The inspection was smooth, but the uterus suddenly ruptured in 33 weeks … a life racing staged here

On December 24th, Ping An Night in the Western Festival, but for the maternal pathology department of the Red House Hospital, Dr. Zhu Hao and the doctors of his group were "frightened war."At 7:25 in the morning, as soon as he finished the night shift, Zhu Hao team took a lady with a rupture of the uterus during the late pregnancy. A life racing in the isolated operating room began to be staged.

At 32, she has been pregnant four times

Although Xiao Fan, 32 years old, was the fourth time, was already pregnant, especially in 2019 and experienced an uterine horn pregnancy surgery.In the 10 weeks of pregnancy, Xiaofan went to the Yaji Card for obstetrics on the obstetric card of the Huangpu Hospital of Red House Hospital, and passed the various production inspection items during early pregnancy and middle pregnancy.

Due to the surgery of uterine corner resection before giving birth, the uterus has "scars", which means that I am pregnant again. As the uterine pressure increases, there is a risk of rupture.During the production examination process, doctors also noticed the relationship between placenta planting and uterine muscle layers. They also explained the risk of uterine rupture during pregnancy. It is possible that the cesarean section may terminate the pregnancy in advance.But will it be broken?What is the specific week?It’s hard to predict!

Although some psychological preparations, Xiao Fan never expected that he had been successfully survived the birth check, and he started abdominal pain when he slept.

Pregnant women have pain in the right lower abdomen, and it turned out to be rupture of the uterus

At about 5 am on December 24th, Xiao Fan, 33 weeks of pregnancy, began to feel a hidden pain in his right lower abdomen, and then gradually aggravated and vomited.Xiao Fan observed at home for two hours and found that abdominal pain was not eased, and immediately went to the Red House Hospital for emergency treatment.

At that time, Xiaofan’s heart rate was 92 times/min, blood pressure was 94/70mmHg, 150 times/min in the fetal heart, and the tenderness of the right lower abdomen was obvious. It looked really painful.In this case, gastroenteritis, appendicitis, and even more fatal uterine rupture are possible.

The obstetric emergency department immediately opened the green channel and accepted it to the observation ward.However, doctors in the ward can’t hear the baby’s fetal heart.why is that?Even if it is pain in the right lower abdominal pain, it is not a palace corner, but the rupture of the uterine may cause peritoneal stimulation!The last ultrasound during this checkup: The placenta is located on the front and the right wall!It is likely to be implanted in the uterus.Zhu Hao quickly made a clinical judgment, which was rupture of the uterus, and his condition was progressing sharply.Xiao Fan gradually appeared in the early shock symptoms, and the baby in the belly gradually declined with fetal heart, and the mother and child were in danger.Because of the emergency, Xiao Fan had no nucleic acid report and had to be transferred to the isolation operating room immediately for surgery!

"Isolate the operating room to prepare full anesthesia surgery! -Rex!"

"Open vein pathway! -1 received!"

"Calling blood! -1 received!"

"Contact the delivery room operating room, call anesthesia, programs, nursing immediately! -Re receive!"

"Report the director! I came to the stage with the director, do you make a record! -Ref!"

The midwifers and anesthesiologists in the operation room of the delivery room almost rushed, and replaced the surgical clothes and isolation clothes in the shortest time.Director Hu Rong and Zhu Hao of the Mother’s pathology and obstetrics are ready.

The obstetrician is the two lifestyles of the mother

Time is life, and in the hands of doctors, there are two life lines of the mother, and everyone who maintains the lifeline is everyone in the multi -disciplinary team.The once -aid drills have become so real at this moment. The multidisciplinary team established by obstetricians, anesthesia doctors, newborn doctors, and midwives is going to run with time.In 15 minutes, the team completed the pre -surgery, transfer, and anesthesia intubation. For insurance, the obstetrician chose the abdominal cutting incision into the abdomen.The first step is that the fetus is quickly delivered to the newborn doctor for rescue.When the baby made the first cry, it indicated that the first lifelong rescue was successful.

The focus of the next step is to deal with the uterus of rupture and bleeding while resisting the shock, as much as possible to keep the mother’s uterus and life.The anesthesia and nursing team quickly opened the three -way vein, and the blood products actively corrected the shock after the scene.The uterine shock is not bleeding. After the blood is lost, the shock is corrected, and the uterus is gradually rosy, but at this time almost every "hole" is bleeding.

The number of beating on ECG monitoring is hope. During the rescue, several times fell quickly."Like a colleague who said ‘Rescue, don’t look at ECG monitoring casually, don’t ask if you look at it, don’t command it if you ask … Pay the breathing cycle to the partners who fight side by side."Fight with death.

The surgical doctor carefully investigated the centers and found that the placenta that should have been attached to the inner wall of the uterine cavity has indeed been implanted from the original repair of the palace corner and penetrated the uterus.The baby is in danger of life.

"The muscle layer is weak here to trim …" The major rescue, Dr. Gu Weirong and Dr. Xu Huan in the childhood department all went to the isolation operating room.Because the placenta implanted parts occupy about half of the palace corners, the doctor quickly and orderly repairs the uterus by manually stripping the placenta and pruning some of the implanted muscle layers.

Finally, under the cooperation of all people, the life indicators slowly recovered, and Xiao Fan also turned in danger. The surgery was over at 10:30.A total of 3400ml of bleeding during the operation, which is undoubtedly equivalent to changing half of the blood of the human body.

At present, Xiao Fan’s condition is stable and the baby is very healthy.

"On that day, many people helped the operating room, and many people did auxiliary work in the place where we could not see.Mother’s two lives, all medical staff will go all out! "Zhu Hao said.

Xinmin Evening News reporter Zuo Yan

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