The male mouse pregnancy experiment caused controversy!Can men get pregnant?Should scientific research follow ethics?

In recent years, there are always some strange scientific research results in the scientific community in China. Let us see it with your own eyes:

Now, Li Zifeng, a professor at Hebei Yanshan University, "Adhering to the Development of Newtonian Physics in Materialism Time and Space Intelligent Concerning Development of Newtonian Physics" claims to overthrow Einstein’s theory of relativity. The project has been recommended to be selected for the 2021 Hebei Provincial Science and Technology Award.

Later, in April of this year, the paper of Guo Huaping, a teacher of Chunlin Vocational Training School in Zhengzhou City, became a fire.The article claims to use the "super psychological conscious energy method" to make "cooked eggs return to incubate chicks" and include the journal of "Photo Geography".

Of course, fortunately, these academic research research is only published in some domestic journal magazines. The author basically does not look at these journals, but was later reported by the media before noticing.

I have to say that China’s investment in scientific research is increasing, but if they all invest in the above, such pseudo -sciences will really be worthless for my country’s scientific research.

In the distance, the gene editor of Professor Han Chunyu of Hebei University of Science and Technology, even on international journals, was later discovered that it was not possible to copy and fake all the awards.

On the road of science, China has become more and more unclear. Many of them are not amazing to say that they can be favored by national funds. Many scientific researchers often like to take part in the front. Recently, there is another one.Scientific research news caused strong discussion of public opinion.

Two authors from the University of Naval Medicine University updated the "A Male Pregnancy Rat Model" on the pre -printing platform BIORXIV on June 16.The possibility.Because the experimental process involves high ethical risks such as castration of male, male and female mice, the symbiosis of male and female mice, and transplanting uterus and transplanting embryos to male, and the survival rate of cubs for male mouse delivery is extremely low. Once the paper is announcedEssence

Of course, from an academic perspective, we don’t know the authenticity, but it is also a relatively rigorous science, at least more than the previous a few, it looks like that.

In general, the public does not understand the cutting -edge technology of high -tech, and this male mouse’s pregnancy immediately attracts the eyes of the people. According to this logic, people will inevitably associate with the "men’s pregnancy" experiments.

It is such a thing. However, as a party, a response was questioned to the people and challenged the ethical bottom line.At the end of June, Zhang Rongjia said on Pubpeer that he was writing a letter to stop the withdrawal process, because the study had nothing wrong and said that they had suffered too many non -scientific attacks and felt very sad.

First of all, the author admires the scientific researcher, the seriousness and persistence of the scientific research results, sticking to various pressures, and still not withdrawn, which is also a respect for his own scientific research.From the current point of view, this scientific research result needs to be verified, that is, whether the male mouse can get pregnant, that is, others can repeat this through his scientific research experiment.Stand up and indicate that you cannot copy.

Secondly, in recent years, scientists in my country have always been a bit unusual on the road of science and technology. I don’t know if it is the scientific research. The competition is extremely fierce.I have to say that this scientific research results make people’s eyes open, unlike the classic physics theory of Professor Yang of Nobel Prize winners, and the obscurity of Einstein’s theory of relativity.

In the end, we have to say that as a scientific researcher, should we follow scientific research and conduct scientific research.This has become a very embarrassing topic facing scientists around the world. On the one hand, it is necessary to break through the ceiling of science; on the other hand, we must take into account the basic ethics of human beings.Today, many scientific research has been prohibited from being advanced, such as cloned people, changing people’s genes, and so on.

Interestingly, all scientific research achievements that violate human ethics require very high scientific research technologies. The technologies of cloned people are very high -end, but let humans face extremely high ethical and moral challenges.As a scientist, whether you can participate and leave it for future generations, but reality will still be involved in participation.

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