The junior high school girls are holding a big belly, and the doctor said: It’s not as simple as you think

Thirteen -year -old Xiao Lei has undergone significantly changes in her body for a while.Her belly suddenly became large, covering a lot of stretch marks.In addition, she also experienced a loss of appetite and frequent abdominal pain.Xiaolei’s mother began to worry, thinking that it might be a problem caused by Xiaolei who had eaten unsuitable food, so she prepared a sashimi for her, but the effect was not obvious.

When Xiao Lei, who could only go home once a week, returned home again, she told her mother that her abdominal pain was not relieved.When her mother touched Xiao Lei’s belly, she was surprised and found that her belly became very large.They decided to go to a nearby hospital for further examination.

The doctor asked Xiaolei for a few years old and had a sexual life. It was difficult for Xiaolei to look up, because she was only 13 years old. She just started about half a year of menstruation. She did not have any relationship with any male.

Through the B -ultrasound, the doctor found that Xiao Lei’s ovaries had a huge cyst, about 40 cm.This huge cyst compressed her abdomen and made Xiao Lei’s belly look like she was pregnant for six or seven months.The doctor explained to Xiaolei’s mother that this is why her belly becomes larger and other symptoms.

The doctor accused Xiao Lei’s mother who did not discover the problem in time and complained why she did not notice various symptoms that her daughter could usually occur, such as loss of appetite and abdominal pain.Xiao Lei’s mother began to think about the changes in Xiao Lei recently. Her body became fat, thinking that it was a typical adolescent change, and she didn’t realize that there would be such huge cysts in her stomach.

The risk of huge cysts is very high. If it is not surgery in time, it may explode, leading to bleeding and infection, serious damage to the ovaries and uterus, and affecting Xiaolei’s fertility.The doctor recommends to make an appointment immediately.

The day before the operation, the doctor convened an expert group for emergency meeting.They deeply analyzed the condition and realized that they had to surgery as soon as possible, because the cysts had begun to compress the stomach and stomach, causing Xiaolei to lose their appetite and abdominal pain.The difficulty of surgery is very high, the cysts are very large, and the liquid inside has exceeded the normal effusion.

Doctors are experienced experts, but they rarely see such huge cysts.In addition, there are many blood vessels and important ovarian tissues around the cysts. Once surgery is mistaken, it may cause severe bleeding.

When talking about the health problems of women’s reproductive systems, ovarian cysts are often mentioned.

Ovarian cysts refer to a bag -shaped structure of liquid or solids formed in women’s ovaries. They may cause discomfort and symptoms, and sometimes need to be treated.Although most ovarian cysts are functional, they will fade after a period of time, but for those who encounter complex cysts or symptoms, they need special attention and treatment.

Ovarian cysts refer to a bag -shaped structure of liquid or solids formed in the ovaries.They are usually asymptomatic, and in many cases, they will subscribe by themselves without treatment.

Ovarian cysts can be divided into two main types: functional cysts and non -functional cysts.

Functional cysts are usually caused by normal ovarian function.They can be further divided into ovarian filter bubble cysts, the most common cysts formed in the ovaries, usually formed during ovulation.They are usually asymptomatic and will fade by themselves for several weeks or months.

The luteal cysts are usually formed after ovulation, and luteal produces hormones in the ovaries to maintain pregnancy.Without fertilized eggs, the yellow appreciation will gradually degenerate and form a cyst that is filled with liquid filling.Most lutein cysts will fade by themselves, but sometimes it may need to be treated

Non -functional cysts are related to the abnormal growth of the ovaries or tumor in ovarian tissue.They may need further inspection and treatment to determine their nature and best treatment.Non -functional cysts may include: cyst glands, papillum cysta, and ovarian fibroma.

If ovarian cysts cause symptoms (such as lower abdominal pain, pelvic discomfort, irregular menstruation, etc.), or complex cysts may need to be further evaluated and treated, it may include observation, drug treatment or surgery removal.

Ovarian cysts are a common female reproductive system problem. In most cases, they are harmless and fade back after a period of time.However, for those with symptoms or complex cysts, regular medical examinations and guidance of professional doctors are very important.

