The man had a ligation surgery, but his wife was pregnant unexpectedly. Her husband was angry: Where did the child come from?

Now it takes a lot of money and energy to care for a child to develop an adult. Many parents feel powerless. In the face of strong pressure, they never dare to have a second child.So about contraception, it has become a headache for many husbands and wives. Even some men, in order to reduce their pain to their wives, would rather have a ligation surgery by themselves to protect the other party from harm.

Hu in Quanzhou, Fujian is a good man. He went to the hospital for ligation surgery himself, but after half a year, his wife’s belly was bulging. I learned that I had been pregnant for several months.I want to figure out where the child came from.

Hu Mou’s self -report

My wife and I introduced to my relatives. After marriage, the relationship between the two sides is okay. Occasionally, they will talk occasionally in life. Even if the quarrel occurs, it will be fine within a few days.

Because the family’s economic conditions are not very good, my wife and I go to work in a foreign country. I only go home every year when I make a lot of money, but the days can be considered.

Since the birth of the son, we rarely go far away and work in the nearby county. Due to the large expenses of the child, the burden on the shoulders is getting heavier, and there is no idea of the second child.I took the initiative to go to the hospital for ligation surgery.

After half a year of surgery, I accidentally saw my wife’s belly bulge and went to the hospital for examination. I got the B -ultrasound diagnostic letter that made me collapse. I asked my wife quality. Did I do something sorry?Unexpectedly, my wife’s response was fierce, and I slapped me backhand and said who I took her.

After returning home, I looked at my wife’s mobile phone to see if she could find a little clue. After she discovered, she led to the upgrade of contradictions and returned to her mother’s house in a furious.

He calmed down by himself, thinking about what happened before, and realized that he might be blamed his wife.The next morning I went to the hospital and re -examined it before I realized that the hospital’s operation was not done well, which caused my wife to be pregnant.

The fault of the hospital made me doubt my wife and made a big noise for this, and the spirit suffered a lot of losses. Then I filed a compensation of 50,000 yuan to the hospital, but was opposed by the hospital.I told the risk, no matter who it is, it cannot guarantee that 100%can succeed.

Later, I asked the help of local journalists. Under their coordination, the hospital was compensated to us 10,000 yuan.

Fortunately, through this incident, I realized that I was blame my wife.


It can be seen through this incident that men care about their wife’s loyalty, and their eyes must not be a little sand.After he had a ligation surgery, his wife was pregnant unexpectedly. The first thing I thought of was that the other party had done something sorry for himself, caught in various suspicions.

Even if the woman explains no matter how, men can’t listen at all, and sometimes the more interpretation, the darker, it is better to let the two sides calm down and communicate positively to solve this problem.

The relationship between husband and wife must be based on mutual trust. If you have been suspected of living in life, physical and mental exhaustion, no benefit, you quarrel all day, and then stable feelings.When it is accumulated to a certain time, it is possible to make marriage to the end.

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