The magical fetal dream is really the signal of the fetus "transmitted"?In fact, it has a greater effect

Hello everyone, I’m Dou Ma ~

I do n’t know if you have had any strange dreams during pregnancy?

Today, Dou Ma first came to talk about the two quite magical dreams I had done when I was pregnant twice.

During the daughter of Huaida Yaya:

One night, I dreamed that I walked into a wall that ranges from heights, and the surroundings were vague. I couldn’t see where I went. I only saw a few beautiful birds parked on the wall.When I want to get closer, they all flew away.At this moment, a big bird with beautiful colors suddenly fell on the low wall closest to me.At that time, the distance between us was so close. I could clearly see every feather on it, rich and gorgeous, when I was about to reach out, it suddenly flew up. In an instant, I surrounded me.It became colorful, and the sky became brighter …

During the time when I was pregnant with my little sister:

One night, I dreamed that I returned to the birthplace where I left for many years. I stood alone by a dry little river and stood on the opposite side of my husband.The moment I looked up, I saw a dark brown dragon flying slowly from the top of my head. Although I couldn’t see the dragon head, I could clearly see the dragon body and dragon claw …

Does it sound outrageous?Ha ha……

Later, once I talked to a few good friends about the topic about dreams. They all said that they had a strange dream during pregnancy.After falling into the sea of Huahai, there was a golden rain in the dream.

Regarding "dreams", some people say that this is thoughtful and dreams at night; others believe that these strange dreams during pregnancy can indicate the gender of the fetus.

So, let’s talk about the question of "fetal dream" together today ~

This is just a dream, but because it is a dream during the expectant mother’s pregnancy, it is called "fetal dream".Occasionally do this dream during pregnancy, but it is almost no longer after production.

Since ancient times, people have thought that these strange dreams are confirming something, so it is of great significance for parents who are looking forward to their children.

Professor Wang Shuyuan, a human behavior psychological researcher, believes: "The dream of fetal dreams is just a dreamer and a special time, so there is another name … This can be explained as the continuation of a psychological activity in a dreamer, indicating that they want to reach a certainIf you want a boy or girl, what kind of person you want your child, etc., it is recommended that pregnant women do not see the baby dream too mysterious. "

In this word, it shows that a problem: fetal dream does not have the function of implying the sex of the fetus!Although this is the case, these magical dreams do bring a good experience and hope.For us, it is enough.

Fetal dreams are usually divided into four categories: animal dreams, fetal dreams of plant fruits and fruits, nature of nature, and gold and silver jewelry.

For example: if you dream of koi, pigeons, butterflies, crickets, sparrows, dragon tails, it hints that he may have a daughter and is a very beautiful and talented daughter.If you dreamed of strawberries, apples, tomatoes, cherry and other fruits, it also shows that you will have a daughter.

If you dream of dragons, snakes, pythons, turtles, tigers, pigs, horses, and cranes, it indicates that there may be a son.

In short, if we put aside the problem of fetal gender, if the fetal dream can bring us a hint of fun during a long pregnancy, it is enough.

(1) Fetal dream can reflect the physical condition of the pregnant mother

In fact, the most valuable thing about fetal dreams is that it can reflect the physical condition of pregnant mothers and fetuses from the to say?

If the pregnant mother dreams constantly during pregnancy, it means that the pregnant mother’s mental state is poor.In addition, due to hormones during pregnancy, pregnant mothers are more likely to be in a state of light sleep. If so, the health of pregnant mothers and fetal baby will definitely be affected.

Therefore, fetal dreams are actually reminding all pregnant mothers to pay attention to improving sleep quality and ensure the health of mother and child.

2) Interesting fetal dreams can help pregnant mothers to relieve stress

In the long pregnancy, pregnant mothers face their changes from the inside out, and there will be more or less anxiety and nervousness.The interesting fetal dream can make the pregnant mother feel happy to a certain extent and relax herself.

Although we have a lot of traditional conceptual cognition about fetal dreams, in fact, from a scientific point of view, Duoma still hopes that everyone can look rationally.

After all, in the stage of conceiving in October, the health of babies and Baoma is the most important, isn’t it?

Finally, welcome everyone to talk about what interesting fetal dreams they have done?

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