The guy’s belly was drumming and the villagers were pregnant, and the caesarean section really took out the teratoma with limbs and hair.

Although men and women are equal, there are some things that men and women naturally have division of labor and cannot replace each other, such as pregnant and having children!

However, Pu Deqiang in Jielong Village, Dongxi Ancient Town, Chongqing, suddenly became larger in 2003, and there were symptoms of suspected pregnancy reactions. The villagers joked that his man was pregnant.

After surgery, Pu Deqiang’s belly cut a "strange baby". This strange fetus has a torso with a torso, pubic hair in the perineum between the thighs, and the female genitals with incomplete development.What is the situation?

Pu Deqiang was born in a poverty -stricken family for generations. From an early age, he was lonely and introverted. Among the children of the same age in the same village, he was not very popular and was often used as the object of mockery.

With one thing, this situation is even more serious.When Pu Deqiang was 11 years old, his belly gradually became bigger, like an adult’s beer belly.

Because Pu Diqiang has always had a good amount of rice, he was able to eat three bowls of rice when he was a child, so his family and villagers didn’t care too much, thinking that he had eaten too much and ate his stomach.However, after all, there are a bit different in the children’s group, and they are often laughed at.

Although he was poor in his family and his stomach was a bit unusual, when he was 22 years old, he introduced Zhao Mingliang, who was married to the village next door. The woman fancy his honesty and did not dislike him.

After marriage, Zhao Mingliang gave birth to a son.With the arrival of his son, this poor family has a lot of laughter and laughter, and life seems to be getting better and better.

However, Pu Deqiang’s stomach suddenly became much larger in just a few months, like a pregnant woman who was about to be facing.He basically did not dare to go out, just staying at home, afraid of being joke, afraid of seeing people.

The villagers passed by his house and saw him at the door of the door.Soon, the village spread, and it was a pregnant woman who was talking about his belly.

There are even symptoms of pregnant women with vomiting, fatigue, loss of appetite.

A good intention advised him to go to the hospital for examination, but because he had no money, he didn’t go.Life is difficult to maintain, and I can’t bear to spend any money to see a doctor, and plan to drag.

The crushed mouth was just regarded him as a talk after tea. He had a bullying habit. He just patted his belly and asked a man or a woman. He laughed.

Some elderly people even said that in ancient times, a man had a larger stomach. Like pregnancy, he gave birth to a monster. For the sake of trouble, the government dispatched a lot of people to kill.Later, there was a high -profile Taoist priest who shot to surrender the monster.

As a result, the people in the village gradually would rather believe it, and regarded Pu Deqiang’s big belly as ominous, and most people did not dare to approach at will.

When Pu Deqiang heard his words, he felt ominous.One day, when I came back from the vegetable field, there was a severe pain in my stomach, and it couldn’t get up on the side of the road.

The family found in a timely manner, and quickly sent it to Dongxi Town Central Hospital with the kind people in the village.Yang Yao, a doctor who has experienced medical experience years, has never seen this.

When I stepped forward, I touched it, and found that the organs in Pu Deqiang’s belly were squeezed to the right, and the abdominal cavity on the left was occupied by an unknown thing.

The stomach was squeezed under the diaphragm, and the duodenum and colon were all reached the right.Yang Yao asked Pu Deqiang to lie on the bed and not move, and turned to arrange B -ultrasound.

Pu Deqiang pulled his wife for a while, and felt that he couldn’t pay for the doctor. He was not cured here.When Dr. Yang returned, he disappeared.

When he arrived at the village health center, the doctor touched and listened with his hands and listened to it. He couldn’t find anything at all, and he couldn’t heal. He advised him to go to a larger hospital for examination and treatment.

Pu Deqiang did not go to the hospital and chose to go home to calm down.Without money, in order to maintain family expenses, the family is already liability.After a few days, he fainted at home again.

When I was taken to the hospital again, Yang Yao pulled him directly to do the B -ultrasound.However, the B -ultrasound did not see what the unknown object in Pu Deqiang’s belly was. Although it can be seen that it floats with breathing, it can be sure that it is not a living matter.

Knowing that it was not a living matter, Pu Deqiang seemed to put down half of his heart. When the doctor said that he had to do a further examination of CT, he said that he would not check and confessed that as long as it was not pregnant, there should be no rumors in the village.

When his wife was going home, it was another pain, and Pu Deqiang fainted again.This time he couldn’t get him and did CT.

The results of the inspection were shocking. Although it was not a living creature, the things in the stomach had hair.The doctor had a preliminary judgment on unknown objects.

Either parasitic tire:

After fertilization of egg cells, two embryos are developed, called real twin embryos. Parasitic tires generally occur in real twin embryos. The internal cell groups of the embryo are divided into two groups of cells, forming two development centers.If the cell groups of two internal cell groups are the same size and continue to be normal, they will develop into twins; if two cell groups are large and small, they may be included in the inner cell group of the other group.The developed fetus has become a parasitic parasite, also known as "tire in the tire".

Either teratoma:

Forex tumors are divided into mature teratoma (that is, benign teratoma) and immature teratoma (malignant tumor).Because it is derived from reproductive cells, a variety of tissues are differentiated in mature teratoma, such as hair, teeth, skin, bones, etc.

Regardless of whether it is parasitic or teratoma, it has grown malignantly. The nutrition that Pu Deqiang eats it, and it will continue to grow up. You must surgery as soon as possible.

After waking up, Pu Deqiang was still unwilling to undergo surgery. After the hospital’s meeting discussed, he decided to reduce the medical expenses of about two -thirds of the medical expenses. Under the persuasion of his wife, Pu Deqiang finally promised to perform the operation.

After thinking that it was not a living creature, the villagers would no longer think that Pu Deqiang was pregnant, but when he heard that the things in his belly had hair, everyone felt that he was having a stranger.

Driven by curiosity, many villagers went to the hospital and wanted to see what he would take out in his stomach.

Because the things in the stomach are too large, it has troubled the doctors and nurses of surgery. The surgery originally planned for 6 hours was extended until 8 hours.

In the end, the doctor took out a 9 kg of things from Pu Deqiang’s belly. After expanding, it was like a girl with incomplete development, with malformed heads, trunk, limbs, female genitals with hair and dysplasia.Because the spine was not found, it was determined that it was not a parasitic, but a teratoma.

After seeing the deformed tumor taken out, the villagers fry the pan. They couldn’t understand the scientific interpretation of the doctor, and they didn’t listen. They thought that the old man in the village said that it was a strange child!

After the teratoma was taken out, Pu Deqiang recovered his health in a few days and was discharged home.

Parents and wives are very happy that they should have been able to start a new life from then on. Although they are poor and debt, they are young, and they have hope.

However, the discussion of Pu Deqiang in the villagers not only did not decrease, but also alienated their home.Every time Pu Deqiang goes to the street, you can feel that the people on the street see him like a monster, and point out in the distance.

Pu Deqiang, who has been inferior and lonely since he was a child, has basically not been out. He often stays at home and ignores his debt at home.

There was a cold moon night, and after the family was asleep, Pu Deqiang quietly went out with a glory rope.

The next morning, the parents and children who went out to find someone were on the hills behind the small mountain post at home, and found Pu Deqiang hanging on the old pine tree.

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