The husband and wife in the emotional crisis, the wife was unexpectedly pregnant, what should I do?

How to do it

Facing the emotional crisis of husband and wife, his wife was pregnant by accident, which was difficult to hold the couple on the verge of emotion.

For my wife, it is a major event related to my life crisis or a lifetime.

If two people can’t go through, how can the child raise, how can they face the journey of pregnancy in these ten months, how can they live with a child in the future?If the child is removed and the relationship between the two people reconciled again, would the two people complain about each other again, and the result caused the relationship to disintegrate?All this makes his wife completely sleepy and uneasy!

How to spend ten months

Although men do not experience such a heavy burden, men must also consider from the perspective of interests. If they are pregnant, they ca n’t live. What should I do if I do n’t want to leave?Is it only necessary to suppress emotions for a lifetime?Even if you divorce in the future, you cannot raise your child in person, and have to give your child for eighteen years; but if the relationship between the two people in the latter is reconciled, will the child remove it, will he regret that the child will remove his wife and continue to place it.Complaining yourself, and eventually the relationship is broken?…… Men don’t dare to think about it again!

This cannot be determined casually

With these hesitation problems, my wife asked me if she could give her some suggestions.

I told her, sorry, no one dare to give you this suggestion, because choosing means responsibility, and this responsibility is only your husband and wife to bear it, and anyone of us cannot bear it for you!

But why are you difficult to choose?It is because you all have to extremeize this matter through imagination, and you do not want to accept the negative consequences of things. This is incorrect in itself, because any choice means that there must be gains and losses:

Once you choose to ask for a child, when this decision is formed, although the bad consequences of the children do not need to be solved, after the child’s benefit is satisfied, the child’s bad consequences or terrible consequences will be in your heart.At that time, both of you will imagine the harsh consequences of your child, and you will continue to magnify to the degree of fear and terrible by imagining.

How to choose is difficult

On the contrary, once you choose not to children, after this decision is formed, although the disastrous consequences of the child are solved, the bad consequences of the child start to cover your heartas a result of.

For example, do not want children, one is to harm your child. What if you can’t conceive in the future?

Second, because the two people will not have a child, they will have a sense of distance from each other. They will feel that the relationship between the child is not needed, and the relationship does not exist. Pushing the relationship between the two people to the edge of the rupture, or the fragmentation directly!

Third, because you do n’t want a child, your wife may use this to complain about her husband when they encounter uncomfortable or negative emotions, or they will feel that they are in guilty and depressed every day.Burning the emotions of husband and wife, it is more likely to make women suffer from depression …

Everyone work hard to communicate well

Since no matter if you choose or not, you may encounter regret or adverse consequences, then it is better to decide with the current feelings under the current rational mentality.There is a rational dialogue, jointly decided, and jointly assume responsibility. If the two parties decide that some are barely, you can also add a written agreement. If the relationship is broken, the responsibility and consequences of the two parties should bear.

Perhaps, through this rational decision, maybe it will become a pillar of harmonious and stable relationships?

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