The Internet celebrities shot Liangshan children’s face to shoot "tragic life"?Township Chief: He took the child to shoot, and the police intervened

Source: Xiaoxiang Morning News

Source | Xiaoxiang Morning News

Reporter | Wang Kaihui

On October 23, the media account "Mr. Lu Liangshan Xing" released a false and unreal video for children of Liangshan.The child in the video was full of dust, saying that he had no father and mother, no religion, and the video of the video on the Internet reached 100,000+, and the review volume reached 35,000.On the evening of the 23rd, the man was summoned by the local public security according to law.

The copy of the video is "I never dreamed that the child wanted chemical fertilizer."In the video, the child’s face was full of dust, and the coat on his body was covered with soil. Standing in front of a shabby adobe room, the man asked the child, "Are your parents gone, who now live with?" The child saidHe has no father and mother, and can only help his neighbors to work and take care of his sister and brother.As soon as the video was released, the video liked reached 100,000+ and the number of comments reached 35,000.

On October 24th, a reporter from Xiaoxiang Morning News contacted Jilin Weiji in Jiou Township, Meigu County, Liangshan, Sichuan.On the weekend, after Gekelb helped grandma to work, he was taken by a man to the idle house to shoot this video. Gekelb and grandma lived and lived in a concentrated placement house.","

Jilin Weiji introduced that the Gekelb family had been poverty alleviation in 2018, and there is no such tragic situation in the video.Gekelb’s family 4 sisters, her father died early, her mother remarried, and the 4 sisters live with grandma.The 4 people in the Gekelb family enjoys the highest level of rural subsistence allowances for 390 yuan/month. Each person enjoys special difficulties for children to subsidize 200 yuan/month.Share 631 yuan policy subsidy.The Government of the Jiukou Township has incorporated the households into the fact that no one is raising children, and each person will enjoy 900 yuan/month per person.A house of Gekebu enjoys a centralized houses in the village.

"The man who posted a video last night has been summoned by the law." Jilin Weiji introduced.At present, Lu Mou, a man who has summoned the release of false information videos in accordance with the law, asked him to apologize publicly and delete related false videos.

Many netizens expressed their indignation of this matter. Some netizens believed that the account of the account was maliciously consumed to consume the public.

On October 24th, a reporter from Xiaoxiang Morning News consulted Lawyer Liu Ming, Executive Director of the Ruibang Law Firm of Hunan.Liu Ming said that the man issued false information about children, which violated the law of public security management punishment and could impose administrative penalties and fines.If the circumstances will seriously constitute a crime of provocation or be detained by criminal detention.

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