If you suspect that you may have ovarian cysts or have any related issues, you must consult a doctor in time.At the same time, maintain good living habits, such as adjusting your own eating habits, performing some appropriate aerobic or anaerobic exercises in your daily life, paying attention to your own pressure environment and regular physical examination.These behaviors help maintain the health of women’s reproductive systems.

Health is a continuous attention and investment, and we should pay enough attention in our daily life.By improving the understanding of ovarian cysts, we can better protect our health.

Adolescence is an important stage in women’s lives. During this period, women’s bodies have experienced huge changes and development.However, ovarian cysts may have a certain impact on women’s lives and health.Understanding the formation mechanism of ovarian cysts is essential for adolescent women and their families.

The ovulation process may be unstable or irregular due to the not yet fully mature.Under normal circumstances, the ovary should release a mature egg every month.However, the ovaries of adolescent women may not be ovulation on time, resulting in the formation of ovarian cysts.This may be caused by the fluctuations of hormones or the incomplete follicular development.

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a very common endocrine disorders among adolescent women.The main features of PCOS are many small cysts on the ovary.The exact cause of PCOS is unclear, but research shows that hormone imbalances (such as rising androgen levels), insulin resistance, and genetic factors may be an important factor that causes PCOS and cysts.

During the adolescence, more estrogen began to produce ovarian, and the cycle of ovulation appeared.However, the sudden change of hormone levels may cause follicles in the ovaries to be unable to mature or discharge normally and fail to degenerate.This allows unwavering follicles to continue to grow and form cysts.

The mechanism of adolescent women with ovarian cysts is diverse, which may cause follicles in the ovaries to not develop, discharge or degenerate normally.It should be noted that the above are some common mechanisms formed by ovarian cysts, and each individual may have different reasons and mechanisms.

When it is suspected of the existence of ovarian cysts, it is crucial to seek medical treatment in time and receive professional diagnosis and treatment.By understanding and understanding these mechanisms, we can better protect and maintain the health of adolescent women and ensure that they can spend this important life stage.

Protecting women’s health is the task we should pay attention to, and preventing and early treatment of ovarian cysts is an important part of it.Early intervention and treatment can not only reduce the pain of patients, but also help reduce the risk of potential complications and concurrency diseases, so that women can live a healthy and happy life.

In order to prevent and minimize the dangers of this disease, understanding the prevention methods of ovarian cysts and the potential harm it may bring.

1. How to prevent ovarian cysts:

Maintaining proper weight, balanced diet and proper exercise can help maintain endocrine balance and reduce the risk of ovarian cysts.Minimize the intake of high fat, high sugar and processing foods, and increase the intake of vegetables, fruits and whole grains.

Regular gynecological examinations and ultrasonic examination are important means to detect ovarian cysts in the early stage. Everyone should pay attention to recording the changes and abnormal symptoms of the menstrual cycle, such as irregularities, increased pain, or changes in duration, etc., and seek medical treatment in time.This helps early detection of ovarian cysts or other potential problems.

Some drugs may interfere with ovarian function or increase the risk of cysts, such as some fertility regulatory drugs.But before using these drugs, it is best to consult a doctor and follow the doctor’s advice.

2. Harm of ovarian cysts:

Ovarian cysts may cause lower abdomen pain, pain and discomfort.Especially large cysts may increase the degree of pain and discomfort.Some cysts may be reversed or ruptured, causing severe pain and internal bleeding.

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) may cause ovulation problems and affect women’s fertility.PCOS may cause irregular menstrual cycles and affect the normal development of the ovaries and release eggs.

Some ovarian cysts may increase the risk of ovarian cancer, especially for long -term imbalances at sex hormones or the continuous existence of cysts after menopause.However, most ovarian cysts are benign.

In fact, some large or complex ovarian cysts may cause serious complications such as cyst twisting, rupture or infection, which may require emergency medical intervention.

The entire story reminds us that it is very important to conduct a comprehensive examination of medical treatment early for those who have abnormal symptoms.We should also care about and understand physical health issues in order to take appropriate action as soon as possible.For girls of this age, such a huge cyst is indeed rare, but the ending of this story proves the importance of timely diagnosis and treatment.

We call on women and their families to pay attention to, understand and take measures to prevent and deal with ovarian cysts to ensure the future of women’s health.

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