The Japanese zoo "live alone" mother ape suddenly gave birth, and the garden side doubted: Is it pregnant?

There is a mother ape in the Japanese zoo. It lived alone for five years. One day, the zoo staff found that it was holding a baby in her arms.This girch mother ape has never had any chance to contact other apes. How did it get pregnant and give birth to a baby?

The staff of the zoo said that the mother -in -law had not exposed to any living life except for the breeders who fed it every day, which made the breeder confused.

The mother -in -law is called Momo.Because the breeding of the mother ape must be planned, they all live in a large cage alone in order to avoid unexpected reproduction other than the mother apes from contact with the apes.

As soon as the breeder saw that the MOMO, who has lived alone for five years, turned out to be a cub and quickly told the principal.At first, the principal thought it was wrong, until the breeder repeated the name of the mother ape Momo, and the principal believed that the breeder refers to this alone mother ape.

Strangely, no one found that the mother ape was pregnant before anyone. Even though its belly became bigger, the breeder always felt that he might have eaten too much.

Next, the problem that the principal and the breeder want to solve are who are the child’s biological father?

Although the breeder is in contact with the mother ape every day, please note that the breeder cannot have anything to do with it.Anyone who has learned creatures knows that there is a reproductive isolation between humans and other animals. So who is the biological father of the apes?

The principal and the breeder began to work for detectives, and vowed to find the behind -the -scenes helper.They inspected around the cage of the mother ape, and found that there were indeed four male apes around the mother ape, one on the left and three on the right.It seems that they are suspicious.

But they are locked in the cage next to each other, and the structure of the cage house is very tight and complicated.The zoo not only uses iron wire mesh and wooden board to isolate several cages, but this iron wire mesh is also reinforced into two layers. The grid gap is only about 1 cm.This means that this is almost a dense cage.

If the male apes and mother apes want to wear this layer of iron mesh to mate, the first is that their genital length is not allowed. Secondly, the breeders take care of them every day. Where can they have the opportunity to mate?

The principal and investigators continued to see the surroundings of these cages. Is there any mystery they did not find?As a result, they really discovered the rust and holes on the iron plate on the cage. This hole was larger than the grid gap of the wire, and it had a length of several centimeters.

Could it be a close contact with the ape and the mother ape through this rusty hole?Investigators and principals still don’t dare to believe it, but this hole breaks really like the apes deliberately scratched.

After the ape baby grew up, the staff of the zoo extracted the blood and hair of the apes for samples and sent it to the appraisal center for DNA parent -child identification.At the same time, they also took the blood of the four male apes next to the mother ape for samples.As a result, I did not expect that the biological father of the ape was indeed one of the four male apes.

The rusty hole on the iron plate is the key to solving the case.Indeed, like the garden’s guess, the apes are communicating with the mother ape here.

I have to marvel at that the ape monkey is really omnipotent to reproduce the next generation.As if this kind of behavior of breeding offspring regardless of everything and racking brains is a natural instinct.

Animal instinct and impulse can indeed be controlled by subjective will like humans.Especially in the season when all things grow, there are hormones that affect them in the animals, so that they want to seek partners.

In the animal world, these are not unusual, and there are more real fertility.For example, there are many monomer breeding animals on the earth.Single -sex reproduction is to reproduce through a separate individual of male or female.There are two types: one is to breed only male, and the other is to breed only females.The latter one is more common and is also known as the reproduction of the lonely female.

Like sharks, lizards, bees, ants, and aphids can be reproduced alone.But it is worth noting that they can switch between sexual reproduction and lonely females, that is, they can still find partners to reproduce.

Male unilateral reproduction usually refers to the female to give the eggs to the male, and then through the male body conception and birthday, the hippocampus is such a kind of animal.In the breeding season, the male hippocampus is usually selected by the male hippocampus, and then the female hippocampus puts the eggs into the "parenting bag" of the male hippocampus.In this "parenting bag", fertilized eggs are formed and developed until they grow into embryos and grow into a new life.The "parenting bag" of the male hippocampus is equivalent to the uterus of female mammals. When the hippocampus is full, it will jump out of this "childcare bag" of the male hippocampus.

And Huang Tao’s fertility method is more special.In a life of a yellow cricket, its body will change twice.When the first sexual maturity, the yellow cricket was a female, and then its ovaries changed to a refined nest, and the female yellow crook turned into a male yellow croaker.Therefore, a yellow cricket is both father and mother.

You must not have thought that there is also a romantic, beautiful, beautiful and gentle way of fertility, that is, the way of fertility of octopus.It is said that there is only one chance to be able to mate with the mother octopus in the foreigner.

There are eight legs of the corps, and one of the legs are called "hand over the wrist", which is the root of their life.The official seal protects its "handover wrist". Only when they encounter the mother octopus, they will hand over their "handover wrists" and mate with the mother octopus.

However, the seal is very vigilant when mating with the mother octopus, because after the mating of the mother octopus, the official seal will be eaten. Even if the official seal is not eaten, the "handover wrist" is usually bitten by the mother octopus.And most of the official seal cannot escape the fate of being eaten.Because of the clever mother octopus, I always try my best to leave the official seal and let it die in their tender hometown.

This method is very cruel, but for the eloquent, reproduction is their nature, so this is the most romantic way of death in their lives.The mother octopus is very weak after conception. If they do not eat the official seal to supplement their nutrition, they are likely to be unable to spawn because of the innate nutrition.What is even more surprising is that when the mother octopus spawns, it will also go on a hunger strike until it gives enough eggs.They have lost half of their weight, which also implies that the life of the mother octopus will also come to an end.

Therefore, there is a saying that every small octopus starts from the beginning of the ovulation and grows lonely. They do not have the shelter of their parents, and they survive by the laws of the selection of things.

The fertility and survival instincts of these animals really make people sigh.

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