The husband was infertile, and his wife was pregnant unexpectedly, but the husband said: As long as you are happy

The husband was infertile, but his wife was unexpectedly pregnant. He bluntly said that he was derailed. The husband not only forgive his wife but also asked her to return to good, but the wife was resolutely divorced.What exactly is this matter about?

Zhang Wei and his wife Wang Meiqing have been married for 11 years, and Wang Meiqing has never conceived her child.Until last year’s daughter -in -law finally became pregnant, and there was a girl left last month.It should have been a great event, but at the full moon banquet of the child a few days ago, Wang Meiqing suddenly fought against her mother -in -law, caught the old man with a injury, and took the child to the family.From the mother -in -law’s mouth, the reporter learned that the mother -in -law hoped that Wang Meiqing could prepare the materials that day and gave the child a hukou as soon as possible.However, Wang Meiqing did not agree to put her daughter’s account on the Zhang family, and her mother -in -law and daughter -in -law had a quarrel.

For a few words, Wang Meiqing not only hit her mother -in -law, but even said that the child was not the Zhang family. The mother -in -law was not qualified to be a grandma.So is Wang Meiqing said true?Wang Meiqing’s husband Zhang Wei told reporters that he was not at home that day, and his mother called to tell him. At that time, his wife had returned to her mother’s house.And no matter how he persuaded him, his wife was unwilling to come back. He hoped that reporters could help him persuade his wife to come back.Then the reporter followed Zhang Wei to the home of Laozhangren.Seeing Zhang Wei’s arrival, Wang Meiqing was particularly indifferent.How to persuade Zhang Wei, Wang Meiqing was indifferent.

When Zhang Wei proposed to hug her daughter, Wang Meiqing’s emotions began to excite.Wang Meiqing’s father even rushed Zhang Wei directly.Why is the Wang Meiqing family so resentful to Zhang Wei?It turned out that Wang Meiqing was with Zhang Wei when he was 16 years old. At that time, Wang Meiqing’s family resolutely disagreed.At that time, Wang Meiqing, who was fainted by love at the time, had to be with Zhang Wei with his parents.Seeing Zhang Wei refused to leave, Wang Meiqing rushed out of the house and twisted with Zhang Wei, and even his emotions out of control, sitting on the ground and crying.

Unexpectedly, Wang Meiqing even said an amazing secret that the child was not Zhang Wei.After repeated questions from the reporter, Wang Meiqing confessed that he was derailed.It turned out that she had been married to her husband for 11 years. She had no children because her husband had infertility. In order to have a child, they made two IVFs under the advice of a doctor, but they did not succeed.This child was not her husband Zhang Wei, but she kept her mouth closed and said that her biological father did not know the existence of the child.But Zhang Wei, who heard this result, did not believe it, he asked to take his daughter to do parent -child identification.

It was just that this proposal was rejected by the Wang family.From Wang Meiqing’s mouth, the reporter learned that Zhang Wei wanted to raise a child last year, but as a woman Wang Meiqing felt that she could have a child, she hoped to have a child who belonged to her.This may be the real reason for her derailment.Zhang Wei, the idea of Wang Meiqing, said that he could understand that he forgive Wang Meiqing and even accepted the daughter who had no blood relationship with him.With such an idea, he went to Wang Meiqing to make the final retain again.

But Wang Meiqing did not compromise because of this, and she firmly stated that she would divorce.Ten years of marriage, from love to hate, what exactly made Wang Meiqing disappointed with this marriage?Speaking of test tube babies, Wang Meiqing couldn’t help crying.I would also be a test tube baby because of the love for Zhang Wei, but the trivial and quarrels in life in these years have noisy their feelings. Now they have no feelings between the two.Now that he wants to divorce Zhang Wei not only because of his daughter, but that the two can no longer go back.

The most needed for marriage is tolerance and understanding, otherwise some small frictions will also become the fuse of marriage rupture.No matter how the reporter persuades, Wang Meiqing’s attitude is still resolute and must divorce Zhang Wei. If Zhang Wei disagrees, she will sue to divorce.Ten days later, the reporter called Zhang Weitong.In the end, the couple who had been in love for 10 years still reached the end of the divorce.In this incident, who did it wrong, I believe my dear friends must have their own opinions, welcome to leave a message in the comment area!

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