance of professional doctors.

Although the human body has a certain self -regulation function, a small amount of excess iodine can be excreted, and long -term excessive iodine will cause abnormal secretion of thyroid hormone, causing the risk of thyroid -related diseases.

"The iodine supplement should vary from person to person and supplement it in an appropriate amount." Qiao Yu reminded that high iodine areas or high iodine -shaped thyroid glandopoplasty areas, there is no need to replenish iodine to avoid causing high iodine -shaped gland;Intone supplement; people who have lived in severe iodine -deficient areas for a long time, should not be too high and too fast, otherwise the risk of iodine hyperthyroidism or other related thyroid diseases increases.

Beijing News reporter Liu Xu

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