The more leucorrhea is not as good as possible!The increase in leucorrhea in these two situations indicates that inflammation is quietly coming

Leucorrhea is owned by women, a tasteless or slightly acidic secretion, which has the effect of moisturizing vagina and inhibiting the growth of germs.Although leucorrhea is good for the human body, the more the more, the better. In addition to the increase in leucorrhea in the special period of women, if the amount of leucorrhea is also large, it can even infiltrate the underwear, indicating that it needs to be treated with inflammation and require timely treatment.

① Increase leucorrhea, there is a fishy smell

This situation may suffer from bacterial vaginitis, which is caused by the imbalance of normal flora in the vagina. Some patients do not have obvious symptoms. Some patients will feel that leucorrhea increases and has a fishy smell. Sometimes it is accompanied by external itching.Symptoms after the same room will increase.This situation is generally local or intra-medicine, for 7-10 days, but the disease is easy to relapse.

② Increase leucorrhea, there are red blood silk

This situation may be chronic cervicitis, which is mainly manifested in transparent viscosity leucorrhea, which seems to be the same as normal leucorrhea, but the secretion volume increases significantly.Sometimes there are milk -white mucus or yellow purulent secretions, sometimes with a small amount of blood wire, and the lower abdomen and waist will fall.However, if there is a problem with ovarian dysfunction, or vaginal adrenal diseases, and hypertrophic adenocarcinoma, there will also be similar symptoms, and you need to seek medical treatment in time.

① Increased leucorrhea during ovulation

This situation is a normal physiological phenomenon and does not need to be treated.Because the estrogen in women has periodic changes, leucorrhea traits and secretions will also be affected.When the menstruation is just clean, the estrogen level is low and the amount of leucorrhea secretion is small; the estrogen level is the highest level, so the amount of leucorrhea is large and thin and transparent, and can be brushed; after the ovulation period, the amount of leucorrhea will decrease.

② Increased leucorrhea during pregnancy

This situation is also a normal physiological phenomenon, because after women are pregnant, the estrogen level and progesterone levels in the body have always been very high. At this time, the vulva tissue is soft and humid, the vaginal epithelium is thickened, blood vessel congestion, exudate and falling offIncreased cells, large cervical hypertrophy, softness, and congestion, which will lead to increased leucorrhea.However, the leucorrhea is white paste, no odor, no itching. If there is odor and itching, it means that if there is inflammation, you should seek medical treatment in time.

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