The most worthwhile experience skills for pregnancy calendar

The following common sense, I hope I have told me before pregnancy.So now I try my best to popularize the couple who is not pregnant.

Be sure to pay attention!

Be sure to pay attention!

Although it is common sense, I find that regardless of men and women, I lack a basic understanding of the basic knowledge of the basin and abdominal rectus muscles before pregnancy.In addition, most stars are now advocating the deeds of "giving birth to children immediately to restore their body and work", resulting in even many women think that having children is very simple, and men can understand how the cost of having a child is the cost of having a child.Great.

When I am pregnant or inaccurate, I hope that the choice of young couples is based on the cost and consequences of this matter.

Giving a child will cause many irreversible harm to women’s bodies.Two very basic examples are the basin and rectus muscles of the basin.

【Potting bottom muscle】

Women who are pregnant will have pelvic foundation relaxation both in both the birth and caesarean section.That is, the net that holds the entire lower body of the woman has changed.

The consequences of the uterus are drooping, the vagina or anus swells, leaks, leaks, and blows, constipation … Not only is it very painful, but even feels the dignity as a woman.

Imagine the girl’s body, who was very beautiful, and the muscles of the lower body are not even perceived. Severe women even dragged a tissue outside, and even they would hate their bodies very much.

At this time, many husbands will not only support their wives to do postpartum repair ("The older generation has not heard of who has done postpartum repair, you are so aggressive"). Thank you for your efforts.The experience with their XXOO is reduced.This is why postpartum is often a period of derailment.

Of course, some women have a good physical condition. When they were born, they did not have these symptoms, so they continued to bring their children as housework and ignore postpartum repair.Then the result is the more serious counterattack when the menopause came after the age of 50.

When my mother was young, she was good and did not care about the pelvic floor muscle problem that was lurking.In addition, no doctor told her at that time.At that time, this treatment did not popularize.

Now menopausal, the pelvic foundation complications are severely counterattacked -the severe cystitis caused by the sagging of the organs, and she dares not to do any long -distance travel because she cannot control the urine, and severe pain makes her unable to sleep all night, and so on.

Recently, I encountered some straight male cancer. I asked me straightforwardly, "Isn’t it reasonable to have a child to have a child? It is just that the hard work of having a child is just a man with your responsibility.ah!"

So after watching these, will you still hold the theory of "the previous woman is okay"?Please at least thank your mother after knowing this information!

【Pay attention to the repair of the bottom muscle】

Fortunately, my country is now vigorously promoting the foundation of the bottom muscle, which is also a practical manifestation of paying attention to women’s rights and interests.

At present, as long as it goes to the hospital for a "postpartum physical examination" on time, it will automatically include the test and evaluation of the basin muscle and abdominal rectus muscles.

After getting the evaluation report, the doctor will give you a proposed treatment plan.Although the repair of the bottom of the pot is very expensive, there are thousands of thousands of in total, but fortunately all the medical insurance can be reimbursed.

So the question is. Since medical insurance can be reported, why do many women do not do repair?

In fact, many women lack their family understanding and support in postpartum repair.Although the repair of the bottom of the pot is free, it requires a lot of time to invest.Family people will feel that the main business of women’s postpartum is children. Postpartum repairs are hypocritical, icing on the cake, and dispensable things.

In more families, women have to bring their children (even after the second child is open to bring two children), and no one helps, and it is impossible to pay attention to a little energy to pay attention to themselves.

Such a pain is about to follow her with a shadow.

I am very lucky, because there is a husband who has been brainwashed repeatedly during pregnancy, and a very reasonable mother -in -law.The whole family after childbirth supports me postpartum repair, and also restore my body to the child’s attention before the child’s production.

When I go to the pelvic floor muscle in the hospital twice a week, my mother -in -law will take the initiative to help me bring my children. Don’t worry, don’t worry. Every day, I follow the audio of the mobile phone G at home to do the Kagel movement. The two cooperate and insist on exercise.When he was disgusted and lacking confidence, he always inspired and comforted me from the side, which made me have the courage to adhere to the long six -month reconstruction.Now my condition has basically recovered well. Although my muscle strength is still hovering on the passing line, the problems of organs and functions have all been solved.

