The life of husband and wife can not live if you want to live!These situations are not suitable for the same room

Sexual life is very important for couples. It can enhance the relationship between husband and wife, make two people closer, and regular sexual life is also good for people’s physical health and psychological health.Although sex life comes with casualness, it is not what you want to do.What periods are not suitable for sexual life?Let’s take a look at it together.

1. Women’s menstrual period

Many people choose sex life during women’s menstruation, because during this period of time, they do not take contraceptive measures and do not make women pregnant.Although this is the case, women are very vulnerable to infection during menstruation, causing women to suffer from cervical diseases.And it will also increase the menstrual flow of women, extend the menstrual period, so that menstruation cannot be left.Even in this period, the same room will cause endometriosis and affect women’s fertility.

2. After drinking

Some people like to live sex after drinking. They think drinking can help sex with sex, make each other more input and passionate.However, if men do sex after drinking, it is easy to cause men to have an erection that cannot be erected or too fast, so that men can perform poorly in sexual life, and sexual life will end with sweeping.And after drinking wine, sexual life will be more excited, and the heartbeat is faster. People with poor cardiopulmonary function will be prone to accidents.Especially for some middle -aged and elderly people, we must avoid sexual life after drinking.

3. It feels particularly tired

In the final analysis, sexual life can also be attributed to one type of movement. It requires physical strength and energy, and physical consumption is very large.If you are busy for a day, you feel very tired, and you will not enter the state slowly when you have sex. Even if you barely mention the spiritual life, you will be in a more tired state.It is impossible to improve, which affects the work and study the next day.Therefore, if you feel tired, you may take a good rest and have sex when you wake up the next morning. This time is relatively strong in sexual desire. I believe that you can have a good feeling.

4. The mood is bad

When I was in a poor mood, I believe no one can invest in a sexuality in a whole heart, and I just want to stay quietly with indigestion.If a person is in a bad mood, the other half constantly teases himself to live with him, and he will be disgusted.If you barely agree with your emotions, you will misunderstand that you are dissatisfied with him, so that the misunderstanding will affect the feelings between each other.Therefore, when the two sides are more pleasant, sexual life is more appropriate, and it will also heat up the relationship between the two people.

Sexual life is not what you want to do. For example, the above four periods should be avoided. For health, it is better to think about the quality of sexual life. It is better to do it at the right time.

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