The movement is exhausted into a dog, and my emotional strength drops too fast.

Although I got up at 4 o’clock yesterday, I got up to prepare for moving, and even after 9 o’clock in the morning, I have been sorting out after moving home, but I still have no clue until I am busy at 10 pm.As a result, the wife said that she was tired, and her arm could not be lifted. Now that her physical strength has dropped so much, it is even more shocking that the migrant workers are so powerful that they will return the lost glass.

I just started running these days, but because I was too busy, I was temporarily put aside.

Moving two years ago, I didn’t feel so tired as I feel like today.

I remember when I moved to the house in the city center, it seemed to have pulled the three cars, which did not include I usually bring a lot of things back and forth.

People are like a mouse. They usually like to collect a lot of foods such as foods.

I remember what happened to the field with relatives in the countryside to catch the mouse in the field.

If a field mouse is found, it will be dug down along the mouse’s hole, and you can get a sack or even more food.

Why do people do not like these mouse animals, they usually store all kinds of things crazy.

And these well -stored things are likely to not be used for a lifetime.

Just like the food stored in the field, germination of mildew changed in the second year, and it is not useful.

This is why the rats of the field of rappers make people feel particularly disgusted.

In fact, most of the things that have been carried during the movement are also for several years, and even for a lifetime.

But we were reluctant to throw these things.

If it is a thing, if it is not used in that year, the possibility of use in the second year is not much.

It should be said that things that are more than three years are usually not used, so you can throw it away.

But in fact, we all have different views on throwing these things directly to reduce our burden.

So when everyone moved, they chose to carry these substantial garbage back and forth.

Everyone understands the truth, but when it is actually spreading on themselves, it is another result.

Any objects in the home can cause profound memories.

As large as a bed, as small as a nail shear has its story source, and it means long.

Therefore, many people are reluctant to throw these things when they move.

So the more these garbage accumulated.

I was lazy, so I thought about the easiest way.

I found some boxes and plastic bags, etc., put things that want to move back and forth, put it directly in the box or in a plastic bag.

And marked which bookcase or which room is in.

This can save a lot of time to consider. Do these things be thrown away?

As a result, when moving, many things were reluctant to throw, and there were more and more garbage.

When I opened the box yesterday, I finally packed the boxes, there were dozens of boxes, and they finally piled up.

A fun thing happened during the movement.

On the two square tables, each with a thick glass plate, it was suddenly unable to find it after moving the home.

So his wife called and asked the led one.

Slender said that he hadn’t been on his moving car. After contacting his partner, he called and said that another car forgot to put the two pieces of glass.

The other party asked us not to worry, they could be sent back in a while.

About an hour later, another small man held two glass and really sent us back.

He also said that after the community they moved just now, after finding that the glass was gone, they retracted the relevant monitoring, found the person who took the glass, and returned the two pieces of glass.

The wife asked curiously:

"Is the cleaning cleaners who clean up the glass away?"

The little man said:

"It is not a cleaners in the community, but a resident of the community took the glass away.

We found the person by retrieved the property monitoring, and we had to return the glass."

The wife took five ice cream from the refrigerator and gave it to the small man. The other party took the ice cream and left very happy.

The wife then said to me:

"These moving workers are really amazing. They actually retrieved the lost glass through surveillance. I thought I couldn’t find it.

It really doesn’t work. From the Internet size, buy two pieces of glass online according to the original small table size. I really did not expect that they could find a way to come back."

I said:

"I’m the same as you think, thinking that the glass is not back.

It is these moving workers. They are hard -working, basically they have nothing, and they can only make some hard money by selling their own physical strength.

As the saying goes, those who are not afraid of wearing shoes are not afraid of wearing shoes. When moving workers ask those who carry the glass to ask for things, the other party generally does not provoke these people.

Because the moving workers really have nothing, they will be desperate with each other."

Wife said:

"These workers are really not easy. They came from 6 am, and then they were busy for nearly three hours. Five people only earned 860 yuan.

In addition, they also have two cars costs, as well as management fees extracted by moving companies. If they calculate, one person will not earn 100 yuan.

Even if they do it for more than 10 hours a day, a person will not earn 400 yuan.

For people like them, they are very low if they earn 400 yuan a day.

In fact, people are respecting each other so that they can be able to cooperate happily when they are convenient.

This morning we ordered a total of 14 meat burning on the platform. The two of us ate 4, and the remaining 10 were ready for moving workers.

In addition, I also prepared a can of eight treasure porridge for each of them and prepared three or four bottles of mineral water for them.

There is also our double -door refrigerator, and the moving worker broke the leg of a refrigerator.

These moving workers are very thin.

In the small room behind, the five people lift the double -door refrigerator forced. When you repair the back legs, you really can’t imagine that there are 5 people squeezed together in such a small space.

Usually the two of us look very crowded in this small space, let alone add a large refrigerator.

In the end, they put on a spare refrigerator leg, and I didn’t care about them, and settled the handling fee directly with them at the original price.

If the other party is not cheap as peace, it may not do his best if you lose the glass this time."

I said:

"In fact, after a certain degree of promotion to a certain degree, they are very open to everything.

The more you don’t care about something, the more and more wealth you get.

Because you are worthy of the right to use these things, God will give you more things for you to use.

When they raised the mahogany bookcase this time, they also fell off a small corner. I didn’t care too much about it. Anyway, things were used for people. Just repair it.

The leader said that it was not the new stubble, and I did not make a lot of disputes with the other party for the matter.

If they really let those moving workers lose money, they may not earn money for a penny in the morning, and they have to lose money, so I did not care about it.

However, when this leader was settled, one of our husbands and wives was good, and it was also his true meaning.

He said that the two of us were absolutely good and good people, and he had countless in his own heart."

Wife said:

"Actually, I really don’t have any excessive requirements for things now, but I feel less and better.

As long as the other party moves the workers, it is not intentional to break us or lose something, it is really indifferent.

But today they retrieved the glass performance, and they really shocked me. They were too powerful.

Presumably, the person who carried the two glass boards away, seeing these moving workers found the door, was also scared.

I can close my eyes and imagine the kind of scene. The person who carried us with glass was definitely scared to urinate on the spot."

Lao iron, do you feel particularly tired when you move?What kind of interesting things happened in the process of moving, can you share with us?

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