[Postpartum rectus abdominis separation]

Many people say that they have given birth to a child, depending on her belly and waist.After giving birth to a child, a lot of thin waist before pregnancy turned into a large bucket, and there were many layers of meat on the stomach. It could not be reduced.

Many people think that these women’s belly is large because they do not work hard, do not exercise, and are not good at self -management.Even many husbands will laugh at their wives’ belly after giving birth.

But in fact, you can see that many postpartum women have worked hard to lose weight, and their limbs have been reduced to very thin, but their stomachs are still very large. Why?

Because they have severely separated abdominal rectus muscles!

This situation cannot be reduced by weight loss, and the more the abdominal movements are done on the same way, the greater and bigger the belly.Because those sports will separate your abdominal walls, fat will be concentrated there, filling the empty gear to stabilize the internal organs, so that the internal organs in the empty abdomen will not shake.

And the separated abdominal rectus muscles will not be repaired by themselves, but they will get more and more aggravated due to some daily improper movements (such as getting up, bend over, and do the movements of yoga -type dogs, raising weights, etc.),Throughout your life, you must be with your own belly.Even in the crackdown of weight loss, constant self -doubt.

My mother is like this.During my growth, she has been working hard to lose weight and tried various methods -exercise, diet, light eclipse (drinking only honey), ketogenic diet, yoga, fitness (aerobic training), swimming, and even trying to tryWeight loss pills.In fact, she was not heavy weight, her limbs were very slender, her face was slapped, but her belly had never left her for a lifetime.Now I know that this is a serious consequences caused by the separation of rectus muscles after giving birth.

In addition to the obvious performance of the abdominal rectus muscle, it can also lead to more serious consequences -backache and abdominal wall hernia (a phenomenon of a kind of abdominal content protruding from the weakness of the belly).

In addition, insufficient rectus muscles will also cause the long -term compression of the bladder and the bottom muscle of the pelvis, which will cause "leakage".

Therefore, postpartum recovery training is very important.

Demonstration of rectus muscle separation

The belly of the abdominal rectus muscle, especially when the kneeling position, will feel that the things in the abdomen are dangled like being poured out.

The first finger, two fingers, and three fingers when the rectus abdominis is self -test (you can insert a few fingers into the abdominal cavity, the terrible muscle big cracks)

[Treatment method for abdominal rectus isolation]

1. Anti -vitro therapy (abdominal rectus is more than equal to three fingers) -the medical insurance can be reimbursed!

Passive abdominal muscles to shrink through electrical stimulation.At the same time, it can also restore spine physiological bending and improving the tilt of the pelvis.Generally, hospitals will require the bottom muscle to do the rectus muscles. If the bottom muscle is not done well, the treatment of rectus muscles will increase the severity of the bottom muscle.

2. Rectus muscle separation and independent training method (abdominal rectus is less than equal to 2 fingers)

Including standing abdomen, kneeling positions, kneeling positions, stretching legs, flat support, etc., the effect is relatively slow

3. Surgery

If the separation width exceeds three fingers, and the recovery cannot be reduced for 1 to 2 years after delivery, surgical treatment should be considered.

I have been treated with pelvic floor muscles, abdominal actoricus, and self -training methods. Now the rectus muscles have been completely closed.Six months after giving birth, the waist circumference has been reduced from 90cm postpartum to 60cm.

[What can I do when I am pregnant?.

1. Before pregnancy, exercise must be strengthened!

Especially for girls who have not given birth to, they must work hard to exercise the bottom muscles!In this way, the bottom muscle of the basin can support the baby more favorable, which can effectively reduce the degree of being opened. It can also help speed up the delivery and prevent side cutting.

2. Control weight during pregnancy!

If you do not control your weight during pregnancy, it will cause a lot of harm, and it will be very harmful to the fetus and itself.The damage to the bottom of the basin and abdominal rectus muscles will increase

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