The life of a female college student being destroyed, several abortion is disturbing, the reason behind it is worth thinking about

Recently, a female college student at a university in Nanchang exposed that she had abandoned three times in the university three times. What was going on? This college student, we pseudo her Xiaoli, she was born in an ordinary family.It is a good girl at home. Learning is also hard work and excellent grades.

And because the looks are sweet and cute, neighbor friends and teachers like him. She also admitted to a good university with her own efforts. During college, she also often used her spare time to work part -time to reduce the burden on her parents because she was outstanding.Excellent, she also participated in various community activities in college.

But when she participated in the event, she met the chairman of a company. From this, her life has changed dramatically. The chairman is attracted by Xiaoli’s appearance.Xiaoli, the chairman later went to Xiaoli to chat many times, telling Xiaoli’s unfortunate marriage, the hardships of entrepreneurship, and constantly looking for the topic to chat with Xiaoli.Li went out for dinner.

Later, I began to give Xiaoli a variety of gifts, such as brand -name bags or jewelry. Slowly Xiaoli was fascinated by these things. At this timeThe chairman also gives Xiaoli living expenses every month, so that Xiaoli will no longer work part -time. In this way, Xiaoli has become the chairman of the chairman.

During this period, Xiaoli was pregnant three times and was killed every time. The first time Xiaoli also told the chairman with joy, the news of her pregnancy, but in exchange for abortion surgery, but Xiaoli and Xiaoli and Xiaoli and Xiaoli and Xiaoli and Xiaoli and Xiaoli and Xiaoli and Xiaoli and Xiaoli and Xiaoli and Xiaoli and Xiaoli and Xiaoli and Xiaoli and Xiaoli and Xiaoli and Xiaoli and Xiaoli and Xiaoli and Xiaoli and Xiaoli and Xiaoli and Xiaoli and Xiaoli and Xiaoli and Xiaoli and Xiaoli and Xiaoli also meant.Without this, she was still imagining that the chairman would marry her. She didn’t understand until the chairman abandoned her relentlessly that she was just his play.

1. Destroyed life

Although Xiaoli finally woke up, but too late, her life was still destroyed, her affairs were known by the school people, and finally the school was full of storms. Friends and classmates around her laughed at her and wasolate her.Moreover, this incident was also known to the school, which had a certain impact on the reputation of the school, and her studies could not be completed. In the end, she was dismissed by the school.

Her life was destroyed, and she went to the chairman. The chairman no longer had a little bit of pity to her. She was extremely indifferent to her. After being entangled by Xiaoli, she gave Xiaoli100,000 yuan, sent Xiaoli.The dazzling life was destroyed.

2. The reason behind this incident

Seeing Xiaoli’s experience, many people sigh, but what is the reason for such a result?As a student with excellent academic science, if there is no such thing, she graduated smoothly. Even if her future is not rich, there will be a stable future, but her life trajectory will be serious.

In fact, in the final analysis, Xiaoli was blinded by money, and she was lost by the prosperity of the world.Xiaoli’s own life is not very good. In the face of a generous and successful man, it is easy to lose herself. Moreover, Xiaoli has not been baptized from the society since she was a child.Simple, so when facing the strong pursuit of the chairman, he couldn’t hold it.

Third, our deep thoughts and inspiration

In fact, there are still many incidents like Xiaoli, especially for college students, many college students have left their hometown to other cities, and they are unfamiliar with their lives, especially some college students from small counties to prosperous metropolises.The prosperity of the city is easy to lose them, and the university is in the transition from school to society. Many people are simply ignorant, so college students during this period are easily confused by money.

A news report in previous years reported that in 2011, a 17 -year -old boy named Wang Yang sold his kidney for the Apple mobile phone of the fire at the time.His kidneys, because this hospital is not treated properly during kidney picking surgery, and the disinfection is not completely disinfected, making the wound infection and facing life -threatening.

In the end, although Wang Yang was out of danger of life, the renal function left irreversible injuries and was diagnosed with a level five -level disability.His family was also dying to treat him.Regardless of the Nanchang female college student or Wang Yang, it was confused by money and the interests in front of him, and destroyed his life that should have been happy.

Money is a thing that many people are rushing. Everyone loves money. Especially in today’s society, although money is not a panacea, it is impossible to have no money.But when facing money, each of us should look at it objectively and comprehensively. There is a saying: "A gentleman loves wealth, and we have a way." When facing the temptation of money, we should think about this sentence.Love money is okay, but through the hard work of ourselves, in this era of materialism, we should adhere to our hearts.

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