The mother and daughter had a relationship with the same man, and then the mother and daughter were pregnant.

"Please don’t kill me, I’m really not intentional!"

In 1995, Xu Peng and Wang Jiaying in Huangshan, Anhui made a bold decision to invest in factories to change their poverty.

They spent all savings to open a fire paper factory.

The days at the beginning were not smooth, the product sales were not good, so the couple divided into labor, the wife was responsible for the production of the factory, and the husband went out to find sales.

With the efforts of the husband and wife, the business is getting better every day.And they also ushered in good news, and Wang Jiaying gave birth to a daughter Xu Zhenzhen for Xu Peng.

However, Xu Peng did not feel happy about his daughter’s arrival, but became cold and often did not go home.

It turned out that Xu Peng always wanted a son in order to inherit the business of the fire paper factory in the future.And this is not the only reason for Xu Peng’s change.

After being rich, Xu Peng gradually became lazy and flower -hearted. He met various people in the process of doing business.Over time, his heart was shaken, immersed in the flower world.

Not only did he have a woman outside, he also raised a mistress and gave birth to a son.

Wang Jiaying found her husband’s derailment and was very sad.She decided to divorce, and the fire paper factory was taken over by her.

However, Xu Peng has not been affected much because he has invested in many business and has enough money to maintain his life of himself and his mistress.

After Wang Jiaying divorced, he took a large amount of raw materials to buy fire paper, bamboo hemp. Unfortunately, when his daughter was cooking for the workers, she accidentally burned the bamboo hemp in the factory.

At this time, a "noble" appeared, and Wang Jiaying met Liu Kaihe, a businessman who acquired konjac.

He told Wang Jiaying’s burning factory in the factory that was used to plant konjac. If Wang Jiaying invested in planting konjac, he could definitely recover the cost and set up a fire paper factory again.

Hearing this good news, Wang Jiaying was very excited, but she had no money to invest in planting konjac again.Liu Kaihe took the initiative to lend her 50,000 yuan, as long as the planting konjac was sold to him.

As a result, Wang Jiaying worked hard and worked hard to plant konjac. Everyone became rich together.She and Liu Kaihe have maintained close contact in business and help and take care of each other.

However, Wang Jiaying found that she had a special emotion to Liu Kaihe. After learning that he was married, she dispelled her thoughts with him because she hated the person who destroyed others’ marriage.

However, at a reception, the two talked about their marriage after drinking.Wang Jiaying learned that Liu Kaihe and his wife were just husbands and wives on the surface and were ready to divorce.

Seeing Liu Kaihe’s sincere care for her, Wang Jiaying once again fell into a admiration for him.Therefore, she decided to be with Liu Kaihe to prepare for the two to form a family after divorce.

This ending seems to be the best, but a person is very dissatisfied with this. This person is not Xu Peng, but Wang Jiaying’s daughter Zhenzhen!

Zhenzhen worshiped and likes Liu Kaihe, and she felt that her mother had a good man.However, under the impulse of treasure, everything changed.

One day, Wang Jiaying had to go back to his hometown because of the matter, and asked Zhenzhen and Liu Kaihe to come back and told him.Zhenzhen had an impulsive idea, thinking that he could have a further relationship.

That night, she secretly lay in her mother’s room. When Liu Kaihe returned home drunk, she even regarded her as Wang Jiaying. She did not resist.

The next day, Liu Kaihe woke up and found that he had made a big mistake and explained to Zhenzhen in a panic, but Zhenzhen was very happy, thinking that his relationship with Liu Kaihe was further further.

Liu Kaihe said that he just wanted to live with Wang Jiaying. He asked Zhenzhen to keep this secret and never do such a thing anymore.

However, after Liu Kaihe’s wife learned of this, she decided to divorce him.

I thought that things would calm down, but unfortunately, Wang Jiaying told Liu Kaihe after learning that he was pregnant.It was a great event. I did not expect that she unexpectedly found that her daughter Zhenzhen had a pregnancy reaction. Forced to ask, Zhenzhen said something between her and Liu Kaihe.

Under the impulse of anger, Wang Jiaying pulled Liu Kaihe to the warehouse and picked up his hoe and beat him fiercely.

Although Liu Kaihe knelt begged for mercy, Wang Jiaying only heard the sound of quibbles, and she did not forgive him.

After Zhenzhen learned of this, he felt that he was responsible for the incident and felt very sad.She blamed her impulse and drank the whole bottle of enemy dichlorvos.

When everyone noticed the situation of Zhenzhen, he immediately took her to the hospital.However, everything seems to be too late.

Faced with the loss of all loved ones, Wang Jiaying made her own decision. She went to the hospital to kill her child, and then walked into the police station.

This tragedy was distressed, and a happy family was betrayed and destroyed by mistakes.The relationship between mother and daughter also paid a heavy price.This incident allows us to think deeply, the importance of affection and responsibility.

First of all, the husband and wife Xu Peng and Wang Jiaying worked hard for the pursuit of a better life, and started a fire paper factory in a business.They devoted themselves to this career. The initial difficulties did not defeat them, and the business became better and better.However, Xu Peng’s betrayal and affair damaged the family’s integrity and happiness.He pursued material desires and affair, deviating his sense of responsibility to his wife and family.

In order to save the dilemma of the factory and the family, Wang Jiaying bravely tried new business projects and met Liu Kaihe, a "noble man".While doing business, she also fell into the admiration of Liu Kaihe.However, Zhenzhen’s worship and actions of Liu Kaihe further exacerbated the chaos and pain of the family.In the end, the family went to tragedy in the crushing and love of love.

The entire process shows the complexity and vulnerability of human nature.The marriage of Xu Peng and Wang Jiaying revealed the response to human beings for the pursuit of boys and the pressure on traditional pressure.Although Wang Jiaying bravely faced the dilemma, her over -blame and emotional out of control led to an irreparable tragedy.

This case also reflects the complexity and uncertainty of interpersonal relationships.On the surface, Liu Kaihe was a "noble", which helped and saved Wang Jiaying and her family, but in fact he was also the fuse of this tragedy.His derailment and misunderstanding of Zhenzhen led to the rupture of the family and his own blame.

In this case, the importance of family and affection is completely destroyed.The lack of misunderstanding and communication between mother and daughter has led to deeper gap and pain.This allows me to recognize the vulnerability and preciousness of family relationships. We should cherish and operate our own relationship with our loved ones.

In addition, this case also reveals the conflict of morality and values in human nature.Both Xu Peng and Liu Kaihe violate the principles of marriage morals and family responsibilities.They betrayed their wives and families for their own lust and pleasure.This morality and selfish behavior have brought guilt and misfortune to them.This also reminds us that we must keep in mind the bottom line of morality and ethics when pursuing personal interests.

In general, this case reflects the complexity and vulnerability of human nature. In the process of pursuing wealth and happiness, we may lose the most important thing.Family, family, and moral concepts are indispensable spiritual pillars in our lives.We should reflect on our values and behaviors, truly care for their loved ones, and pursue a meaningful and healthy life.


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