The husband and wife found the Mediterranean anemia gene, and they are pregnant. Will the child be killed?This disease Fujian high hair

Recently, the 25 -year -old Kobayashi found that he was pregnant.

The whole family is very happy.

But after Kobayashi arrived in the hospital for delivery,

The doctor told her that there was anemia,

It is necessary to further check and eliminate thalassemia.

And even her husband Xiao Li has to check at the same time,

Excluding the risk of fetal poverty.

Hearing this news, you scared the couple:

Kobayashi has been pale from a young age,

During school, I found mild anemia.

But there was nothing uncomfortable, so I didn’t take it seriously.

Why do I have to check my husband at the same time this time? Will it be contagious?

Can children keep?

With a question, the couple found Xu Chengbo, deputy chief physician of the Department of Hematology of the People’s Hospital of Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. After genetic testing, Kobayashi was diagnosed with light β Medica anemia. Fortunately, her lover Xiao Li is normal, and their babyThe chance of suffering from severe thalassemia is zero. Now Kobayashi can rest assured that he will continue to get pregnant, and the heart of the whole family hangs up.

Fujian is a high incidence area for Mediterranean anemia

Mediterranean anemia, referred to as poverty, is a genetic anemia due to lack of genes or mutations. It is the most common single -gene genetic disease in the world. Nearly 400 million people in the world carry Mediterranean anemia.

In my country, there are nearly 30 million gene carriers, and the number of patients is as high as more than 300,000. It is also growing at a rate of 10%each year, which seriously affects children’s health and population quality.Fujian is one of the high incidence areas of Mediterranean anemia.

Mediterranean anemia or asymptomatic without treatment may not live 10 years old

In the daily clinical work of deputy chief physician Xu Chengbo, patients such as Kobayashi are often encountered.They know very little about the poverty of the earth. After they find out, they often issue these questions: Will the poverty of the earth lead the Mediterranean bald?Will poverty be contagious?

Xu Chengbo said that the clinical symptoms of prefecture poverty are not only manifested by dizziness, fatigue and other anemia from no obvious symptoms to severe hemolytic anemia.Some children patients have gradually appeared with their heads, protruding their skulls, protruding cheekbones, widening eye distance, and collapse of the nose with their age.

Poverty -stricken patients have blood transfusion every month.The worse thing is that blood transfusion can lead to more and more iron in the body, and iron discharge is needed.The cost of frequent blood transfusions and iron exhaust is very expensive. The cost of treatment in one year will cost more than 100,000, and it will take millions of life. If it is not treated, it may not be ten years old.

What are the differences between thalassemia and iron deficiency anemia?

In the outpatient clinic, many patients treat thalassemia as iron deficiency anemia.

Iron deficiency anemia:

Because there is not enough iron protein in the human body, it may be insufficient iron intake from food, or it may cause too much iron loss due to blood loss.Use iron or foods with high iron content can correct these anemia.


It is genetic anemia caused by abnormal gene level. According to the different types of gene types, it is divided into alpha and β thalassemia, as well as other types of rare types.

At present, there are no effective drugs to treat poverty. Patients need long -term blood transfusion and iron discharge treatment to maintain their lives. Hematopoly stem cell transplantation is the only way to cure.

For those with anemia, it is recommended to do poverty -founder detection before pregnancy

For light and static poverty, there are often no obvious clinical manifestations, which has also led to many genetic carriers that they do not know that they have carried poverty -poverty, but this poverty -poverty gene may be inherited to the next generation.

① If both husbands and wives carry different types of poverty -poverty, or only one party carrys poverty -founder, the children they born are often carriers or normal.

② If the spouse is carrying the same type of poverty -founder, 50%of the next generation may be the poverty -founder carriers, and 25%may become a poverty -stricken patient.

③ If it is a severe patient, it can cause death or death immediately after birth, or rely on blood transfusion and iron removal.For an ordinary person, the cost is huge, which is why many people are afraid of poverty.

For most light patients, you can spend your life in peace without any treatment.

Although thalassemia does not have effective treatment of drugs at present, this disease can be prevented, that is, the passage moves forward, and a Mediterranean anemia screening for marriage, pregnancy examination, and birth examination, will be reduced or eliminated from the source.Birth.

If there is a family history of anechetic anemia, or anemia of other reasons, or positive people with hemoglobin electrophoresis screening, it is necessary to do poverty -founder testing.

If both husbands and wives are the poverty -founder carriers of the same type, they should receive prenatal diagnosis as soon as possible according to the doctor’s suggestion after pregnancy. The genetic diagnosis of genetic material (DNA) of the fetus should be collected to determine the type of Mediterranean anemia gene of the fetus and evaluate the birth of the fetus.The risk of severe anemia later.

Everyone’s life only needs to be used for poverty -stricken screening.

Fujian Health News All -Media Reporter: Chen Kun

Edit: Xiaofeng

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